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12 Responses

  1. Paul. A at |

    # 5 looks like one of the Boston bombers.

  2. FMH at |

    Well, if Miyamoto Musashi isn’t included in your history textbook, that’s probably because that textbook doesn’t include Japanese history. He might well be the most famous Japanese swordsman.

  3. Dab at |

    Pretty cool list, I feel like most of these, 10, 7, 6, 2, 1 were just taken from, but all in all good list.

    1. Shell Harris at |

      We actually tried very hard to avoid duplication from that site. A tough job considering how old and successful the site it is.

  4. klon3r at |

    Also forgot Atlacatl, an indigenous leader in present day El Salvador during the Spanish conquest.

  5. dotchile at |

    Erm i dont know where you take the history of galvarino but its a little different.

    Yeah he was capture and the spanish take off his hands, then he left to his people and he gather all to keep fighting againts the spanish no matter the cost. Thats all.

    There is another good warrior Mapuche, Lautaro, Caupolican for example.

    But Lautaro was the best Toqui and the best warrior.

    And yeah im from Chile so sorry for my bad english

  6. Gwhat at |

    How can you have Galvarino at number 1 if the story is a bit fuzzy and no proof of that whatsoever?

  7. Raman at |

    The list cannot be complete without great Baba Deep Singh ji. He kept fighting with Mughals in India’s Punjab even after getting decapitated holding his head with one hand and killing enemies at age of 70+!!

  8. Lester at |

    Achilles is the greatest warrior of all time, read your history books again….

  9. awsome at |

    Pretty cool, but wat about achilles or lu bu, or is this only for the unknown ones.

    1. Anonymous at |

      Its supposed to be about the warriors that are less known. Everyone knows Lu Bu and Achilles

      1. Izaya Haden at |

        >Everyone knows about Lu Bu

        I struggle to believe this claim is true….


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