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  1. Leon Evelake
    Leon Evelake at |

    ” And who could forget the time he helped pull the entire Earth out of orbit using Wonder Woman’s lasso? ”
    that gets mentioned a lot but they actually failed to move the earth

  2. Jason
    Jason at |

    If Superman is made of matter then nuclear bombs, stars and black holes should incinerate him as easily as they incinerate everything else. Comic book physics really annoys me!

  3. therza82
    therza82 at |

    And yet, despite the strength of all these characters, Superman considers Batman to be the most dangerous man on Earth.

    Because he’s the Batman. And that’s all you need to know.

    You know who could beat all of those characters at once? The Doctor. He’d do some Timey-Wimey, sonic some stuff, make up a plan as he goes along, and cap it off with a big, grand monologue.

    Universe saved.

    1. Dr. J Fan
      Dr. J Fan at |

      The Doctor is a retired basketball player…what does HE have to do with comics?

      1. Lukas S.
        Lukas S. at |

        The Doctor from Doctor Who, you moron.


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