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  1. Michalis
    Michalis at |

    Jim Caviezel!! Yes, the Christ dude.
    Can’t believe I’m the only one suggesting this…

    1. sissy
      sissy at |

      michael fassbender – roland
      javier bardem – marten
      yaya dacosta- susannah (
      ezra miller -eddie dean (ruthless intelligence and charismatic enough to pull off)

    2. Ann S
      Ann S at |

      I’m with you for Jim Caviezel!!! Mind you Josh Brolin and Kurt Russell look pretty good. Maybe Taraji P. Henson (also of Person of Interest) for Susannah. Josh Halloway or Ian Somerhalder for Eddie Dean?

    3. Ethan Strange
      Ethan Strange at |

      Nathan Fillion should be on this list.

      1. Melayahm
        Melayahm at |

        No! Way too cuddly and goofy

    4. Drusilla Beauregard
      Drusilla Beauregard at |

      Click Eastwood would be good

      1. Melayahm
        Melayahm at |

        Absolutely. 40 years ago, completely perfect. I think I kind of imagine a dark haired version of Eastwood when I read the books, maybe a bit taller

    5. Joe
      Joe at |

      Clint Eastwood was Stephen Kings inspiration for the character. But age killed it. Now we have Scott Eastwood to fill those shoes. Timothy Olyphant would be awesome too. He has got to Eastwoodesque. Bardeem would not sell me a ticket it’s a high plains drifter kind of role.

    6. Shaun
      Shaun at |

      I totally agree, and thought this way back. He should also have been cast to play Jack Reacher….

  2. john dodge
    john dodge at |

    How did Lincoln from the walking dead not make this list. He his the number one choice behind time travel and Clint Eastwood in my opinion

    1. Fred Ressel
      Fred Ressel at |

      Andrew Lincoln is a great choice.

    2. Simone
      Simone at |

      the best choice

  3. Fren
    Fren at |

    I thought JDM would make an epic Roland, too!
    Just like Roland, he looks intimidating until he smiles…
    Also, in The Losers, he starred alongside Chris Evans and Zoe Saldana, and it made me think of Roland, Eddie and Susannah. Chris Evans even does a pretty good Clint Eastwood impression at one point, something Eddie might use to lovingly mock Roland with…..

  4. Phillip Weirich
    Phillip Weirich at |

    Viggo, hands down, no other choice! If he doesn’t get the role I’ll flip. Keith Behlmer, you need to read this!! And when you get to #1 I get to say I told you so!!

    1. janice
      janice at |

      Viggo is the one !!! He is a very good adaptable actor…..

  5. Keith Behlmer
    Keith Behlmer at |

    Hmmm interesting. I like Daniel Day Lewis as well. Guy would be a very good Roland.

  6. Phillip Weirich
    Phillip Weirich at |

    Yeah he would be very good too, I do not think they should have Daniel Craig in there. He is a VERY good actor but he doesn’t remind me of Roland

  7. Keith Behlmer
    Keith Behlmer at |

    He’s British. Can’t do it

  8. Phillip Weirich
    Phillip Weirich at |

    True, just like Javier Bardem cant

  9. Kyle Burdick
    Kyle Burdick at |

    The rock

  10. Tom Rhodes
    Tom Rhodes at |

    That is the best series of books ever!! And I’ll fight anyone to the death that disagree with me

    1. vanessa
      vanessa at |

      I’ll help you! I’d like Jackman for the part of roland, maybe viggo. NOT RUSSEL CROWE! defo.. and plz no dirty Harry, would be just… wrong

  11. Phillip Weirich
    Phillip Weirich at |

    Chris Windnagel, you would love this as well my fellow dark tower fanatic lol I have been saying that #1 would be the best Roland for years now

  12. leslie
    leslie at |

    If I could have my wish, it would be Peter Fonda from 20 yrs ago. Regardless, Roland MUST HAVE the blue bullshooters eyes.

  13. Fren
    Fren at |

    Hey, I just remembered…There was this one guy in Machete….I think it was the guy who was playing Lohan’s father, but I’m too lazy to go check…Anyway, I remember he was ruggedly handsome, somewhat grizzled but regal, and had just THE BLUEST EYES. I thought he might have
    made a fairly good Roland just based on his looks…and it seems like I recall reading somewhere that he was in the mini-series, Under the Dome.. I may be wrong, though. About everything.

  14. Cindy
    Cindy at |

    I agree with the Jim Caviezel comment …. He should definitely be on the list! He would be perfect.

