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  1. Craig
    Craig at |

    HAHAHAHA, this was hilarious! Thanks for this, made my day!

    1. Mike
      Mike at |

      I think that the movie “Boomerang” from the early 90’s was more racist than the whole list.

  2. Veronica Dever
    Veronica Dever at |

    This is such a ridiculous article. People think to much and have to much time on their hands. Some shows just are. No agenda. No hidden meanings. Just because a show does not have recurring black actors does not make it racist. There are plenty of All black movies and TV shows that have no white recurring roles, however when a white person shows up they are incredibly stupid or ridiculously foul.

    Pot Kettle. All I’m saying.

  3. Aussie Lee
    Aussie Lee at |

    There is perceived racism and sexism in every movie, TV series, news report, piece of literature and everyday interaction. Have to really look for it…but, for those determined enough…it can be found. Pretty sad that we have come to this. Enough awful examples of bigotry and gender violence and discrimination out there without having to resort to fine combing everything under an outraged moral microscope. My naïve hope is that one day none of this nonsense will matter…

  4. Jack L
    Jack L at |

    The only intelligent thing anyone could take from this list is that racist people see absolutely everything as racism. Only people who are extremely racist themselves can take something as simple as the Smurfs and twist it into some kind of racist fairy-tail.
    Also, I find it funny that the author considers Avatar a ‘white savior’ movie. Seems to me that it basically depicted white people as evil, greedy, murdering psychopaths.

    1. Gail Valley
      Gail Valley at |

      I agree. Who is TopTenz racist against? They seemed to argue for more and better characters of different ethnic backgrounds.

  5. Pat Belle
    Pat Belle at |

    Who is the writer racist against? White people?

  6. Mitch
    Mitch at |

    Some of the most likable characters on The Walking Dead have been black, and some of the most contemptible have been white.

    Most blacks live in or near Atlanta, which was overrun and people couldn’t get out; or did you not notice the survivors searching for supplies in the cars trapped in the traffic jam? Most of the survivors would come from rural areas, where more whites live. And this isn’t California; Georgia is only 5% Asian.

  7. Gail Valley
    Gail Valley at |

    I really can’t believe the comments. Everyone would rather defend a TV show or a movie, than examine possible cultural biases. I think TopTenz makes valid arguments and even has sources to back it up. The comments have no backing and seem to stem from white guilt. Just because you watch show on the list doesn’t make you racist! You can watch and enjoy all the shows on the list, but society has evolved. It is no longer good enough to stop being overtly racist, you have to look at the construction of social and cultural norms.

    Please try to be more open minded people.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Thank you!

  8. Clint Carter
    Clint Carter at |

    Great Article! Thought provoking, yet not too serious.

    Shows like Friends and Seinfeld always get criticized for not having noteworthy minority characters, but then get criticized for having tokens if they do. You can’t win.

    Unlike other shows in LA the cast of Fear the Walking Dead is largely Hispanic. About time for a city where about half the population is Hispanic!

    The assessment of Black Hawk Down is spot on. Captain Phillips has its’ own share of problems, but at least used Somali actors and allowed us to sympathize with their plight.

    It’s stunning that Two Broke Girls gets away with such blatant stereotypes.

    The Blind Side is sickening self-satisfaction.

    The most disturbing aspect of Avatar is the grossly outdated cliche that anyone with a disability will go to any length to find a “cure.” The scene of him running with glee for the first time in his Avatar’s body is quite insensitive. One can live a full life in a wheelchair!!!

  9. J
    J at |

    Aisha tyler did have a recurring role on friends. OTHER THAN THAT, I agree with the point made here. There is a lot of priviledge and ownership in america, and it goes unnoticed. Why is there rarely manly Asians on tv? We are feeding a stereotype and etching people that this is the only way that they can be right? Believe it or not, there are tons in america woth no black people, no Asian people or no people or Hispanic or Latin origin. TV is the first place that u form an idea of people of that is your situation.

  10. Augustus Reade
    Augustus Reade at |

    is this sarcasim or is this guy serious?

  11. Augustus Reade
    Augustus Reade at |

    ahh,i looked him up. a fat pasty self loathing white male(who looks possibly born female?)
    its alrite man,you dont have to apoligize for being born white
    its obvious you secretly hate all non whites and muslims. but thats ok bro,just be who you are.


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