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  1. Sebastyne
    Sebastyne at |

    Good picks! You certainly hit the nail on the head with these ones, even though there's a couple of my old favourites from the 80's missing. But what is so great about Barbie, is that we all can have our own favourites. 🙂

    But… Barbie hasn't had countless of babies. She hasn't had any. She has never married, even though there's tons of wedding dresses for her. However, Midge has had quite a few babies, and she's married to Alan! 🙂

    1. Rebecca
      Rebecca at |

      I had midge… she was AWESOME

    2. I love midge
      I love midge at |

      I still have midge… I’m 35, married, no kids, and I play with her every day!

      1. yuyu
        yuyu at |

        too funny n cyute!

      2. Rob
        Rob at |

        I just found two Midge dolls at an op shop-and jumped at them, as i have freckles and red hair too, i thought my daughter will love these when she grows! i wonder if anyone could help me determine which kind they are though, as one has a fringe and a wider ‘structure’ [face and hips] ..BEST BARBIE EVER!!! -although i still love Skipper too :))

        1. BigBallz
          BigBallz at |

          When Barbie first came out, she was the subject of a lot of criticism, some of which that claimed Barbie was too mature-looking for children. Midge was the first same-size friend of Barbie ever sold, and was created to oppose these controversies aimed at Barbie. She had a fuller, gentler face mold that was less sexually intimidating, although her body proportions were the same as Barbie and they both stood at 11 1/2 inches (292 mm) tall.[1] This allowed the two dolls to be able to share clothes and accessories. Her head mold was stamped “1958”, the same as Barbie. When Midge arrived, the markings on the straight leg body mold they shared changed to include both her and Barbie.[2] Midge had shoulder-length hair that flipped at the ends. Buyers had an option of buying a doll with one of three different hair colors: red, blond, or brunette. Her face was usually brushed with freckles. The dolls that were sold without freckles had a longer hair style and are now hard to find.[3] Depending on the doll’s hair color, the color of her two-piece swimming suit varied. If Midge had red hair her swimsuit was yellow and orange, for blond hair it was in two shades of blue, and if she was brunette it was pink and red.[4] The first vintage Midge dolls had a value of $175 MIB (Mint In Box) in 2007.[5]

          For the first two years that Midge was sold, she had “straight legs” that could not bend at the knee.[4] A rare Midge with teeth was sold the first year and is now sought after by collectors.[3] One year later in 1964 the dolls that were sold had slightly longer hair.[4] Midge’s boyfriend Allan arrived as well. Early in 1965, Wigs Wardrobe Midge was sold, and consisted of a Midge head with short molded hair and three wigs. This was the Midge counterpart of the Fashion Queen Barbie. Since she came with only a head, another doll had to provide for the body.[2] In 1965 Midge with bendable legs was introduced. She had shorter “bobbed” hair, like the American Girl Barbie, with a blue headband. Her swimming suit was different as well, and was now one-piece and striped.[4]

          From wikipedia 🙂

  2. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I had Western Barbie, she was the greatest…

  3. Karpacz Nocleg
    Karpacz Nocleg at |

    Maybe some Dutch version?

  4. Barbies4Sale!
    Barbies4Sale! at |

    All great picks. And each, a highly sought after collectible.

  5. alberto
    alberto at |

    hola me encanta las muñecas son

    las bailarinas y la de embarazo

    cha u

  6. D7ana
    D7ana at |

    Thanks for the Barbie list and your photos.

    However …

    the Twist 'n Turn and Talking Christies were made to represent Black women as Barbie was made to represent White women. Christie was NOT "the White Barbie with tinted skin." Christie is considered the first Black Barbie female doll made with an ethnic aka Black head mold.

    Francie is the Barbie … well, the Francie doll was the White doll who became "Colored Francie" by way of brown instead of pink plastic.

  7. Rebecca
    Rebecca at |

    I had the pregenant one… I'm 12 now, and I got her when I was maybe 8 or 9… I remember I really wanted her, mostly because I thought she was really pretty… I recently got rid of her because I moved… but since I was already "educated" before I got the doll, my mom didn't mind… Its funny how after I decided to pop Ken's head off, I stopped using them… I had 137 barbies in all… I was sooo spoiled… and I still am

  8. Ramsey
    Ramsey at |

    "Why's the baby in her tummy?"

    "Because she eats bad babies."

    1. Mireille
      Mireille at |

      That is hilarious. =D

    2. LOL
      LOL at |

      commom sense tell you that she had sex =.=

    3. Livvie
      Livvie at |


  9. kap$hure
    kap$hure at |

    anyone seen the Altered Barbie show?


