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  1. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    Those bugs are gross

    1. Jonathan Wojcik
      Jonathan Wojcik at |

      Why is living on a larger animal so much grosser than living anywhere else, or eating anything else? Many of these are harmless or even helpful to their homes 🙂

  2. riff
    riff at |


  3. Claypot
    Claypot at |

    “tiny kiwi living on an eagle…and drinking its puke” quote of the day! made me lol so hard

  4. Resveratrol Dosage
    Resveratrol Dosage at |

    It’s pretty amazing to see the range of organisms that have to live off entirely off another creature. There was this parasitic bug that attaches itself to a fish’s tongue eventually completely replacing it. The fish never knows…


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