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14 Responses

  1. Bob Ruffolo at |

    Ha, that's pretty funny

  2. clem at |

    Skynnyn Lynnyrd

  3. Dave MacLeod at |

    My personal favourite is "The Above Average Weight Band"

  4. Billy McPherson at |

    How about the All Male version of the Go-Go's called

    We Got The Meat

    1. sane man at |

      my faves are

      Rabbii Williams

      We Be 40

  5. marie at |

    two of my favorites:

    The Red Stripes – Jamaican White Stripes tribute band

    and Zed Lepplin

  6. eyre-head at |

    the fab faux are cool (beatles tribute band)

  7. Llama at |

    Can't find anything about Sea Sea Arrrr. The only place they are mentioned is this site and copy/pastes of this list. Being a big fan of both CCR and pirates I'd really like to learn more about them.

  8. Wally at |

    There’s a female tribute band called AC/DShe (AC/DC)

  9. wil at |

    hayseed dixie. they’re a bluegrass ac/dc cover band who have gone to cover other bands like green day, led zeppelin, kiss, among others.

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      They got top billing in the ‘honorable mentions’ section of another TopTenz list: Top 10 Fanatical Tribute Bands.

  10. DeceasedDeath at |

    Let’s Eppelin (Led Zeppelin)

  11. Jamie McRobb at |

    I’m in a white stripes tribute band in Brighton called the $hite Stripes. I think that takes some beating =p


    Jack $hite


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