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  1. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    Oh my lord, this is one of the funniest but absolutely on the money top 10 lists in recent weeks.

    I was just thinking about this, and indeed what annoys me most about the music on this list is how incredibly cliched it has become to use it.

    Numbers 10 and 9 especially SO many movie trailers use it. And the Drowning Pool song, I swear, if I see one more Youtube video clip of war scenes with this song in the backdrop, I’m going to put my foot through the computer screen!

    Seriously, people need to get original sometimes!!

  2. sarah
    sarah at |

    I appreciate this list, and totally understand where it was coming from. My only complaint is, I enjoyed the movies that did it “the right way”, and feel that idea should have continued throughout the list, opposed to just posting the music video. If a movie showing the “correct” way to use a video had been posted for each song, and used as an argument, this list would have been golden. Still a good job, though!

    1. Stuart
      Stuart at |

      I guess the right way for James Brown would be in Good Morning Vietnam where he whacks it on the station stereo and shows everyone how it should be done.

  3. Little_Sam
    Little_Sam at |

    If you are going to include classical music, then Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (Ode to Joy), Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie, and Rossini’s William Tell Overture have also been ruined by movies, radio, and TV. I totally agree with you about Carmina Burana and the Hallelujah Chorus. The other’s that I mentioned should probably be included as well.

  4. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    American Grafitti is a great example of a movie that did it right.

  5. Christian K.
    Christian K. at |

    What? No “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves?

    1. the devil
      the devil at |

      “Walking on Sunshine” is not, in this universe or any other, a badass song.

      1. Turk
        Turk at |

        I have to agree with you on that one. Unless you consider having overdue library books, squeezing the tooth paste from the middle of the tube, or not washing your hands after using the washroom to be badass then chances are you wouldn’t consider “Walking on Sunshine” as being badass.

  6. nicoal
    nicoal at |

    I know quite a few people wo are upset about the Hallelujah Chorus being used for everything from a terrible romcom soundtrack to selling toilet paper.

  7. theintegrator
    theintegrator at |

    Don’t forget “Born in the USA”

    The right way: Bruce
    The wrong way: every single politician celebrating the greatness of the US of A

    1. jfauser
      jfauser at |


  8. Landrewc
    Landrewc at |

    Your list is lame. It is easier to find other ways to say that you dislike Jack Black. Fail

  9. Thomas
    Thomas at |

    I would say AC/DC has best been used in movies with the two Iron Man movies, I’ve header a few of their songs in that and they’re well used

  10. Nocturnesthesia
    Nocturnesthesia at |

    That conductor means business. Seriously, if I were to try and follow along with him I’d probably dislocate every joint in both my arms. Not that I tried, mind you…

    1. Nicole
      Nicole at |

      Andre Rieu is a badass.

  11. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Bodies I could care less about it being poorly used in movies.

    If I had a nickel every time I heard it on youtube……

  12. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    My favorite was the use of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Toccata & Fugue in D Minor” at the beginning of the original make of the movie “Rollerball”

  13. Stabby
    Stabby at |

    Lux Aeterna. For the love of God leave the song alone already and let it exist in awesomeness by itself.

  14. Jason Stone
    Jason Stone at |

    to this day I still can’t think of We Will Rock You without picturing the scene from Mighty Ducks… I thought for sure that was going to be the reference of it being used the wrong way but I have no disagreements with it being Kung Fu Panda…lol


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