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  1. matt
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    I have personally been diagnosed with at least 3 of these things by doctors. Top that.

  2. eatdogs
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    One thing that always irks me is when people say they are depressed when you know they probably are not. It especially hate it when teenagers use it. Durign the whole “emo” phase of the past ten years or so (is it over yet?) lots of teens used the term depressed as a way to get attention. What they most likely were feeling was boredom, or self pity for not getting their own, self-entitled way.

    I know what real depression is like and so do those who have/had suffered from it. It is not cool, nor fun in anyway. It is the worst thing you could have done to you besides the others diagnoses listed here. It’s horrible and speaking from personal experience, almost life ending.

    Sorry for the rant. I figured it might spring up on here. Depression is not something to be proud of I highly suggest that anyone who has it should seek help with certified counselors they feel comfortable with. It takes a lot of time to handle, but it does help. It truly does.

  3. Everybody Must Get pwned
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    Thank you for bringing attention to addiction. People with limited experience are too quick to judge it as a character issue. While personal responsibility is a part, it’s much more complicated than the old Yoda saying, “Do or do not. There is no try.” When society learns that it is something that needs to be treated as opposed to punished, we may see progress.


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