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  1. notstupid
    notstupid at |

    some of these are like saying 3+1=4 but 2+2=4 so 2+2 contains 3, besides just because some small part of an insect gets in you, you don’t become non vegetarian even unrefined or impure or lowly refined honey has got eggs in them. If u need to stay alive u can never without eating some part of some living thing at any given time.

  2. billy boy wonder
    billy boy wonder at |

    or simple solution follow the food pyramid and stop being such a spoilt brat and eat that meat homer style mmmmmm t bone steak

  3. S Kazi
    S Kazi at |

    Those who are vegetarians are at test that they eat non-vegetarian food or not, not that if by mistake or without their knowledge if consume some not-veg food they they are at default, it is the intention of the person that counts. so Permalink you get 100% marks, don’t worry.

  4. Jack Mason
    Jack Mason at |

    The discussion of refined sugar suggests that there are no vegetarian foods at all. Bees are animals too, and they’re used in the production of many food crops. Maybe that will put an end to the vegetarian fad. Some comedian (don’t recall which) once remarked: “Red meat isn’t bad for you. It’s the green meat that’s dangerous.”


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