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  • Bill

    Kids, I hate to ruin your concepts of Lincoln but, he was not as nice as history makes him out to be. He and a Union General were the direct cause of the start of the Civil War and slavery had nothing to do with it. If your teachers are stating to you that Lincoln was the one to free the slaves, they are not telling you the truth. Research the real Abraham Lincoln and discover the true facts about this monster.

    • Joe

      Very True, The only reason that Teachers said those things is because of his nickname ” Honest Abe”. Which was a childhood nickname given by his aunt.

  • Rob

    6. Lincoln LikeD to Tinker

  • Peter Boucher

    I saw a spectacular 3 hour documentary on Lincoln on the History Channel and it was speculated that he may have been bi-sexual. Back in his day, he lived in a very small house with only so much room to spare. He would sleep in the same bed with his brother which historians are still pondering about

  • Joe

    Wow I’m Doing a research on Abraham Lincon and this website has helped me so much. Thank you.

  • damianna rocha

    this facts r the best facts iv ever seen im going to do a time line about him so im whent on here i started to read it ever nice stuff about abe lincoln 🙂 great facts i now love facts:}

  • toni

    I heard that pres lincoln was a descendant of a ehtiopian man. he has the physical characteristics of a east african.i also heard he was dark complexioned and his hair was some what nappy.

  • poopaloop

    4. Lincoln was Kind of Psychic

    In the weeks before his death, Lincoln was extremely melancholy. He had seen portents of his own death, and had been dreaming of death as well. On one occasion looked in the mirror and saw a double reflection, one image much paler and blurrier than the other. He told his wife that he thought it meant that he had survived his first term, but wouldn’t survive his second. The week prior to his death, Lincoln had a dream of hearing crying in a distant room of the White House. He sought out the room and found that it had a coffin in it. He asked the weeping person who had died and the person responded that it was the President. In his dream, Lincoln looked into the coffin and saw himself. Read more in The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln

    was so awesome it is true thou

  • tug

    THE Lincoln READER Edited by Paul M. Angle, 179 selections by 65 authors , a great book ,with the help of Rutgers University Press,facts just the facts,what a time after his demise,took on a whole new storyline, gangsters tried to kidnap his dead body…..for ransom.