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  1. Claude Isbell
    Claude Isbell at |

    First off, Manchurian Candidate wasn’t even Sinatra’s best. What about Lyle Lovett in the Player, and of course Barbara Streisand in many things. Thought that Bjork’s, Ice Cube’s, and Jagger’s performances were terribly overrated. Dolly is a star.

    1. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
      Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

      If you think Tatas Parton is a star you can’t have an opinion on acting, music or anything

      1. ouiareborg
        ouiareborg at |

        …says the “Dog with no talent.”

  2. Peter
    Peter at |

    If you switch this to TV actors you can include Phil Collins, Sheena Easton, LL Cool J & probably others like Rick Springfield, etc.

    For this list, what about Beyonce, Madonna, Ton Loc, etc.

  3. dustin
    dustin at |

    Pray tell what Sinatra's best is. Don't leave us hanging.

    My favorite Jagger role is a toss up between the abandoned Fitzcarroldo attempt or Freejack. In the latter he truly proves his acting chops by sharing the screen with the likes of Emilo Estevez.

  4. claude
    claude at |

    Sinatra was awesome in From Here To Eternity.

  5. Jonathan Hopkins
    Jonathan Hopkins at |

    If you have included Ice Cube, then you must include Will Smith and his Oscar nominated performance in "Pursuit of Happyness", Queen Latifah in "Chicago" and Jamie Foxx (Hey, he has a CD out. 😉 ) in his Oscar winning performance in "Ray". As good as Ice Cube was in that movie, that performance was not as good as these three.

  6. Jonathan Hopkins
    Jonathan Hopkins at |

    Ok…I just saw your disclaimer. But you can still put Queen Latifah in there

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I disagree, I don't think Queen Latifah is seen as a singer more than an actress any longer. According to IMDB.com she has 5 movies in the works next year (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001451/) and she has only 3 songs that have reached the charts this decade (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Latifah_discography ). She has moved from musician to actress quite successfully.

  7. dustin
    dustin at |

    From here to Eternity is an excellent film. Does Manchurian Candidate hold up better? I guess the point could be argued. Good call though.

    When I think of Ice Cube in a movie I think of Anaconda. Which also starred Jennifer Lopez, who is also a singer and was a Fly Girl. But that's another list.

  8. Matt
    Matt at |

    David Bowie's best, by far, should have been Tesla in The Prestige.

  9. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    Bjork in Dancer in the Dark was a tragic character. We watched this movie and it ripped our heart out and stomped it on the floor. The movie was brilliant, and Bjork was brillant. We will never watch the movie again though. These movies were very hard to watch movies but all in all some of the best performances of their lives. I think you came up with a brilliant list.

    1. kuni
      kuni at |

      Agreed. If I watch that movie again I'd probably hang myself from depression.

  10. jonathan
    jonathan at |

    Mos Def should be on this list.

    1. Dustin
      Dustin at |

      I was up early the other morning and caught Mos Def in a craptacular little film entitled Island of the Dead ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0157836/ ). It was sadly not about zombies, but swarms of killer flies. Malcolm McDowell stars.

  11. YogiBarrister
    YogiBarrister at |

    I didn't see Mariah Carey's performance in GLITTER, but she's getting a lot of Oscar buzz for PRECIOUS.

  12. Sugan
    Sugan at |

    you missed out the best f all- Jamie Foxx- Ray!!!!

    dnt 4get Will Smith used to be a rapper too

  13. zammer
    zammer at |

    David Bowie in Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

    Frank Sinatra in Von Ryan's Express

    Will Smith in Ali

    John Lennon in How I Won the War

  14. rakhtael
    rakhtael at |

    what's up with Bob Geldof's "The Wall"? Excellent acting, excellent movie, and he's still in the music biz, don't know if he's done other movies though…

    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous at |

      Yeah, seriously. He was amazing in that movie.

  15. Larry
    Larry at |

    Levon Helm in Coal Miner's Daughter! Should have won an Oscar.

  16. Mouse
    Mouse at |

    No Bob Dylan in "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid"?! BAD LIST.

  17. liam
    liam at |

    Rodger Daltry out of the who should defentialy be on this list for his roles in mcvicar and tommy atleast the very least if not tommy just mcvicar he played the role to perfection.(keep in mind i'm only 14)

    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous at |

      Ahaha, I love this post. I was thinking the same exact thing and I’m 15!

  18. CurtisWT
    CurtisWT at |

    He's already said that those who have transitioned from music to acting aren't on the list, hence the lack of Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifa etc…

    Didn't like Bjork's performance, but what about Bon Jovi from U-571, or perhaps DMX from Exit Wounds or Cradle to the Grave

  19. aaliyah_RIP
    aaliyah_RIP at |


    jennifer hudson

  20. Seraphim
    Seraphim at |

    And no mention of Ricky Nelson singing with Dean Martin in Rio Bravo?

  21. The Padrino
    The Padrino at |

    Dolly Parton 9to5 lol kicking it old school

  22. kpofasho
    kpofasho at |

    how could you not have Tupac? especially in Juice? That guy had amazing acting talent for a hip hop artist

  23. JP Jones
    JP Jones at |

    Where is Will Smith???

  24. Addison82
    Addison82 at |

    Where is Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard?

  25. sportsgal
    sportsgal at |

    Phil Collins was good in the movie “Buster”, where he played a participant in the Great Train Robbery.

    Mariah Carey as the social worker in “Precious” was good also.

  26. Joel D
    Joel D at |

    Jared Leto – Requiem for a Dream

  27. Viktor
    Viktor at |

    Tom Waits. John Doe (from the band X). Dexter Gordon.

    1. zrtskwrt
      zrtskwrt at |

      This guy knows what’s up.

  28. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    How about Jimi Hendrix in the movie / documentary “Woodstock” ????

  29. Not A Squirrel
    Not A Squirrel at |

    No. Frank Sinatra in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM.

  30. Ronnie
    Ronnie at |

    Why did you include Ice Cube? What is wrong with you?


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