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  1. Neola Mace
    Neola Mace at |

    Titus Welliver. Either him or Daniel Day Lewis.

  2. Gayle
    Gayle at |

    His name is ANSON MOUNT!!! The best and most unknown actor around. He replaces all the above in my world!

  3. A. Smith
    A. Smith at |

    I would love to see Anson Mount play Roland. When he came on screen in Hell on Wheels Roland of Gilead was my first thought. I think Soqena Martin-Green from TWD would make an amazing Susannah and would be able to pull off all three sides of her personality. For Eddie, I think AHS’s Evan Peters would be a good choice. He has shown what a versatile actor he is in the series and I think he would nail the multifaceted jokester.

  4. darlene
    darlene at |

    viggo mortenson. however everyone is really a little to old.

  5. lporiginalg
    lporiginalg at |

    Mickey Rourke imho

    LOUISE at |

    They should consider Anson Mount. He would be a perfect Roland.

  7. Keith T
    Keith T at |

    Mark Harmon!?! Yes, no? Just a thought…


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