Top 10 Videos of People Stuck in an Elevator


At some point many of us have been stuck in an elevator or faced the fear of being stuck. Here’s a look at 10 different videos of people stuck in an elevator, as we become a fly on the wall in this all too human drama.

10. Trapped in an elevator for 41 Hours

You know it’s going to be a bad weekend when you get stuck in an elevator at 11:00 on a Friday night. What started out as a quick trip down for a smoke, ended up being an ordeal that stretched into days. This is probably one of the most famous stuck in the elevator videos you’ll find today – but it probably doesn’t lessen the blow for this poor guy.

9. 22 Guys Stuck In An Elevator

Here 22 guys crowded into an elevator, only to discover that they are trapped by technology. At least they have the presence of mind to use a cell phone to call for help (those elevator alarms simply do not do the job). The best part is when the help calls back to tell the guys, “Stop Jumping, we’re trying to fix the elevator”.

8. Caged Tiger Stuck Elevator

A woman gets stuck in an elevator, and out comes her hidden tiger. After failing to get free from the elevator, she does manage to attack the door and take it off its hinges through repeated attacks. Of course it probably delays her escape, but at least no one lese is going to be stuck in this elevator until it gets a once over.

7. Stuck With A View

When this video starts the poor victims have already been stuck for over an hour, and they are calling again for help. They have tried to find an exit through the roof panel, to no avail. At least it’s an exposed elevator, and they have a really great view to occupy their time. The view is so good in fact, that they can even see a firetruck pulling into the parking lot, coming to their rescue. Or at least they think.

6. Claustrophobic and Stuck

While not a severe case, the poor young man in this video has enough of a problem with small spaces to make it funny. The ordeal is over soon enough, and just in time – otherwise it may have turned ugly.

5. Photography Test Goes Awry

So, what do you do when you find yourself stuck in an elevator? Apparently you press a lot of buttons, try your keys in the security lock and, most importantly, never stop filming. The good news? The new camera does great, but the elevator fails the test.

4. 9 Guys and a Lady In An Elevator

“What’s happening right now – we’re stuck in an elevator”. That statement from one of the trapees launches the video, which shows a mellow atmosphere and drinks coming through a crack in the doors. Eventually the door widens enough to allow them to escape, and 45 minutes are put behind them as the video ends as any good elevator video really should – a bit of Karaoke.

from Brad Smeele on Vimeo.

3. Watch Where You Stick Your Hand

In this video we have an elevator stuck with a crack opening to the exit. The guy recording the video sticks his hand in the crack, trying to wedge open the door. Moments later the elevator door slams the shut, seemingly with a lot of force. The stuck guy very wisely states that he’s not going to stick his hand in there again.

But the interesting part is that they were not really stuck – the back opened to a maintenance area, which leads directly to a door. So what can we take away from this? Carefully explore your options when stuck in a situation, but avoid sticking appendages in any cracks you happen to find.

from Stardust Cowboy on Vimeo.

2. Mellow And Waiting in an Elevator

At some point being stuck in an elevator leads to a kind of mellow acceptance of your fate and turns into a simple waiting game. These poor folks are in that happy spot – you know, the one that usually proceeds widespread panic…

1. Trapped in an elevator with Diarrhea

Can you imagine being trapped in an elevator with diarrhea? With this last video we present what can best be described as an explosive episode of tragic elevator solitude. While this video may not be 100% legit, it is nonetheless a shocking way to end our look at people stuck in an elevator.

CAUTION: Not for the squeamish.

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  1. w/o the proper context I'd like to say the chick in 8 is certifiable.

    Unless she was trapped on 1 and not btwn floors what the hell did she hope to accomplish by knocking the door off the hinge?

    That was interesting for sure.

  2. Don't think there's much question about the video of 'Trapped in an elevator with Diarrhea' being staged. I was going to call that video the number 1 video, but it may have been confusing because it was a video about a number 2!!!