  10. mieketsai
    mieketsai at |

    i love barbies~~

  11. Kristal
    Kristal at |

    I don't actually remember any of my barbies… I know I had a bunch of them. Me and my friends were lazy to always remove the clothes, so instead of removing the clothes we'd just remove the heads. When we were done playing the headless barbies would be tossed around the room, and their heads would usually just get lost somewhere. My mom said my room used to look like a set from a horror movie XD

    1. Livvie
      Livvie at |

      You sound mean to your barbies!
      I remember my first barbie…
      Loved her <3

      P.S I'm ten.. I love my barbies with all my heart 🙂

  12. Octo-Dolls Nesting D
    Octo-Dolls Nesting D at |

    I remember when the pregnant barbie came out. You want to talk about reality, though? How's this – your belly doesn't go flat the moment your baby comes out. lol I never needed a pregnant barbie when I was a girl. I just stuffed the baby up her dress. Sure her belly was a little lumpy, but whatever – I used my imagination.

    My favorite was my Hollywood Hair Barbie and Ken, and I also still have a collection of Holiday barbie dolls – all different races, nationalities, and hair colors – that I keep boxed up in their original containers.

  13. jonnadee
    jonnadee at |

    The best ever was Earring Magic Ken, AKA, Gay Ken. My sister & I are still kicking ourselves for not buying a couple of these when we saw them on the shelf, about a week before Mattel pulled them.

    Poor Ken, yanked out of the public eye, simply for his flamboyant accessories!

  14. Hoberg
    Hoberg at |

    there are many hair colors out there but i always prefer blondes`*:

  15. darkgaro
    darkgaro at |

    Wow a pregnant barbie , I wonder if they also had single teen pregnant barbies as well.

  16. Sidney Mcdole
    Sidney Mcdole at |

    This post was a top-notch read. Thank you for the information.I am looking forward for more updates!!!!!

  17. Mary
    Mary at |

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    Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.

  18. Mandy
    Mandy at |

    I have Western Barbie, minus her horse (I had the white horse with the pink saddle that she had to ride “side saddle”). I got that Barbie at a school flea market, I think I was six.

    My Angel Face Barbie has a copper streak in her hair. She’s the one who came with a compact with three shades of eyeshadow and a “victorian” style dress. I also have Rockers Barbie (very curly hair, accidentally knocked her head off so she has a short neck, lost one of her shoes, and they were awesome, well made white pumps), Super Dance (very tanned, with a purple leotard and ballet slippers like the next one I’ll be mentioning), and an original Get in Shape Barbie.

    I also have a couple of brown eyed Theresas. I like Theresa because she looks most like me… brown eyed ones are more difficult to find. I bought the latest one a couple of years ago new (this one has subtle highlights in her hair), and the others are the older cast, smaller waist. One of them is dark skinned and hair down to her feet. I got her, and one other one, at flea markets.

    I have a surfer party Ken that came with black striped suspenders, white sneakers and a yellow and orange t shirt that had a slice of pizza on it (and some cardboard cutouts of food). I gave that to Joe McIntyre when he came along, he had no shirt other than his “high school” jacket. I asked for another outfit for Ken and got burgundy cords and a somewhat ugly sweater with burgundy loafers. he became Rockers Barbie’s boyfriend. 😛 Later on I got a couple of summer outfits and shoes for them, plus another male knockoff. I have several Barbie knockoffs, mostly Steffi Love, but there’s one dollar store brunette whose knees do not bend.

    One particularly interesting knockoff I have (my very first fashion doll) is one I know only as Joe G. She had the sideways glance and eyelashes, and her hands popped off! Mom stuck some tape in the sockets O.o and they’ve stayed on since, but it was kind of handy when you wanted to change her outfit and not get her hand hooked. Evidently she is super rare, I cannot find any information about her online. I probably devalued her somewhat by cutting her hair when I was small, as many girls do, but, you know, I was like three. I’m assuming she was a Canadian knockoff from the 70s, I think they were sold at Zellers here in Atlantic Canada.

  19. tom
    tom at |

    comment on “amazingly creative photos” : my gal has more…………………..

  20. RMC
    RMC at |

    Top 10 RARE Barbie’s for Sale:
    1.) Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Barbie for $150.00
    2.) Little Bo Peep Barbie for $150.00
    3.) Madame Du Barbie for $225.00
    4.) Coca Cola Soda Fountain Barbie for $250.00
    5.) Bob Mackie Circus Barbie Doll Barbie Doll for $275.00
    6.) Diana Ross by Bob Mackie for $275.00
    7.) Medusa Barbie Greek Mythology Gold Label NRFB for $400
    8.) Bob Mackie Barbie Doll, Platinum, 1991 for $400.00
    9.) White Chocolate Obsession Barbie~2005 PLATINUM for $500
    10.) Pink Splendor Barbie The Ultimate Ltd Ed 1996 NRFB for $650.00

    Contact me and ask about my other RARE Barbies like:
    1988 Happy Holiday Barbie for $900.00!

    I WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE! E-mail me at: [email protected] for details or to order.

    1. Mindy
      Mindy at |

      I have a Medusa barbie doll and it’s still in it’s box unopened. All the barbie’s I get now I don’t open them. I just set them on my shelf and they’re there for looks only.

  21. toko online
    toko online at |

    wow, pregnant barbie cool

  22. BJDrage
    BJDrage at |

    RMC: Oh I have that Coca Cola Barbie. XD I always thought it was rather stupid when I was little.

