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  1. James Friend
    James Friend at |

    Without wanting to be someone who nit-picks minor factual errors, and yet still totally being one of those people, I have to point out that Germany declared war on America and not the other way round.

    Fascinating and well researched list, though, and most of it new to me. The IBM entry is particularly shocking. they should be forced to pay some sort of reparations for such appalling behaviour.

    1. Kris M
      Kris M at |

      Actually Japan instigated Americas entry into WWII. Subsequently, America declared its entry into the war against all Axis powers…..just not wanting to nit pick factual evidence but totally do it anyway.

      1. Joe
        Joe at |

        Actually, Japan’s attack on America only sparked the declaration of war on Japan only. Germany and Italy subsequently declared war on the USA in support of Japan.

    2. Marco Polo
      Marco Polo at |

      This is a funny position. Reparations for Holocaust survivors but not for slavery survivors. The US corporations that benefited from slavery need to pay up. Some say the US government but I think the evil money lovers running big corps should pay for what they did.

      1. Cathina Haynes
        Cathina Haynes at |

        You know why there are no reparations for slavery survivors? THERE ARE NO LIVING SLAVERY SURVIVORS. I suspect that a hefty portion of people who benefited from slave labor aren’t around anymore either. Jesus F’n Christ. Get off it.

  2. Bob the blob
    Bob the blob at |

    Pretty funny stuff you got there

  3. Deanna Johnston Clark
    Deanna Johnston Clark at |

    How about the companies using the most slave labor today? Possibly some are the same! This list had some surprises along with the usual,,,Shame on Woolworths!!

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Interesting idea. i think the list would be long, indeed.

  4. Colin
    Colin at |

    That Coca-Cola swastika is a watch fob from the 1920s. It has nothing to do with the Nazis, but instead represents the original meaning of the swastika, being an Asian symbol for good fortune.

  5. sajja
    sajja at |

    I am sure there are no Jewish owned companies in the list.

  6. Alexis Kasperavi?ius
    Alexis Kasperavi?ius at |

    Before the war, American companies sold products to Germany. This is a story, how?

    1. Geoff
      Geoff at |

      Read the full article, beyond Coca-Cola!

  7. John Pallyswine
    John Pallyswine at |

    The waSSp is a very dangerous creature. I hope the Blacks and Latinos take control.

  8. Omega"Sure Thing" P
    Omega"Sure Thing" P at |

    I’m surprised no mention of AT&T. They provided communications during WW2.


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