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7 Responses

  1. lu at |

    Check your links- the link to the duct tape wiki is actually the entry for duct tape in the KOL wiki, which is an online game.

    Also, my dad collects blenders. I'm not sure why.

  2. Jess at |

    I collect magazines and many other stuff

  3. perromarrano at |

    Nice lists. Some of these are weird things to collect though.

  4. Mary at |

    The “bones collector” makes me feel a little bit creepy!

  5. Joshua at |

    I do like Hubcaps

  6. Eric S at |

    hahaha who would collect toasters?

  7. Serena at |

    I don’t think this things are so bizarre I think they are really normal. Because their part of our life ,our evolution, our physically structure and you been there and done that or had that or has that ! So I think it’s ok ! Many achievements could come with toasters and duck tape project or nice girls with a shiny super cool superstar haircut !


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