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  1. Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell at |

    A hilarious list? Using racism in your critique of checkers is stupid. There is enough real racism in the world(and always will be) !

  2. david muchai
    david muchai at |

    ha!…can`t forget the last time i played it (monopoly) …those freaks reduced me to a beggar..DAMN!!!

  3. popopo
    popopo at |

    stratego is fine

  4. sexyboy
    sexyboy at |

    i cant beleive u put monopoly 1st because it is so awesome!!! That operation is not suitible for little kids though, thats hould be number 1!!!

  5. unkwon
    unkwon at |

    They’re just board games made for fun!!! I have/had some of these as well…..Its to pass time and have fun with family!

  6. William
    William at |

    Ok, I love board games, but this was funny 🙂

  7. Hello
    Hello at |

    The Bad: Let’s start with the fact that no one has actually ever finished a game of Monopoly

    Yeah they have? …

  8. Scorpiannn
    Scorpiannn at |

    The one who wrote this has severe mental issues……and when I say severe I mean Hitler level of insanity.

  9. adon
    adon at |

    Seriously man!? lol! so we should make it all white or just black then so we can easily distinguish which color is yours and mine right? but you are right on some things. but who cares about a boardgame when it is worst what you provide your kids using war movies, even transformers although not a considered a war movie, I doubt you took em there. how bout harry potter where it teaches kids that in the end your friends and teachers die for ya and who cares, your a freakin hero and celebrated. and video games like Halo and Counter Strike, they teach your kids that shooting someone is fun and easy. all you need is to pull the trigger and who cares what happens to those morrons you shoot. they will just respawn again in real life right? 😀


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