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    Was it just me or did anyone else notice the magically disappearing & re-appearing goatee of Dwayne “Rock” Johnson in “Fast & Furious 6” ?

  2. ?ey
    ?ey at |

    hi, ? am from Turkey, ? will use this information for my homework. thank you great things from Istanbul/ Turkey

  3. Flu-Bird
    Flu-Bird at |

    How about in STAR WARS what ever happned to the scanning crew and the couple of storm troopers that went aboard the MELENIUM FALCON we never see them again not even any bodies

  4. Heather
    Heather at |

    “Phantom of the Paradise” – a perpetual favorite of mine, despite its numerous nits to pick. But they all serve to give the film its own unique charm.

    Phantom has lots of continuity errors to choose from, but one of my favorites is Swann’s changing wardrobe. The first time we see Swann going up to his secret viewing room, he’s wearing a cream colored suit. We see him watching videos of the day’s events in the viewing room and presto! he’s wearing a black suit with a red shirt. When we see him again as he exits the viewing room, he’s magically changed back into the cream colored suit.

  5. Erniefromh
    Erniefromh at |

    3. Commando

    After chasing down the unscrupulous Sully, the yellow Porsche is wrecked on the left side.
    When Arnold commandeers the Porsche and drives it away, and it’s fine.
    Of course the left side not wisible from this angle. That is why you can’t see the wreched door on opposite side.

    Everybody can make mistake. You too.

    So it is okay.

  6. johnc
    johnc at |

    Check out the film ‘Munich’ The retribution begins with a man who is shot in front of a door. He falls face-down. The Israeli assassins go to check his pockets. He is face-up. He managed to turn around? I guess it was the least he could do not to inconvenience his killers.

  7. BorneoDEVILS
    BorneoDEVILS at |

    that’s GREATT !


  8. adam
    adam at |

    give me more of this sweet mistakes. All of them are funny.

  9. NotAmerican
    NotAmerican at |

    I personally get so sucked into a movie’s “alternate reality” that, unless the movie totally sucks (and so I have nothing to do but count the mistakes), or the mistake is REALLY obvious (like when a gun has more bullets in it than is possible [and there’s no reloading], but that’s because in some movies, the scene after the shootout depends on “how many shots did each guy fire?”. But other than that, nope. Like Commando – I’ve read about that “car mistake” dozens of times, and I’ve also watched the movie dozens of times, but to this day I never think to look for it when I’m watching that scene. I’m just too involved Arnie’s quips to think about the car dent not being there.

    Ironically, I have a friend who loves movies as much (or more) than I do, but he’s also an avid “movie mistake catcher”. Like in Blade Runner, especially in the “early cuts”, there’s tons of small mistakes (well, *I* think they are small). Things like in one scene Harrison Ford shoots a replicant in the back, and it propels her through like 4 or 5 panes of glass, and if you look closely enough you can see that it’s a stuntwoman going through the glass, not the actress playing the replicant. Myself, I’m too caught up in the grand spectacle of the most beautiful and haunting movie ever made. Christ, he’s even come up with ones I never heard of before. Like the other day, I was telling him how Harrison Ford (not known for his prediliction towards “art films”), HATES Blade Runner because, quote, “I play a detective who doesn’t do any detecting!”. Yeah, I think he missed the point of the movie. But my friend replied with, “They know that the escaped replicants on Earth are going after their creator, Tyrell. So why don’t they just stake out Tyrell’s place? Cuz there’d be no movie then, that’s why!”

  10. hukares
    hukares at |

    try watching mistakes in Matrix:

  11. Billybob
    Billybob at |

    In Jurasic Park I, the T-Rex busts through the barrier, then spins the car around with the 2 kids in it, then T-Rex pushes the car into it’s own enclosure, but there is a 50ft drop where the T-Rex used to be.

  12. Brady
    Brady at |

    Im not sure if the guy above me can read :O Archkyle the man already posted and said in the old star wars movies IE before all these limited editions and collectors sets. When the storm trooper hits his head there is no sound (confirmed) but in later remakes the staff ADDED the SFX of a thud to the scene.

  13. archkyle
    archkyle at |

    im not sure if ppl realize but if there is a sound effect for something that means it was added during post-production. boom mics are meant for the voices not sfx. so in the star wars movie where the stormtrooper hits his head and makes a ‘thunk’ noise, be assured that sfx was added later on. those doors werent made of metal anyway and thats not the sound a plastic helmet would make against painted foam.

