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  • It's time for a confession dear readers. By day, I am a freelance writer. By night, I am a fire-eating tightrope walker in a traveling circus. It's not an easy life.

  • Ali G isn't Cohen's only alter ego. Anyone remember that crazy Kazakhstani reporter Borat?

  • Gwen

    How about Ted Bundy? Killer by night, Friendly writer by day? Or John Wayne Gacy, Construction owner and worker by day, Clown killer by night? Do those count? 🙂

  • I didn't want to give myself nightmares.

  • Jay Po

    Andy Kaufman was something else. Even after he died most people thought it was an act. Tony Clifton also made an appearance after Andy died. Spooky…….

  • aimy

    what about Steve Urkel/Stephan Urquelle?

  • Yes – friends portrayed Tony Clifton too.

  • Steve Urkel – don't know him. Is it cos I'm British?

  • John

    I know Superman/Clark Kent was up there, but what about Bruce Wayne/Batman?

  • Liana

    Good list but where is the ultimate MADEA/ TYLER PERRY?

  • Who?

  • YogiBarrister

    Notable Omissions:

    Bruce Wayne-Batman

    Dick Cheney-The Penguin

  • Lotto

    Good list but what about gollum/smeagol?

  • I see what you mean Lotto. I guess I think of Gollum as having a split personality but maybe he could have been in… precious….

  • Dakota Johnson

    What about Peter/Spiderman and Bruce Banner/The Hulk

  • e cigarette

    This is a great list. I never understood Garth Brooks taking on the Chris Gains alter ego. That was just strange. Of course writers use pseudonyms whenever they want to break into a new genre – Stephen King/Richard Bachman, Dean Koontz/Deana Dwyer, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Anne Rice/Anne Rampling and Michael Crichton/Michael Douglas.

    Maybe it wasn't so strange after all.

  • Jason

    I Think You are missing a very notorious split personality in the rap business

    Where is EmineM?

    As fans know, he has 3 personalities, one not to famous but its an alter ego

    You have"

    Marshall mathers

    Slim Shady

    Ken Kannif

    I think that al teast should surpass Hannah

  • joel

    Good list, although out of all of them Beyonce's is the best as her's displays two totally different people one being the kind, generous hearty person and the other being the fierce, fighter and all time diva!!!

  • Jess

    Garth Brooks real identity *Faints*

  • samuel

    eminem has the greatest rap ego of all time

  • Javier

    Wer is Marshall Mathers/ Slim shady. ??

  • Frank

    Eminem / Slim Shady
    Niarn / Glenn Francisco (danish)

  • Brandon

    Don`t forget 2Pac. AKA Makaveli the Don.

  • April

    Well I have 4 atler egos it so cool!!!

  • Evan

    You forgot about Slim Shady / Eminem


    Tyler Durden should obviously be up there at No. 1

  • Kyla

    How about Mrs. Doubtfire? :))

  • Jim parker

    Ehem, what about eminem and slim shady??? Have you forgotten about the best white rapper ever?

  • Roccamanda

    Slim shady should be on this list