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  1. Alex Guthrie
    Alex Guthrie at |

    The werewolf section in our class was the hardest to define what it was. The werewolf seemed the be a mix of those who were hairy and those who were cannibals, most likely not the supposed man who could turn into a wolf.

  2. Sammi DiGeronimo
    Sammi DiGeronimo at |

    I wish we would have spent more time in class discussing werewolves because I find the topic interesting and confusing. I don’t see how some of these people/creatures could be considered “werewolves.”

    1. Sydney K
      Sydney K at |

      I agree with Sammi, It was really interesting learning about them. The man in the woods was one of my favorites.

  3. Olivia K
    Olivia K at |

    I believe werewolves are fictional like big foot.

  4. William Drake
    William Drake at |

    Poor Peter Stump. I wonder what his deal really was. Plus, they didn’t just execute him, but also his mistress and daughter. Talk about going overboard.

  5. Connor Lynch
    Connor Lynch at |

    As with witchcraft, it is interesting to consider the explanations people during these time periods had for what they consider to be inexplicable. Wolf killing a ton of villagers? Probably a werewolf. People seek the easiest answer for that which they do not understand.

  6. John Liber
    John Liber at |

    I don’t really believe in werwolves so this article was sort of silly to me but I still liked reading it and found it very interesting.

  7. Dan Hennessey
    Dan Hennessey at |

    It is hard to believe the amount of hysteria that brought on this craze. Most people were actually just serial killers with gruesome actions as opposed to turning into werewolves. It goes to show how a story can take hold and facts can be turned around by people.

  8. Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson at |

    Werewolves are by far my favorite mythological creature. The myths surrounding them are always so interesting. Fun Fact:In the MTV show, Teen Wolf, they actually connect one of the main characters as being an descendant of a person involved in the death of the Beast of Gevaudan.

  9. Salih Saritoprak
    Salih Saritoprak at |

    I believe that of those 10 pictures, only about 2 of them are even remotely credible.

  10. Alexa V
    Alexa V at |

    I don’t believe any of these because they were probably all sketches that were done by people who thought they knew what werewolves looked like. I mean someone who has a long beard and is extremely hairy in today’s society could have been considered a vampire back then.


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