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  • Equalizer

    Great list

  • Melody Be


  • MatthewZD

    The only one I would change from this list is the scene chosen from the JLA/Avengers crossover. A better moment IMO was in issue #2. The two teams finally meet and start fighting. Captain America goes to retrieve his wayward shield, only to find Batman standing beside it. The two heroes face, each one taking the other’s measure. Then, they test each other, throwing punches to gauge the other’s reflexes and knowledge of blocks and counterattacks. Finally, they stop, and Cap acknowledges they are evenly matched and would just be wasting time fighting when they could instead team up to find out who’s responsible for everything.

    • That WAS a great moment. But I picked Cap leading the charge. It had to do with how Supes had designated him as the best tactician and Cap reciprocated by entrusting him with his shield. It was a close call, though.

  • awang jivi

    whats? captain america dead? i just know in this blog,, woo.. great to 10 list

    • bob

      he almost died everyone thought he died but he lost so much blood that he was unconscious bucky took over as cap. cap became a sheild agent.

      • bob

        just kidding just read it he just goes through time and space from a special gun

  • Great list! The only thing about #6, though is that Cap did not become Nomad in this storyline. He would eventully team up with Nomad and D-Man as The Captain, while Johnny Walker (Super Patriot, U.S. Agent) took his place. He would also re-form the Avengers with Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl while being The Captain. Walker would step down after a fight brought on by the Red Skull in a clones Rogers body, and he would become CA again. The government faked Walker’s death and bring him back at the U.S. Agent. This is one of my favorite story lines ever!