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  • BiPolar biatch

    Stephen fry is BIPOLAR! which is twice as bad as depression. He has even made a documentary about it. Get. Your. Facts. Right.

    And too many self diagnose depression when just sad. sometimes people need to suck it up.

    • Joe Waters

      What really sucks is that bipolar disorder can be wrongfully diagnosed and, I’m sorry to say, it carries a stigma with it that is hard to overcome. I have depression, but not bipolar, tho I’ve been tested for it. I was upset to find out how many people think that depression is a choice and those who suffer from it are lazy, stupid, make poor choices, cause it themselves, just a bad attitude, etc., etc.. And these are things I heard from otherwise empathetic, kind people who are normally empathetic. The stigma is so strong that, after searching fifteen years for help, I not only have no had any successful help, but I’ve alienated and lost the respect of a lot of people, well-intentioned people, who are ignorant and in denial about the existence of the disorder. This is why I look forward to the day I die, though my death will not be at my own hands. Never give up hope, no matter how unlikely it is that things will change for the better some day.

    • Kevin John Braid

      or ADHD, it is often miss DX as this and vice versa

  • Jade1956

    I know that several celebrities also have multiple sclerosis and I just admire the snot out of them. It forced me into retirement in 2008 and I am sadly certain that they will leave the public eye soon as well. But for now, they have my unwavering respect. I won’t name them because I’m not sure they have told anyone except those of us in the MS network.

  • Joe Waters

    Wow, Sinead O’Connor looks so different nowadays than she did when her Prince-penned song was on the Billboard charts.

  • Preesi

    Nick Cannon had a KIDNEY problem NOT a blood clot

    • justme

      He had both, actually. The blood clots were likely caused by a kidney problem.