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  • Hilarious list, thanks! And I'm so glad you put Monopoly #1! Our 4 year old beat the pants off us every time playing "Memory" back in the day – my theory is there was nothing else in his little mind except where he saw that image last – however, he did grow up to be pretty bright.

  • Brad

    Chutes and Ladders? Lame, Snakes and Ladders? Much better!!

  • Mike

    This is the best review that I've ever read. It's full of Hollywood-sarcastic-line kinda style. Constantine, John Mclane, whatever. You have any movie review, man? I'd curious to read it.

    • It is about time someone noticed my genius! Thanks. Sorry, no movie reviews at this time. But, wow! I really hated Sorcerer's Apprentice.

  • selunesmom

    Loved the list. Also – Mastermind. Did anyone else find "guess the code with no clues but only fifteen tries" a stupid board game?

    • Jim R.

      Mastermind is maybe my favorite game! But then, I was a math major and studied logic and reasoning. I suppose if a person only plays it as a literal "guessing" game then yeah, it sucks. After all, the basic six color, four spaces per row game has 1,296 possibilities and trying to guess the right one in 10 to 15 chances would just be dumb luck. If, on the other hand, you learn how to best use the info from those little black and white pegs, the game can be a good mental workout (and the code can often be found in 5 or 6 tries). Part of Mastermind's beauty is that it can be simplified in enough ways ( e.g. use fewer colors, 3 spaces vs. 4, or have the black and white clue pegs correspond to exact guess pegs) that I've used it with 7th graders to everyone's enjoyment.

      By the way, I know there are at least two books on playing and analyzing Mastermind.

      • Turk

        That game can drive a person crazy too, especialy when your wife and seven year old son don’t know how to properly mark the red and white pegs and your trying to tell them they did something wrong because if row 2 has two right colors in the wrong spot and two right colors right spot then in row 4 the exact same colors are used and I get two right colors wrong spots and 1 right color wrong spot!? COME ON! What is wrong with you people?! Get your s#@t together! Any idiot can see that this is not possible! I want a divorce! And as for you, go to your room and do some home work or something! ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHH (little pegs go everywhere as mastermind gets smashed against the living room wall)!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that game can get a little frustrating….. just a little πŸ™‚

  • aprilrose

    I actually loved life when I was younger and I still do! It is very stressful though especially putting those dumb pegs in the car! The electronic version of it is so much better but I find that playing with my sister and friends it's very easy to cheat and change your own salary when no one's looking hahaha. And the fact that you can play AS MANY TURNS AS YOU WANT can really make for an endless game! Too bad you can only have 9 children πŸ™ lol

  • JamesDesignGuy

    @toptenz Remember Tip It? I just played the other day. I collect board games. Up to 211 so far. There are some (cont)

    • @JamesDesignGuy Yes, I remember Tip It and Break the Ice. πŸ˜‰

  • Mglaffas

    Wow, it’s easy to tell that you are American – Stratego and Clue are bad for our children? Oh god, sounds like whiney American parent drivel again. I love this site, but come on – relax!

    • Jim R.

      You do realize this whole list is satirical, right?? I’d say you’re the one who needs to relax.

      • Thanks, Jim. When I wrote this list I chuckled at a few of things I wrote, which is rare. I am usually far too close to the joke since I’m writing it. But, yes, I did think the satirical nature of the list was quite obvious. Although I really do despise Monopoly.

  • I think the person that wrote this wasn’t really thinking. These games I loved as a kid except candyland. And monopoly is very educational my cousin is only five and he’s better with numbers than me

    • Hey, I thought plenty about this list and I love most of these games. I was attempting to be funny. Some of you got it (thanks) and some of you didn’t (sorry). I still chuckle when I re-read it, so I’m happy with it.

  • Darren

    How come once something involves the colours black and white, it immediately becomes racist? My friends (or various ethnicities) and I have played Checkers (and draughts and chess) for years and have never related any of them to racism. Racism is a more serious issue than the colour of board game pieces. Personally, I think some people just need to grow up.

    • Selah

      Dude, he was being satirical. He’s not being serious. I don’t think anyone ever really played checkers thinking it was racist. This was meant in humour.

  • This. Was. HILARIOUS! I loved it!! XD
    The sarcastic humor was <3

  • adon

    Seriously man!? lol! so we should make it all white or just black then so we can easily distinguish which color is yours and mine right? but you are right on some things. but who cares about a boardgame when it is worst what you provide your kids using war movies, even transformers although not a considered a war movie, I doubt you took em there. how bout harry potter where it teaches kids that in the end your friends and teachers die for ya and who cares, your a freakin hero and celebrated. and video games like Halo and Counter Strike, they teach your kids that shooting someone is fun and easy. all you need is to pull the trigger and who cares what happens to those morrons you shoot. they will just respawn again in real life right? πŸ˜€

  • Scorpiannn

    The one who wrote this has severe mental issues……and when I say severe I mean Hitler level of insanity.

    • Wow, I’ve never been compared to Hitler before. I think I shall never recover from that. You have changed my life forever. Yet, I will still never like Monopoly.

      • LariLee

        Does this mean we have to seig heil you?

        • Only if your German heritage demands it.

          • MLK

            SEIG HEIL! ( ΒΊ -ΒΊ)_,///

  • Hello

    The Bad: Let’s start with the fact that no one has actually ever finished a game of Monopoly

    Yeah they have? …

  • William

    Ok, I love board games, but this was funny πŸ™‚

  • unkwon

    They’re just board games made for fun!!! I have/had some of these as well…..Its to pass time and have fun with family!

  • sexyboy

    i cant beleive u put monopoly 1st because it is so awesome!!! That operation is not suitible for little kids though, thats hould be number 1!!!

  • popopo

    stratego is fine

  • david muchai

    ha!…can`t forget the last time i played it (monopoly) …those freaks reduced me to a beggar..DAMN!!!

  • Charles Campbell

    A hilarious list? Using racism in your critique of checkers is stupid. There is enough real racism in the world(and always will be) !