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  1. Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch at |

    As the West is trying to deal with it’s carbon emissions (even if it’s only in small ways in the USA) and that China is the world’s leading carbon dioxide emitting nation, perhaps you had better translate this article into Mandarin? Don’t you think?

    1. Julian
      Julian at |

      Well, to be fair, China is currently leading the world in implementing green technologies for its energy demands. And what’s more, even though the country does indeed lead in CO2 emissions, with 10,5 million kilotons per year, roughly double than the US (5.3 million), there are more than 4 times as many Chinese than there are Americans.

      On average, a Chinese citizen is responsible for about 7.6 tonnes of CO2, whereas a US citizen is responsible for 16.5. And since air pollution is one problem which cannot be confined within any country’s borders, it’s not really as important how much a country as a whole pollutes, but rather, each person individually.

      Please forgive me, though, because I don’t want to appear condescending, or anything, but passing blame and responsibility on someone else is never the answer, and always makes things worse than they already are.


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