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  1. The $20 Sommelier
    The $20 Sommelier at |

    I think I just spouted another grey hair. What about Voltron? While we can curse Voltron for giving us Power Rangers later in life, we all wanted our own lion to ride around in.

  2. Keyop
    Keyop at |

    Battle of the Planets should be #1, how could you have it so low? That was the best cartoon in the 80s hands down. Come on, G-Force, the Fiery Phoenix, the similarities to Star Wars, it was awesome!

    You mention Gatchaman is the original Japanese anime that BotP is based on, although many people consider them separate shows because BotP was very heavily edited from the original. Gatchaman was based on earth, has profanity, had death & graphic violence, and the main villain (Zoltar) was a hermaphrodite. It's not exactly what I'd call a kids cartoon. They did an incredible job of editing it to make Battle of the Planets!

    BotP Trivia: Did you know that Casey Kasem provided the voice for Mark?

  3. Matt Tracker
    Matt Tracker at |

    Thanks for making the list! Ha ha ha, well, kinda sad that M.A.S.K, Jaycee and the Wheeled Warriors, Bionic Six, Centurions, Silver Hawks didn't make it on the list. Anyway, those were the good old days!^_^

  4. Corey
    Corey at |

    Great list…but no way was TMNT 6th…i could see second at the very least…but 6th…that's crazy!!!

    1. Sarah
      Sarah at |

      so I’m not just crazy?
      please, TMNT deserved to be #1!

  5. chadwicktron
    chadwicktron at |

    Trust me… Mighty Orbots!

    1. The Duvinator!
      The Duvinator! at |

      Yesssssssss! I loved the one orbot that would eat everything! The show came and went waaaay too soon. Great, fun show, i miss it

  6. rick
    rick at |

    robotech i guess it better

  7. Sam
    Sam at |


    That show is my life-force.

    Awesome list 🙂

  8. Peter
    Peter at |

    DUDE………….nice top 10…but, c´monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn: THUNDERCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GREAT LIST!! It takes me back. But you forgot about The Silverhawks!

  10. Vic
    Vic at |

    All the cartoons listed were indeed great but I don't think you can limit it to just 10, I was amazed that Voltron did not make the list, another great addition would have been the Silver Hawks. I would have also included the centurions.

  11. Dylan
    Dylan at |

    How about Bravestarr? That show had a great world like Thundercats did. There was a type of adventure those old cartoons had that the new just don't compare.

  12. Jess
    Jess at |

    Jem and the holograms should be on this list

  13. Anon E Muss
    Anon E Muss at |

    Right On !!! You hit the spot…..

  14. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    You forgot Jem – the best 80's cartoon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20BZID081Vk

  15. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell
    Stephen Rhodes Treadwell at |

    The best cartoons ever are definitely the 1975 Tom & Jerry’s!

  16. Jay
    Jay at |

    This is why David the Gnome should definitely be on this list, towards the top. It was a legit cartoon, with great action, great themes, and I don’t even remember their being toys… were their toy’s?I don’t remember. And one of the greatest theme songs of all time.

  17. Joe
    Joe at |

    What? No Ducktales? The adventures of Scrooge and his nephews was the cornerstone of the Disney Afternoon, and the show has held up better than any of its contemporaries.

  18. cthloser
    cthloser at |

    Please. Where’s Ralph Bakshi’s inimatable “New Adventures of Mighty Mouse”? This was a true classic that was more than a vehicle for toy sales.

  19. fRANK
    fRANK at |

    He man his number 1 hands down followed closely by Thudercats.

  20. Stephen
    Stephen at |

    What about john Blackstar? The man used a magical sword to save 2000 dwarves that lived in a magical tree? They may not be bad-ass but what about carebears and Starbrite? Shirt-Tales – bunch of animals with shirts that would change words? The Littles – bunch mouse-people that lived inside the walls of a mouse and did things for the human kid, while trying to not get eatin by the cat?

  21. Soundwave
    Soundwave at |

    Yeah, Voltron needs to be high on my list. I’d personally take off Battle of the Planets, Smurfs and move TMNT down some (or off completely if Fraggle Rock counts). My Top 10 would have

    -Muppet Babies top 5
    -Heathcliff should be on there somewhere, IMO (best intro song ever, re-live it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxI5fSp1cco )

    Honorable mentions for MASK, Dennis the Menace, Gummi Bears, Snorks, The Munchichis, The Littles

    Honrable foreign mentions for Danger Mouse and Bananaman.

  22. Guest
    Guest at |

    I agree with Stephen’s response. The Tom and Jerry Show from 1975 should be in the Top 10 range. I really like cartoons that has a game of Cat and Mouse.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith at |

      So a cartoon from 1975 should be on the list of great 1980s cartoons? You know 1975 is before 1980?

  23. observer
    observer at |

    The comments have covered the most glaring omissions like Robotech, Voltron, Muppet Babies, and Ducktales – and Spidey wouldnt have cracked my top ten – but someone should mention Talespin… wait it’s from 90…

    Ok I counter with Shirt Tales – from 82! It had Bogey the Orangutan and Nancy Cartwright did a voice.

    Good jorb anyhow peoples. Vintage memories – now I watch these shows w my kids – circle of life, innit?

  24. Doug
    Doug at |

    It’s Ralph Malph, not Ralph Mouth.

  25. Thruster
    Thruster at |

    Galaxy Rangers anyone? And how could M.A.S.K be over looked??! The people who put these lists together should have some basic knowledge of the subject matter before doing so. If your going to make a ham sandwich make sure you got the ham! And a pickle.


  26. Thruster
    Thruster at |

    And also criminally overlooked, Centurions. The most essential 80s cartoon out there.



  27. Brian
    Brian at |

    How is The Real Ghostbusters not on this list? Top 4 should consist of TMNT, Ghostbusters, He-Man and Transformers.

  28. Nathan Fleischman
    Nathan Fleischman at |

    Battle of the Planets is bogus. It is not faithful to its anime source material which inspired the Power Rangers series in the 1990s.

  29. Raul Casas
    Raul Casas at |

    Why did not they put “Garfield and Friends” on this list!

  30. ghost 1204
    ghost 1204 at |



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