  15. WoodTheDog
    WoodTheDog at |

    Got to be Clint Eastwood. The role was written for Clint. No one else can play Roland. I believe the older Clint gets, the better he is for the role. I mean, have any of you read it. If so, you’d agree ! Got to be Clint for me to be satisfied!

    1. Angel
      Angel at |

      I think Scott Eastwood could be a serious contender for Roland.. He has enough of his Dad in him he could be perfect….

      1. helios
        helios at |

        I hadn’t thought of Caviezel…also good.
        Fren is thinking of Jeff Fahey, who also played the titular Lawnmower Man.
        Michael Fassbender could work some magic on Roland.

    2. Karen
      Karen at |

      I totally agree with you. From the first line to the last line my mind had Clint as Roland.

  16. WoodTheDog
    WoodTheDog at |

    Daniel Day Lewis would be the only secondary actor to Clint!

  17. Biyu
    Biyu at |

    I definitely vote for Viggo Mortensen. He is right for this role, I can not imagine another actor … Viggo’s the real Roland Deschain

  18. Fred Ressel
    Fred Ressel at |

    What about Sam Elliott?

  19. Bobby N.
    Bobby N. at |

    No way could Eastwood commit to such a long project. He’s in his late eighties and this would be, at bare minimum, a 5+ year commitment. I don’t wish to tempt fate here, but he would be a huge risk for such a large project. Viggo is Roland for millennials. Sorry, but it’s true. If you read the first three books before 1990, he makes zero sense against the description of Roland. I’ve been saying this role needs to be Jim Caviezel’s since before the series was even finished. Ideally, I wanted him for Jack Sawyer if they ever made Black House into a film, but now that he’s closing in on 50, he looks the part, has the eyes, and anyone who has seen Person of Interest and read the books can see parallels between the two characters.

  20. Katie J.
    Katie J. at |

    I think Toby Stephens would be perfect as Roland.

  21. Dark Tower Fan
    Dark Tower Fan at |

    I have said for YEARS that Josh Brolin IS Roland!!! However, Jim Caviezel would be a mighty fine choice also. If they would have started this project 10-15 years ago then Clint Eastwood would have been the ONLY contender for Roland but I’m afraid his time is past for this particular role (too bad!!) He would have been so awesome!!!

  22. Randall
    Randall at |

    Timothy Olyphant–Raylan from Justified…Thin, weary hates to draw the gun, but has to very often…

  23. mark
    mark at |

    Daniel Day Lewis! He is an incredible actor; is the same height as Roland (6’2″); has the ability to look younger or older as needed during filming; using ‘Lincoln’ as an example, he can drop/gain weight to look like he is wasted from walking across a desert, or having spent a week in Tull resting and eating. There is NO better choice to play Roland!

    I’m curious about who would play the farmer who has Zoltan, or better yet, Allie/ Any suggestions for those characters?

    1. Melayahm
      Melayahm at |

      Daniel Day Lewis could do it, no doubt. Maybe a bit old, but a truly awesome actor. He would have made a better Aragorn than Viggo Mortenson too.

  24. Tina
    Tina at |

    Timothy Olyphant should be at the top of this list!

  25. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    Roland = Josh Brolin (Scott Eastwood if he can act)
    Eddie = Miles Teller
    Susannah = Zoe Saldana (Yaya DeCosta would be great as well)
    Marten = Javier Bardem (So much better as a villain)
    Jake would have to be cast at the end by some young super kid actor

  26. sam
    sam at |

    The guy from Hell on Wheels, would be the perfect fit for Roland! No contest!

  27. James Eversole
    James Eversole at |

    I agree that the role was written with Clint in mind. I also agree that he is far too old to take on the role that would need doing for the next 10 years (or beyond). I’m not saying he couldn’t do it, I’m saying why would he want to? Dude’s old, let him retire! What I often thought would be a great homage to the relation between Clint and Roland would be to have the very first scene of the first movie be an old Gunslinger (Eastwood) sitting at a campfire or in a saloon or something, and he begins to tell a story. He talks about how the world has moved on and how there aren’t heroes anymore, not like there used to be. He takes a shot of whiskey and says, “But I’ll tell you about the last hero this world knew. It begins like all tragic tales, with a journey. (fade to black) The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

    Now, at times I think this is a little too trite for modern Hollywood, and at times I think the Storyteller could be either King himself in cowboy getup (throwback to his old cameo days), or maybe a middle-aged black man with a bluesy accent (for those of you who maybe have read The Talisman and Black House). But I keep coming back to Clint, so that he can at least get in a little on the gig that was written for him. It would be a one-time shot, no need for further obligation.

