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  1. Cupcake
    Cupcake at |

    Regarding the nasal tissue, how is something that happens to 80% of the population classed as an anomaly?

  2. 5minutes
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    On left-handedness… a disproportionate number of American Presidents have been left-handed. Only 2 of our last 7 Presidents have been right-handed (Carter and Bush 2), and another was ambidextrous (Reagan).

  3. Cees Timmerman
    Cees Timmerman at |

    Touch, smell, sight, sound, temperature, taste, reason (7), time (8), direction (9), balance (10), being (11), emotion (12), belonging (13)…. Pretty much anything one can sense is a sense, even if the sensors are hand-made.

  4. William Wizer
    William Wizer at |

    while there’s some truth in those “anomalies” there’s also a lot of BS on them. the most evident ones are on the left hand and longevity issue. that’s pure BS once properly analyzed. the relationship between which hand is primary and longevity is just a myth caused by society forcing people to use their right hand as primary even if they were natural lefties. this causes most old lefties to become right hand users so the percentage of left hand users lowers. since some “primitive” cultures care(d) less for such stupidity the percentage is less biased.
    being forced to use the off-hand can also easily explain having troubles learning (to start with they have more difficult writing)

    but out of that entry we can find more BS like the identical twins entry where the author claims they are natural clones and a little later explains some things are reversed. that would break the “clone” idea. since a clone is identical in everything. in fact the only differences are those unrelated to genetics (like the fingerprints)


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