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  • sam

    The guy from Hell on Wheels, would be the perfect fit for Roland! No contest!

  • James Eversole

    I agree that the role was written with Clint in mind. I also agree that he is far too old to take on the role that would need doing for the next 10 years (or beyond). I’m not saying he couldn’t do it, I’m saying why would he want to? Dude’s old, let him retire! What I often thought would be a great homage to the relation between Clint and Roland would be to have the very first scene of the first movie be an old Gunslinger (Eastwood) sitting at a campfire or in a saloon or something, and he begins to tell a story. He talks about how the world has moved on and how there aren’t heroes anymore, not like there used to be. He takes a shot of whiskey and says, “But I’ll tell you about the last hero this world knew. It begins like all tragic tales, with a journey. (fade to black) The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

    Now, at times I think this is a little too trite for modern Hollywood, and at times I think the Storyteller could be either King himself in cowboy getup (throwback to his old cameo days), or maybe a middle-aged black man with a bluesy accent (for those of you who maybe have read The Talisman and Black House). But I keep coming back to Clint, so that he can at least get in a little on the gig that was written for him. It would be a one-time shot, no need for further obligation.

  • Beth

    Lucas Bryant plays serious really well. Scruff him up and he’d look great and has the acting chops to do very well for this part. Roland is a long tall SKINNY man (according to the book art), Lucas would be a very great Roland.
    Theo James would do well also and is a big name.
    Evan Peters (Eddie) and Francois Arnaud (The Dark Man) would be great for other parts as well.
    Clint Eastwood would have been THE only Roland, 30 years ago, but I really feel that his time has passed. Roland doesn’t have the feel of an older man, but of a mid 40s man – timeless sort of, but not aged. (Sorry Clint)
    Regina King or Viola Davis each would be a good pick for Susannah because Susannah is supposed to be older than Eddie.
    Like everyone else, I’ve read the books multiple times, and I’m thinking about them from a mid 30s to late 40s female perspective. JMO

    • Ernie

      The actor who looks most like the artists rendering (approved by Stephen King) in looks and body-type is Lucas Bryant. He’s not well-known enough though so probably wouldn’t be cast. They need a big-name draw.

      I have always seen Whoopie Goldberg as Suzanna. Amazing actress. Angels Bassett would be my second choice.

      Max Charles, or Pierce Gagnon as Jake Chambers.

  • Mark

    The Roland character has certain physical characteristics that can not be ignored. He is a skinny, not so muscular, tall man in his mid to late 40s who has experienced long stints in exposed environments his whole life (however long that’s been). He certainly can’t have perfect skin or teeth. Rather, he needs to have sun-baked tough skin and a serious grit to the character. There is only so much that make-up can do without looking contrived, and to a certain extent, we know these actors outside the world of movies and TV, so either the transformation is so complete that we hardly believe what we are looking at (Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, the first time you watched his part) or the actor has to embody the character physically at least. Most actors being mentioned are better suited to GQ magazine. Viggo Mortensen is close, but shorter than Roland is portrayed. Timothy Olyphant has been playing a similar character in Justified, though he would have to lose the southern accent. Both embody this character to some extent. And both seem to have that sly humor Stephen King gave Roland.

  • Cody Skidmore

    Roland Deschain should be played by Anson Mount from “Hell On Wheels”. You can’t look at that guy and his role without seeing Roland.

    Here’s a photo of him.×658.jpg

  • Keith T

    Mark Harmon!?! Yes, no? Just a thought…


    They should consider Anson Mount. He would be a perfect Roland.

  • lporiginalg

    Mickey Rourke imho

  • darlene

    viggo mortenson. however everyone is really a little to old.

  • A. Smith

    I would love to see Anson Mount play Roland. When he came on screen in Hell on Wheels Roland of Gilead was my first thought. I think Soqena Martin-Green from TWD would make an amazing Susannah and would be able to pull off all three sides of her personality. For Eddie, I think AHS’s Evan Peters would be a good choice. He has shown what a versatile actor he is in the series and I think he would nail the multifaceted jokester.

  • Gayle

    His name is ANSON MOUNT!!! The best and most unknown actor around. He replaces all the above in my world!

  • Neola Mace

    Titus Welliver. Either him or Daniel Day Lewis.