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  • Shawna

    You completely left out Digitalis… Which can be easily extracted from the digitalis plant. Considering the plant is sold at any local store with a flower area and it's a readily accessible poison. It is also used in medicine- kinda scary no?

  • DCUK

    You are right it is readily available, also Ferns carry upto 10 types of toxins in as well. But these are not very popular choices.

    All heavy metals are really easy to diagnose, and it is easy to take a sample of hair and see all drugs taken over a lifetime (if you dont cut your hair).

    However, it failed to mention the poisons that cannot be tested for prob for obvious reasons. People now use natural substances found in the body to overload the body and cause death. These are not so easily proved.

  • Edward Scheier


    I read or heard somewhere that swallowing that little wristwatch battery would do you in quickly.

    Do you have any information on this?


  • Ken Laker

    I did hear about a guy that swallowed two of those wrist watch batteries. It resulted in his experiencing huge bowel movements every morning at exactly 7:12 a.m. This went on every morning for about a month. There would not have been any problem with this, as being "regular" is typically every persons desire. The problem was simply that he didn't get up until 10:30!

  • aya

    how about methylenedioxymethamphetamine.?

  • Pamela McKinnon

    are there other thing that Arsenic like making your head and arm shake or memory loss. and will sym. come on all at once or quickly

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure about the venom of the brown recluse, but I've always heard that snake venom, when taken orally, is unlikely to have any adverse effects because it must be injected directly into the bloodstream to do any significant damage.

    • FCorsten

      this is true, the hydrochloric acid in you stomach will neutralize it.

  • Christian

    Heroin? Really? Addictive and unregulated (in this country) yes, but poison? Hardly. It’s used as a legit pain medication in the UK. If you were to call it a poison, then you would have to also include morphine as a poison.

  • Nicotine is said to be hugely toxic. Apparently if you soak a pack of cigarettes in water, dehydrate the water and eat the remaining slice of yellow paste, it's time to die.

    • Leukorrhoea

      You are correct. It would take about sixty milligrams of nicotine to kill a none smoker. That's about five cigarettes.

    • FCorsten

      You are right about Nicotine, in it's pure form it's more poisonous than Arsenic, Strychnine, and Cyanide. If you make hash out of tobacco, one puff could kill you in the time it takes for it to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

  • What do you mean by 'wild eye' appearance? I read it at the Belladonna's article. I'm really curious about it.

  • Trevor

    what about opium? that stuff is everywhere. people eat it in food all the time. but is eating too much of it deadly?

  • Chris

    You mised the world's most popular poison. Alcohol. If you were to get very technical you could say the most popular poison would be oxygen because every person uses oxygen, just not at a poisonous amount. But that would kill the fun.

  • Bioerg

    Castor oil comes from the castor gland on the american beaver. Hence why its latin name is Castor canadensis. It uses the gland to waterproof its fur.

  • Sky

    What about any poisons that make your brain less able to decompose…??? One that maybe acts as a hallucinogen and makes the person sweaty and/or delirious?

  • mo

    what about Clostridium botulinum? it's used in botox treatments and 1 micro gram is lethal to humans

  • James M. Burdette

    Ive had 2 dogs die mysteriously ,in New mexico. vilant deaths by what I think were poisins.both looked stary eyed and crased. throwing up, ran around gollting and bouncinung off stuff like some thing killing them from inside thier bodies.The lady here grows Castor beans?



  • astro

    I’ve heard about the nicotine one before, i heard about 100g of tobacco, er, which would be about 2-3 large packs. Or stop-smoking aides. they have a much higher concentration.

  • hakeem

    among all the snakes, the one that kills most victims is the Russels Viper of Asia. A small but very aggressive snake that kills mostly farmers in rice padis in Asia. Your comment that most victims are white males may not be correct. It may seem so because the white victims are the ones mostly reported. How about scropions, in some parts of the world, scorpion bites kill more people than snakes