10 Ways to Spice up your Workout


Studies have found out that many people don’t exercise because they do not find it interesting enough. New exercise routines are born everyday to pull as many trend followers as possible. Some of them have taken the ‘interesting” part too seriously have come up with the most bizarre ways to burn calories. Thug workout, punk rock and fusion yoga are some of our top ten bizarre exercise routines that have managed to create a stir in the big fat world.

10. Rebounding Workout

After walking, stretching and jogging, it’s time to go jumping. The best part about rebounding workout is that you can set up rebounder trampoline even in your backyard. So, next time you want to get off the couch and work some sweat, all you have to do is hop on the trampoline. Rebounding might sound simple but there are techniques to be kept in mind. Depending upon the intensity of your workout, rebounding can be divided into health, aerobic and strength bouncing.

9. Karaoke Workout

After your legs, abdomen and arms, it’s time to start exercising your vocal cords as well. Spin karaoke has become flavor of the season at the uber-cool gyms. Cycle karaoke tries to combine spinning with some good old singing fun. Participants pick their favorite songs and can choose to sing from their spinning bikes or dismount it for a full-blown performance.

8. Sword Fitness

Unleash your warrior within and get ready to work out samurai-style. It’s time to combine your fantasy and your workout with sword fitness classes. Japanese swordsmanship forms the core technique at these classes. Participants battle it out with practice swords in the war of bulge.

7. Fusion Yoga

Yoga literally translates into a “union”, a union of soul with God. New practitioners of yoga have turned yoga into a crazy union of sorts. From belly dancing to rollerblading, all fitness instructors have come out with their own personal yoga cocktails. Upscale gyms in New York have started anti-gravity yoga classes where the exercises are done not on yoga mats but by hanging from hammock-like slings. Then there are Iron yoga classes that have added dumbbells to the exercises. Music buffs, too, have a tailor-made hip-hop yoga routine where they can groove, snap and sing while they stretch. Those who want to spice up a normal yoga routine can join sensual pole yoga classes. Yoga purists are not too happy with way the ancient discipline is being twisted to lure followers but fusion yoga continues to grow unabated.

6. Thug Workout

Ruff Ryders, a hip-hop music-based label, have taken workout to an extreme level with their Thug Workout: Fitness From the Streets video. Forget fancy gyms and hi-tech equipment. All you need for a thug workout are urban setting and props. Parked cars, garbage bins, street lamps; anything can be used for muscle-crunching exercises. If you don’t mind some hip-hop combined with dash of street abusive lingo, you can use the thug workout to jazz up your exercise routine.

5. Punk rock workout

The venue is a rock club; bricks become equipment and air-guitar is the technique. Punk rock aerobics are for those who love the thump of the Sex Pistols and the Stranglers. Participants dunk push-ups and presses for super lunge, guitar kicks and windmill. Punk rock aerobics is not only for punk music lovers but for all those fitness enthusiasts who are looking for exciting ways to work out their muscles.

4. Water Walking Workout

This workout might conjure images of walking in waist-deep water but the kind of water walking we are talking about is something totally different. Gregory Lekhtman, a Russian gadget inventor, has designed a Sea Jogger that will help you to walk on water. A combination of a stepper and a boat, Sea Jogger relies on a fin propulsion system and front rudder for movement.

3. High Heel Workout

High Heel lovers, rejoice! A workout has finally been invented for women who will never give up in the war of stilettos and aching feet. Before heading for stiletto workout sessions, remember to pack in your heels along with the trainers. The class starts with a ten minute light exercises with music and heels. Then for the final 20 minutes, you change into sneakers for intensive stretching and toning. Besides exercising the legs, high heel workout also works on the tummy flab.

2. Pelvic Beauty and Fitness Boot camp

Workouts tailored for specific aching body parts have always been there. It seems that fitness experts forgot an important anatomical detail of the female body – the pelvis. A New York gynecologist has started a Phit (Pelvic Health Integrated Techniques) spa for a vaginal rejuvenation. The doc first uses his fingers to measure the pelvic strength and then works out a regime that either tightens or loosens the area for an optimal balance.

1. Nude Workout

Nude Workout

Nude Workout

When a Dutch gym advertised its “nude Sunday” program, it got more media coverage than visitors. Some male nudists did turn up but the women shied away from the event. The clothed species lashed out against the gym owner over sanitation issues. Similar concepts have sprung up in other countries but media-shy nudists have stayed out of headlines. There are many nude workout videos available online but we are not sure what kind of purpose they end up serving.

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  1. Some very unique ways of working out! The Water Walking Workout seems really interesting and I'd like to see it in action! #1 was a bit much/unnecessary. #8 combined with some other workouts could be fun and challenging.