  28. Beth
    Beth at |

    Lucas Bryant plays serious really well. Scruff him up and he’d look great and has the acting chops to do very well for this part. Roland is a long tall SKINNY man (according to the book art), Lucas would be a very great Roland.
    Theo James would do well also and is a big name.
    Evan Peters (Eddie) and Francois Arnaud (The Dark Man) would be great for other parts as well.
    Clint Eastwood would have been THE only Roland, 30 years ago, but I really feel that his time has passed. Roland doesn’t have the feel of an older man, but of a mid 40s man – timeless sort of, but not aged. (Sorry Clint)
    Regina King or Viola Davis each would be a good pick for Susannah because Susannah is supposed to be older than Eddie.
    Like everyone else, I’ve read the books multiple times, and I’m thinking about them from a mid 30s to late 40s female perspective. JMO

    1. Ernie
      Ernie at |

      The actor who looks most like the artists rendering (approved by Stephen King) in looks and body-type is Lucas Bryant. He’s not well-known enough though so probably wouldn’t be cast. They need a big-name draw.

      I have always seen Whoopie Goldberg as Suzanna. Amazing actress. Angels Bassett would be my second choice.

      Max Charles, or Pierce Gagnon as Jake Chambers.

  29. Mark
    Mark at |

    The Roland character has certain physical characteristics that can not be ignored. He is a skinny, not so muscular, tall man in his mid to late 40s who has experienced long stints in exposed environments his whole life (however long that’s been). He certainly can’t have perfect skin or teeth. Rather, he needs to have sun-baked tough skin and a serious grit to the character. There is only so much that make-up can do without looking contrived, and to a certain extent, we know these actors outside the world of movies and TV, so either the transformation is so complete that we hardly believe what we are looking at (Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, the first time you watched his part) or the actor has to embody the character physically at least. Most actors being mentioned are better suited to GQ magazine. Viggo Mortensen is close, but shorter than Roland is portrayed. Timothy Olyphant has been playing a similar character in Justified, though he would have to lose the southern accent. Both embody this character to some extent. And both seem to have that sly humor Stephen King gave Roland.

    1. Alex
      Alex at |

      Andrew Lincoln would of been the perfect fit. I can’t believe he didn’t make this list.

  30. Cody Skidmore
    Cody Skidmore at |

    Roland Deschain should be played by Anson Mount from “Hell On Wheels”. You can’t look at that guy and his role without seeing Roland.

    Here’s a photo of him.


  31. Keith T
    Keith T at |

    Mark Harmon!?! Yes, no? Just a thought…

  32. LOUISE
    LOUISE at |

    They should consider Anson Mount. He would be a perfect Roland.

  33. lporiginalg
    lporiginalg at |

    Mickey Rourke imho

  34. darlene
    darlene at |

    viggo mortenson. however everyone is really a little to old.

  35. A. Smith
    A. Smith at |

    I would love to see Anson Mount play Roland. When he came on screen in Hell on Wheels Roland of Gilead was my first thought. I think Soqena Martin-Green from TWD would make an amazing Susannah and would be able to pull off all three sides of her personality. For Eddie, I think AHS’s Evan Peters would be a good choice. He has shown what a versatile actor he is in the series and I think he would nail the multifaceted jokester.

  36. Gayle
    Gayle at |

    His name is ANSON MOUNT!!! The best and most unknown actor around. He replaces all the above in my world!

  37. Neola Mace
    Neola Mace at |

    Titus Welliver. Either him or Daniel Day Lewis.

  38. Zeljko
    Zeljko at |

    Just one actor is perfect for this role… Keanu Reeves. His personal life, physical appearance, martial arts… Roland is in his eyes.

  39. IndyAndyJones
    IndyAndyJones at |

    Idris Elba
    and the IMDB seems to support my choice: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1648190/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_3

  40. Brian of Nazareth
    Brian of Nazareth at |

    I, for one, will not be watching the movie. There’s just no way in hell to condense thousands of pages of literature into a single coherent film.

  41. Garduño
    Garduño at |

    Michael Vartan, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes!!!!!!!! Hes just like young Clint, on his fourties and skinny… He would have been perfect…
    A missed chance, man…


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