Top 10 Most Unhealthy Fast Foods


Hopefully you’re well aware that fast food is unhealthy; it’s just not possible to cram so much salt, grease and deliciousness together and produce anything even remotely good for you. Still, fast food in moderation isn’t going to kill you… unless you happen to eat one of the following, in which case it probably will.

10. Burger King’s Triple Whopper with Cheese


Burger King’s gigantic burger has 1250 calories, although we assume that anyone willing to eat that much beef probably isn’t too concerned by the technicalities.

How is That Even Possible?

Three layers of beef add up pretty quickly, and despite the best effort of the vegetables to make this thing look healthy it’s pretty clear from a glance that it will wreak havoc on your body. But hey, at least there’s some lettuce, right?

9. Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Beef Taco Salad


At 1280 calories, this is the perfect example of how fast food salads can be just as terrible for you as anything else on the menu.

How is That Even Possible?

Throwing in a bunch of lettuce and calling it a salad doesn’t do any good if the other ingredients are a heaping pile of beef, a bunch of shredded cheese and a huge taco shell. It’s not even trying to look like a real salad, which means you can’t act smug towards people who order the burritos instead. Isn’t that the only reason we eat salads in the first place?

8. Dairy Queen’s Six Piece Chicken Strip Basket


Dairy Queen’s basket of chicken strips contains 1410 calories. We thought chicken was supposed to be good for you, but apparently that gets negated by frying it in batter and serving it with a bunch of fries. Who would have thought?

How is That Even Possible?

Six pieces of chicken is a lot, far more than anyone should eat in a single sitting. We couldn’t even find a picture of the six piece basket, which explains why you only see four pieces above; it’s as if Dairy Queen itself is ashamed to admit that this item exists. Add in a pile of fries, sauce, and, inexplicably, a couple of slices of toast, and we’re actually more surprised that this basket isn’t higher up on the list.

7. Hardee’s Monster Thickburger


Anything with thick in the name can’t be good; this baby has 1420 calories. That makes “Monster burger” a pretty literal name, although we think “Abomination burger” might work even better.

How is That Even Possible?

Just look at it, it’s a nightmare. Two 1/3 pound beef patties, four strips of bacon, three cheese slices, and a couple of dollops of mayo: it’s a heart attack waiting to happen. They’re not even trying to pretend it’s healthy by adding a leaf of lettuce or something either, it just straight up says “I’m terrible for you, and yet so delicious, and we both know you have no willpower. Now buy me with some extra-large fries and a coke, tubby.”

6. Domino’s Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese Breadbowl Pasta


This awkwardly named “pasta” from Domino’s has 1460 calories. For that impact we have to hope it tastes a lot better than it looks.

How is That Even Possible?

It’s pretty obvious what went wrong here; this isn’t so much pasta as it is a big slug of melted cheese that’s been poured into a loaf of bread. Look, bowls shouldn’t be edible. Bread was doing a fine job as a staple food, it doesn’t deserve to be shanghaied into a secondary role. And while we won’t deny that cheese is delicious, it probably shouldn’t be the focus of your meal, assuming you want to eat more than one a day without packing on the pounds.

5. Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ Large French Fries


They may look like your typical French fries, but that heap of potato, batter and salt somehow manages to contain 1464 calories, making this the unhealthiest item on their menu.

How is That Even Possible?

We’re pretty sure it’s just sheer volume, although even with that in consideration it’s hard to explain how so many calories were packed into these bad boys. Obviously no French fries are healthy, but you’d be hard pressed to find another brand that comes anywhere near the calorie count of these. Five Guys must have some sort of horrible secret that, frankly, we don’t want to learn.

4. Ruby Tuesday’s Boston Blue Burger


This burger has 1466 calories, which is quite impressive considering it lacks the cheese, bacon and extra beef of its rivals.

How is That Even Possible?

