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14 Responses

  1. dustin at |

    Fun list! Way to bookend with Hodges films.

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead…. Excellent film. I guess I needed to read your list to mentally note comparison's to the director's earlier classic, Get Carter.

    Nothing better than a list that has a bunch that I've seen and can nod my head in agreement with, as well as several that I've needed a proper reminding to check out.

    Bring on The Long Good Friday and The Lavender Hill Mob!

  2. Jay at |

    I haven't seen many of these, but I love The Long Good Friday. Hoskins is so good in that. He's trying to go straight, but you can see the brutality right under the surface. He's also great in Mona Lisa, another great British gangster pic.

  3. Yamaska at |

    My fav movies are British…esp Mystery…there isn't anyone this side of heaven that can touch them…:-}

  4. YogiBarrister at |

    Great list! A few more for your consideration:

    The List of Adrian Messenger

    The Croupier

    The Wrong Arm of the Law

    Foyle's War

    Peeping Tom

    The Killing

    The Limey

  5. nintendo ds r4 at |

    Nice Collection of Movies, But I think the best one is The Italian Job. I saw that film at 21 times. The Lavender Hill Mob is also nice one.

  6. chris at |

    i think the crew should defo be up ther in the top 10

  7. Aaron Davidian at |

    Nice list, but I'd add "Performance", with Mick Jagger and Edward Fox, dir. Nick Roeg.

  8. ps3 hack at |

    This is a wonderful movie!

  9. dave at |

    some more :

    Rise of the Footsoldier
    The Football Factory
    Essex Boys
    Gangster No.1
    This is England
    Sexy Beast
    Layer Cake
    Dead Mans Shoes
    Shallow Grave
    The Firm
    Made in Britain

    A slap-fest of British movies !!

  10. egg at |

    weak list, where is gangster number 1?

  11. johnny at |

    Guy Richie’s crap don’t belong here

    1. A at |

      Why guy ritchie doesn’t belong here?he is genius

  12. Gina Buffaloe at |

    Number one on the list should be “A Clockwork Orange”…

  13. Marry Queen at |

    My favorite Model is
    Emily Bloom


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