Top 10 Most Famous Metrosexuals


These truly modern guys are unafraid to buy beauty products, wear makeup, and get pedicures. Confident in their masculinity, they push the envelope as society’s top ten metrosexuals. Metros have been defined as “straight guys who look gay”.

10. Dave Navarro

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Rockers are renowned for their use of makeup and their love of chains and leather: Dave Navarro takes it even further. In his reality show with Carmen Electra, she confessed that she never thought she would end up with a guy who “spends more time in front of the mirror than I do”. They are now divorced, but probably not because Dave is a confirmed metrosexual.

9. Pete Wentz

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Another rocker with a taste for black eyeliner and super-styled hair, Pete is nonetheless a faithful heterosexual boyfriend to the new and improved Ashlee Simpson: they are expecting their first child in a few months.

8. A-Rod

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This superstar athlete is known for his frosty highlights and his ever-expanding wardrobe. He’s also suspected of having a hot affair with the 50-year old iconย  Madonna.

7. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

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This gorgeous actor is known for his sexually ambiguous parts: he can switch from Seventies’ gay glam rocker, to Elvis, to King Henry the Eighth!ย  He is also known for his love of skin products, high fashion, and 18,000 dollar Fendi couches.

6. Lenny Kravitz

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The rich hippie of our Metrosexual list, Kravitz has taken his bohemian look to the extreme, with custom-made leather, a lot of high-end jewelry, and an abiding interest in his own image.

5. Prince

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Perhaps the top metrosexual of the Eighties, before the term was even invented, Prince was highly gifted and totally unapologetic about his desire to wear makeup, pink and purple suits, and satin boots with five-inch heels. Who could forget the backless pants he wore to the music awards?

4. Chace Crawford

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The Gossip Girl star has been plagued with gay rumors, like so many other pretty-boy actors, but he denies being homosexual. His layered hair and expertly groomed persona, complete with runway-ready casual wear and suits, has made his the youngest metro on our list, and, in the eyes of young fans, the dreamiest.

3. Ryan Seacrest

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A rabid metrosexual whose interest in his own appearance is a running joke on American Idol, Seacrest is also plagued with gay rumors that he denies. His highlights may be gone now, but he remains a fashion aficionado with immaculate grooming and a serious wardrobe.

2. Dominic Monaghan

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The Lost star thinks he should probably “be gay” because he loves painting his nails and dressing up in skirts.ย  He dates his beautiful costar, Evangeline Lilly, who clearly has no issues with his metrosexuality.

1. David Beckham

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The fairest of them all, David Beckham has redefined male style with his fashion-forward outfits and skin art. David Beckham never seems to wear the same thing twice, and his sports prowess and new cologne business have made him the most powerful and desired metrosexual man in the world.

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  1. It seems like at time your mistaking sexual ambiguity for metrosexuality.( Chase Crawford + Ryan Seacrest).

    I wouldn't even consider Ryan Seacrest a metrosexual ( I just think he is a closeted individual and a homosexual).

    Most metrosexuals tend endorse a European/Bohemian sense of fashion and up keep!

    And not your run of the mill store bought garments.

    (like Kravitz, Prince, Meyers and Johnny Depp)

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog on

      Do you mind explaining what does bohemian sense of fashion has to do with metrosexuality Mr. Very Intelligent Person?

  2. I always thought Adam Lambert would be pretty high on a list like this, but go figure.

  3. I dont know what r u talking about man, but just ADAM LAMBERT

    the best boy in the world


    • Heather Matthews on

      Adam is openly gay. Metros are defined as "straight guys who look gay" ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, I think Adam's Ring Of Fire performance was one of the greatest I've seen. Brilliant guy. Thanks for reading the list.

    • haha yup that guy was totally metrosexual from looks to personality! but him David Bowie and Prince proved as metrosexual as they could get women still loved them hard.

    • Heather Matthews on

      Hi Christine!

      I just Googled him – not being a sports fanatic, I didn't know who he was (Beckham is harder to avoid). He looks like a perfect addition to this list – he's quite fit as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for reading my list, I appreciate the kind words.

    • lol "eyelashes people" lol but marylin manson wore that tu-tu in that video sweet dreams lol whats that about

        • Heather Matthews on

          I don't think Marilyn Manson qualifies, but interesting idea. He's a straight-up Goth/shock rocker, but I'm not sure his style is metro. thanks for much for your comments.

  4. Um, I thought there was a difference between metrosexual and androgynous. Because I don't consider half of these men to be metrosexuals, wearing makeup doesn't make you metro.

  5. Well this list needs the new teen sensation Bill Kaulitz. He's a bit like Navarro, but his hair is a huge mane dyed black and he wears loads of eyeliner. He's beautiful, though. I think he should be somewhere on this list.

  6. Good list. Some are more metro than others but overall this is pretty thorough! Even got prince in there.

    Diana- Hugh Jackman is probably the opposite of Metrosexual. He is part of the movement back to a guy's guy.

  7. Great list, but I always thought Hugh Jackman was the textbook case of metrosexual. Not enough eye-liner maybe.