  14. movieee
    movieee at |

    In Spiderman, he climbs up a wall (which should mean vertically) yet his shirt is hanging down, which means he just crawled on a floor that looks like a wall (horizontally)

  15. Babbo Bee Baba
    Babbo Bee Baba at |

    This is the umpteenth site with this list of mistakes which, in the thumbnail, has Frodo in LOTR about to accidentally wear the ring with a red circle indicating some sort of mistake – and yet I have never seen the accompanying mistake-explanation in the actual article! Seriously, it’s everywhere (and NOWHERE!)

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      That is not under our control. The traffic exchange site chooses images and I have no idea why they picked that one since we don’t list that mistake. Sorry, I feel your frustration at these misleading images.

  16. anivei
    anivei at |

    What about step up 2? In the end, one of the dancers wore a hoodie, in the other shot, he didn’t and it was going on in the whole scene. After the final dance, Andie’s hank was on her forehead, then it was gone and it appeared again.

  17. FPW
    FPW at |

    What about in star wars where Luke obi-wan and chewy escape from tattoine the just get to the falcon when some storm troopers show up. They get in the falcon everyone starts shooting all the troopers shoot forwards but one of the storm troopers gets hit in the back and rolls forward towards the falcon.

  18. Scott
    Scott at |

    Just a thought from some of us that happen to chance a glance at some of these comments that are posted on boards such as this one. Is it true that a glaring majority of people who take the time to offer their opinions and postulations, are actually semi illiterate or are they just too much in a hurry (lazy) to use proper grammar and syntax? It reflects very poorly on the state of the matter as it were that those individuals evidently could care less if the rest of us think them to be less than eloquent. But I digress…

    1. Michelle
      Michelle at |

      The expression is actually “couldn’t care less”.

      1. NotAmerican
        NotAmerican at |

        To be TOTALLY, ultra-anal & OCD, the expression is, “could care less” – I mean, if you are judging this a) by how people said it when it first entered the English lexicon, and/or b) by how most people say the expression, then you have to say “the expression is ‘could care less’, but people who say it that way are the reason that the Euro and the UK Pound are worth much more than the US (or Canadian) dollar, and the reason why the average – cover your eyes if you hate Politically Incorrect statements – person living in a “white” European country (Sweden, Netherlands, Malta, etc., etc.) speaks between 3 and 7 languages. Meanwhile, I just read a 1990 article about how Dick Armey was against putting V-Chips into TVs because “kids could use them to hack into the Pentagon”!! (Of course, I’m sure the average American Federal Government worker has become *MUCH* smarter since then… no, I’m just pulling your leg, of course). And Canada’s no better (I admit it when my country does “American things”); in Edmonton, Alberta, there were big signs up in bus stops and LRT stations (LRT pretty much = subway) saying that we could look forward to being able to take the LRT clear across town, and that “its going to happen by the end of this year”! A sign put out by the municipal government, and NO ONE notices that the sign should say “it’s”? I *SO* moving to Norway or Holland or something… just as soon as I learn 4 more languages.

        1. mary k
          mary k at |

          Actually, you’re incorrect. The spelling and corruption of the English language on this site is atrocious. If you say it “I could not care less,” the meaning is obvious. There is nothing of any less importance to ones self. If one were to say “I could care less,” as you imply, then it denotes some importance to the object or task at hand. You care about it, therefore you could care less about it. It’s my humble opinion that people like you say things like ice coffee instead of the proper term, iced coffee (coffee served over ice) and expresso-a completely made up word replacing the correct term, espresso. You can challenge me if you’d like, but I’m correct and I’ll probably never look at this site again in this lifetime.

        2. Anthony Kanizaj
          Anthony Kanizaj at |

          I was reading over my post, and you’re (not “your” or “youre”) totally correct. I was 1/2 sleeping when I wrote it. I guess I was trying to say that American linguistics has deteriorated to such a base level that, even though “I couldn’t care less” is **PROPER** English Grammar, 99% of people in America say it incorrectly. So, in a country where the high falutin’ dictionaries annually add things like, “gangsta” or “LOL” or whatever (even though nobody is going to be using those terms in a decade or so); and a country where Jesse Jackson was rallying for Ebonics to be taught in the schools; then it’s not that big of leap to say that, in America, “I *could* care less” is understood to be the correct way of saying the expression we’ve been discussing.

  19. monia
    monia at |

    I am a new commer to this website, and loved it already.. good job.

  20. jeff
    jeff at |

    in commando wehn his jeep is suposed to not work and he pushes it down the hill to get speed you se the tail lights are turned on


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