It looks pretty disgusting, but we’re not entirely sure how it manages to be unhealthier than the Monster Thickburger disaster that Hardee’s offers (above). Is it the blue cheese dressing? That stuff is kind of nasty. There are also onion rings and barbeque sauce, but those don’t seem like they would screw things up that badly. Maybe it has something to do with being connected to Boston.

3. Carl’s Jr.’s Double Six Dollar Burger


Another beef, bacon and cheese monstrosity, this Carl’s Jr. burger is the unhealthiest in America, providing 1520 calories and a disturbing 2760mg of sodium (healthy adults aren’t supposed to exceed 2300mg a day according to

How is That Even Possible?

Well, it’s basically the same as the Hardee’s burger, except with onion rings added in. Shockingly, that doesn’t provide any sort of health benefit, and so it’s no mystery as to how this thing is so terrible for you. Sadly, we suspect it’s only a matter of time before a different restaurant adds an extra layer of beef and bacon in an attempt to dethrone this unholy creation.

2. Nathan’s Famous Fish and Chips


Fish and chips is a classic meal, but out of the many kinds available this is by far the worst, containing 1537 calories. We can’t deny that it looks delicious, but we’re not ready to put our lives on the line for a tasty supper.

How is That Even Possible?

We’re not sure how you screw up fish this badly, because even with all that thick batter you’d think there are much worse foods out there. Of course, the huge fries can’t help, nor can the… whatever those things above the fish are. Balls of pure, greasy batter? Based on the calorie count, we’re not sure what else they could be. Hey, at least there’s coleslaw.

1. Quiznos Large Tuna Melt


Quiznos innocent looking tuna sandwich manages to hold a staggering 1760 calories, 93 grams of fat and 2120 milligrams of sodium. Add in the optional dressing and you’re looking at an extra 370 calories and 40 grams of fat, which is close to or over the daily recommended calorie count for most people.

How is That Even Possible?

We’re not sure, to be honest. Isn’t tuna supposed to be pretty good for you? Of course, a large anything in fast food is never a wise idea, but that’s only a partial explanation of what’s going on here. Being drenched in cheese and mayo doesn’t help much, but really, we’re at a loss to explain how so many calories got packed into a single sandwich. It’s not the result of some weird Quizno’s sorcery either, because most of their other products are pretty average by fast food standards. Maybe you shouldn’t question it; just avoid it.

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  1. All those food have the same key ingredient that gives ’em that tasty and addictin flavor: grease
    and we cannot avoid to eat ’em for that sole reason.

    As Homer said before: “can’t u use a grease that isn’t tasty?….. dear lord, that doesn’t even EXIST!”

  2. I had the tuna melt today….that’s crazy! I feel kinda sick now. It wasn’t even very good….my mom makes better tuna. And I bet it’s a little healthier. 😛

  3. Danirahakurami on

    Uh how about In-N-Out Burger’s 100×100 burger, which is 100 patties between two buns!

  4. Thurston "Tough Guy" Dettling on

    I can’t even believe that those yummy tuna melt is number 1 like what the poopy

  5. Brady "Party Animal" Roguski on

    Man, I cutt back on the tuna melts and started eating like, I dont know maybe 15 of those carl’s Jr.’s burgers per day I thought that would help me slim down a bit but I’ve actually gain 100 pounds.

  6. Thurston "Tough Guy" Dettling on

    dude I like all of the food on this top ten list I just don’t know what to do.

  7. Thurston Dettling on

    I heard that 5 guys burgers and fries is really good. Even though I’m trying to lose weight I might try it one of these days.

    • It is far and away the best burger i’ve ever consumes. Bacon cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms.

  8. Thurston Dettling on

    I can’t even begin to believe that the sammy is so fatty like omg I trying to lose weight not gain it.

  9. Brady Roguski on

    Man I really dig that quiznos tuna melt sammy Back in collage I used to eat like 3 of them a day

    • Thurton Dettling on

      Yeah, I really like that tuna melt I can’t even believe that the delicious sammy is good.