    I have quite a few barbies, but some of my favourites would be, in no particular order:
    – Meg (?), a turquoise mermaid, she had long red hair and gold star-shaped earrings, a gold necklace and crown. The end of her tail could be pulled off and she had shoes to match her outfit.
    – Teresa the “Jewel Girl” one of the first barbies to come in the more modern shape with a realistic stomach made of rubber so you could make her pose or dance. The thing I loved about her was the outfits she came in: funky blue pants that you could turn into shorts, a long skirt, a bandana that also served as a top, and her green jacket, the stick on jewels were a nice touch, until they started falling off…
    – Tie-dye(?) Barbie, I had a Barbie magazine where she featured on the front page. Anyway, I had the fit barbie (or whatever she was called) and I never really liked her or her outfit, so I was thrilled to have another barbie that could move more like a normal human being that actually looked awesome. She came dressed in green and blue, with a little blue beanie on her head and green sneakers. I still think that she has one of the nicest faceups of all my Barbies. She also came with some blue dye, to make your own tie dye shirt or streak her hair, or both… I can’t remember exactly.
    – I also had a Strawberry Barbie, she smelled of strawberries and she wore a pink dress dotted with strawberries. She also came with a strawberry necklace for you to wear that smelled of strawberries too, and a small perfume bottle or the same scent.
    – My Sleeping Beauty Barbie was also a lovely one. She actually had eyes that closed, she had a switch on her back to open and close them, and she came with a blue pillow that played the Sleeping Beauty theme if pressed. Her dress and hair were so pretty that I never undressed her of messed with her hair, so she’s probably the one in the best condition out of all my Barbies.

  23. Jaimie
    Jaimie at |

    I don’t like what you said about Mariah Carey seriously uncalled for! She is the only singer in the entire world who can hit notes no other femaile singer can. I can see making fun of lady man gaga or katy perry who have zero talent but not Mariah and that was uncalled for.

  24. Codie
    Codie at |

    I Loved my pregnant Barbie i had the whole collection Midge, the baby, the grandmother, the grandfather and my sister had the dad and the little boy

  25. tipee
    tipee at |

    i never knew there was a pregnant barbie doll out there… how can i get one??

  26. Amanda Hall
    Amanda Hall at |

    I had the Hawiian Barbie that came with the pineapple scented purfume. I loved her, but I lost her in the Suwannee River

  27. Kylie
    Kylie at |

    I love this post. I am all grown up and kept my millions of barbies for my daughters when I had them, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got boys. I can’t bear to get rid of them though. I love Rocker Barbie and her bandmate Derek. (He was way hotter than Ken – all the dolls loved him). I also loved Whitney. She was a model, had waist length long hair and an outfit that changed 10 ways. I liked her the best because she was a brunette, like me. I also had Western Barbie but my horse was Prancer (white with pink saddle) And still loved driving the dolls around in Barbies pink corvette (even though one wheel fell off and couldn’t be glued back on) Aaah memories 🙂

  28. Flora
    Flora at |

    I loved to play with Barbies when I was a little girl, but in my opinion the author missed the mark when describing what Barbie shows little girls they can do.

    Barbie is typically criticized for having an unrealistic figure that no woman could ever possibly achieve, and while Barbie may have a few outfits for work (unless there is an entire office scene that I’m unaware of, which is entirely likely considering Barbie has been around for 50+ years), I don’t really think that makes up for all the negative things that Barbie has been criticized for teaching little girls about.

  29. Hi my name is bob :3
    Hi my name is bob :3 at |

    I used to have that pregnant doll when I was little. I thought the lady eats the baby and the baby breaks out later though her tummy ninja style

  30. Kayla
    Kayla at |

    I had Midge and Alan. Loved those dolls! Though my favourite was a brunette Barbie…her name escapes me. I used to make Barbie towns using cardboard boxes for houses :). Good times!

  31. Livvie
    Livvie at |

    Seriously.. where do you get barbie babies from????
    I’d love one… make it a crib.. a bottle.. blanket…
    I like Midge. 😀

    You are never to old to play with dolls

    May Angels Walk Beside You /”(‘.’)”\

  32. alpha and omega 2
    alpha and omega 2 at |

    Well i still play with barbies (i’m 9) and 2 or 1 day ago I set up a fashion show for my barbies and i still have it up i have 24 or more barbies oh and i got the princess and pop star dolls well i got Keira but she doesn’t sing lol i got her with the guitar and i got the princess doll what sings. 🙂 Anyway lol my niece has a doll like Midge Hadley well it was my sisters who was the oldest so its real old but hers is not a barbie i think. Oh and believe in Jesus!!!

  33. sharon burk
    sharon burk at |

    i have talk of the town black barbie doll in the box how do i found out how much she is worth. any information about this doll would be greatlly apperciated

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  35. Robyn H.
    Robyn H. at |

    How can u tell when Barbie was created and how much they are worth?


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