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  1. Michalis at |

    Jim Caviezel!! Yes, the Christ dude.
    Can’t believe I’m the only one suggesting this…

    1. sissy at |

      michael fassbender – roland
      javier bardem – marten
      yaya dacosta- susannah (
      ezra miller -eddie dean (ruthless intelligence and charismatic enough to pull off)

  2. john dodge at |

    How did Lincoln from the walking dead not make this list. He his the number one choice behind time travel and Clint Eastwood in my opinion

    1. Fred Ressel at |

      Andrew Lincoln is a great choice.

    2. Simone at |

      the best choice

  3. Fren at |

    I thought JDM would make an epic Roland, too!
    Just like Roland, he looks intimidating until he smiles…
    Also, in The Losers, he starred alongside Chris Evans and Zoe Saldana, and it made me think of Roland, Eddie and Susannah. Chris Evans even does a pretty good Clint Eastwood impression at one point, something Eddie might use to lovingly mock Roland with…..

  4. Phillip Weirich at |

    Viggo, hands down, no other choice! If he doesn’t get the role I’ll flip. Keith Behlmer, you need to read this!! And when you get to #1 I get to say I told you so!!

  5. Keith Behlmer at |

    Hmmm interesting. I like Daniel Day Lewis as well. Guy would be a very good Roland.

  6. Phillip Weirich at |

    Yeah he would be very good too, I do not think they should have Daniel Craig in there. He is a VERY good actor but he doesn’t remind me of Roland

  7. Keith Behlmer at |

    He’s British. Can’t do it

  8. Phillip Weirich at |

    True, just like Javier Bardem cant

  9. Kyle Burdick at |

    The rock

  10. Tom Rhodes at |

    That is the best series of books ever!! And I’ll fight anyone to the death that disagree with me

  11. Phillip Weirich at |

    Chris Windnagel, you would love this as well my fellow dark tower fanatic lol I have been saying that #1 would be the best Roland for years now

  12. leslie at |

    If I could have my wish, it would be Peter Fonda from 20 yrs ago. Regardless, Roland MUST HAVE the blue bullshooters eyes.

  13. Fren at |

    Hey, I just remembered…There was this one guy in Machete….I think it was the guy who was playing Lohan’s father, but I’m too lazy to go check…Anyway, I remember he was ruggedly handsome, somewhat grizzled but regal, and had just THE BLUEST EYES. I thought he might have
    made a fairly good Roland just based on his looks…and it seems like I recall reading somewhere that he was in the mini-series, Under the Dome.. I may be wrong, though. About everything.

  14. Cindy at |

    I agree with the Jim Caviezel comment …. He should definitely be on the list! He would be perfect.

  15. WoodTheDog at |

    Got to be Clint Eastwood. The role was written for Clint. No one else can play Roland. I believe the older Clint gets, the better he is for the role. I mean, have any of you read it. If so, you’d agree ! Got to be Clint for me to be satisfied!

    1. Angel at |

      I think Scott Eastwood could be a serious contender for Roland.. He has enough of his Dad in him he could be perfect….

  16. WoodTheDog at |

    Daniel Day Lewis would be the only secondary actor to Clint!

  17. Biyu at |

    I definitely vote for Viggo Mortensen. He is right for this role, I can not imagine another actor … Viggo’s the real Roland Deschain

  18. Fred Ressel at |

    What about Sam Elliott?

  19. Bobby N. at |

    No way could Eastwood commit to such a long project. He’s in his late eighties and this would be, at bare minimum, a 5+ year commitment. I don’t wish to tempt fate here, but he would be a huge risk for such a large project. Viggo is Roland for millennials. Sorry, but it’s true. If you read the first three books before 1990, he makes zero sense against the description of Roland. I’ve been saying this role needs to be Jim Caviezel’s since before the series was even finished. Ideally, I wanted him for Jack Sawyer if they ever made Black House into a film, but now that he’s closing in on 50, he looks the part, has the eyes, and anyone who has seen Person of Interest and read the books can see parallels between the two characters.


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