  10. thats funny people looked at this ad are like i should get one of those did you not read the title Top 10 Most UNHEALTHY Fast Foods. in other words do not eat these they are bad and u will get fat

  11. The balls above the fish are hush puppies. Pretty much fried cornbread with kernels or corn, diced jalapenos and onions (and whatever else the maker wants to put in there). They are very good although unhealthy.

  12. I’m surprised at how the Large Tuna Melt can contain so much calories, despite having a rather innocent appearance, just like how the description says it.

  13. I really want to taste the DQ meal. I’m going to order it the next time I’m around one.

  14. There are some very funny lines in here, good observations. It was enjoyable reading. But I do wish you’d been a little more complete with the info on sodium and fat. I care about those things, but I’m not a big believer in calorie-counting. I suspect you could find a lot of people who practically live on pizza, soda pop and Snickers bars who are heart-breakingly thin. I wish I was one of them.

    Right now my diet is as horrible as you can imagine. I work nights and stop at the Jack-in-the-Box on the way home five mornings a week. It’s a wond4er I’m even alive. But I do have an excuse. You see, I used to ride home with a co-worker who took me straight to my house and my fridge full of healthy foods. When she quit, I started riding the bus, which stops directly across from Jack-in-the-Box, and I have to walk right by their front entrance to get home. Their smelly front door…

    As Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything but temptation.”

  15. How com you don’t mention the stuff from the “Heart Attack Burger”? Its “Triple Bypass something Burger” has more than 6000 calories…

  16. Why did they even bother having the ‘How is that possible’ section on any of these? All of them can pretty much be summed up with “Lots of meat”, “Lots of Carbs” or “I dunno lol”.

  17. Actually, the Monster Thickburger is 2 1/3 pound burger patties, 4 slices of bacon, 6 slices of cheese, and the only condiment is mayo. I have them whenever I see a Hardees’. And yes, my heart hurts afterwards. lol

  18. Funny how the top ten list of Most Unhealthy Fast Foods and the top ten list of Most Delicious Fast Foods seem to overlap in places. 😉

  19. The fries on no 4 aren’t even french fries.. French fries are supposed to be thin.. (No, I’m not French, I’m Dutch..)

  20. Lol don’t worry when the mortality rate starts to sky rocket for fat children (trust me I am a lifeguard at great wolf lodge in texas I see fat kids all the time) anyways shit will change. God America is disgusting

  21. I love watching thin young hippies whine about “unhealthy” food. Eventually, you’ll realize the truth of “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

    Besides, I like watching my doctor cringe when I recite my diet.

  22. I'm pretty sure you guys left out other much more unhealthy foods. New menu items come along every month that completely outdo what is listed here!

  23. Ruby Tuesday’s Boston Blue Burger – "This burger has 1466 calories, which is quite impressive considering it lacks the cheese, bacon and extra beef of its rivals."

    Isn't that bacon it the pic?

        • That is sooooooooooooooo bacon.

          bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

        • Now I'm craving bacon, thanks… it was the only image for the Boston Blue that I could find out there – if anyone else has a better photo of this burger please share it, and I'll replace. In the meantime I'm going to tell myself they are onion rings over and over and over and over and over…

  24. The five guys large fries is designed to be shared by 2-3 people. I have a huge appertite and couldn't even concieve of comig close to finishing one.

    • Not that it changes the point at all, but I do not think there is any batter on a FiveGuys fry. I'm pretty sure its all-natural potato, peanut oil and salt. I wish I had some now!

    • Five Guys' **small** french fry is enough for two people. What does it is how they fill the cup and then dump almost the same amount into the bag.

      And I'm not surprised to see one of Hardee's burgers on here, the way they go "plop" in the commercials is probably not a sound effect.

    • 5 Guys Employee on

      3 people ( i work there) and we cook our fries in peanut oil but this site makes everything seem worse that it is …

  25. I always see unhealthiest lists. Never healthiest lists. Or if you have to get fast food these are okay.

    The idea anyone does not realize giant buckets of greasy food might be bad for you is a tad insulting.