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Hip-hop, tango, tap dancing… it doesn’t matter!  I’ve always wanted to see a well-curated list of the best dance videos on the internet, but have never found one.  So, I’ve made it myself.  Here is a list of the top 10 performances of all-time, captured on video.  As a discerning dancer myself, I let no sub-par video slip by to make it onto the list…

10. Salsa by Carolina Cericola & Johnny Vazquez

Carolina Cericola and Johnny Vazquez are two of the best salsa dancers in the world. They specialize in LA style salsa, which is very flashy. They’re captured here performing a top-notch routine for the 2001 Mayan Salsa Competition in Los Angeles.

9. Popping by Robert Muraine

This is Robert Muraine’s audition from “So You Think You Can Dance”, using a popping routine. Robert Muraine is self-trained, and yet he is more honed technically than most professional dancers. The advantage of being self-trained is that he still listens to his inner voice about what creativity is, rather than becoming too focused on the “rules” of dance (a ridiculous idea in and of itself). Despite his self-training, he’s received top honors at international competitions, including Superstars of Dance. He left the show SYTYCD during contestant selection. However, he was brought back on as a guest later in the season, and was declared a greater popper than the lead male dancer on the show.

8. Hip Hop by ACDC Dance Crew

ACDC has grown into an international community of the world’s best hip hop dancers, with some celebrity support, too (not for the dance talent, just for the fun). They captured their dancing in this fantastic video during an online dance competition against M&M Cru (Miley Cyrus‘ dance team).

7. Fusion Dance by Chris Mayer and Campbell Miller

There is a new underground scene of dancers who are mixing tango, swing, blues, and many other forms of dance to make a new style called fusion or turquoise dancing. This video from the San Diego Fusion Dance Exchange is the best example caught on tape. While performances of this quality (such as the other videos on this list) usually require practiced choreography, the dancers here use an extremely attuned connection, which allows them to improvise the entire number. It’s not as flashy as some of the other performances, but the video shows off a subtle, yet very difficult to acquire, skill.

6. Thriller by Michael Jackson and backup dancers the Electric Boogaloos

The music video for Thriller includes a brilliant dance routine choreographed by Michael Peters. A fantastic blend of dancers and choreography caught on film, with a nice theatrical twist!

5. Tango by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo

This is a surreal tango performance by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo, performing tango at the 2009 Superstars of Dance competition. They are highly regarded in the tango scene, arguably the best. This performance won them first place in the tango division at the “Superstars of Dance” competition in 2009.

4. Contemporary by Pam Chu and Ben Susak

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, choreographed by Wade Robson, is the original piece that was performed on SYTYCD by Katee and Joshua, who won the season together. However, these performers blow them out of the water.

3. Tap by the Nicholas Brothers

Easily one of the most brilliant performances ever recorded, the Nicholas Brothers perform this dance piece in the movie “Stormy Weather.” They are spot on with timing, and the acrobatics while dancing are incredible! I really don’t need to explain why this made the list, just watch for yourself.

2. Waltz/Tap by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Of course Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were going to make this list, it was just a matter choosing which video. I selected their waltz in the movie “Swing Time” because they are able to blend waltz and tap, two extremely difficult dance styles, so naturally that they make it look easy!

1. Lindy Hop by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers

Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers swing dancing in the film “Hellzapoppin” gets the top spot on this list. Check out their stunning skill, natural and comedic, without missing a beat. These dancers show swing dancing when it was at it’s best. A classic.

By Sue Nelson

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  1. I have seen that Nicholas Brothers routine several times and each time I wonder “How in the world did they do that?” Awesome!

  2. I'm pretty upset the jabbawockeez original performance on america's best dance crew is not on here. Im glad to see Robert Muraine but the wockeez definitely deserved a spot.

  3. It's a great list but I find it nearly criminal that the Nicholas Bro were not 1. I know it's subjective and opinion so I'm leaving mine, while leaving you to yours.

    I don't know it to be absolute truth but I read somewhere that they did that routine in 1 take. If so that's truly remarkable.