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  1. choco fan at |

    Mouthwatering chocolates. I am a fan of chocolates. Thanks for the nice pictures.

  2. Kathy Howe at |

    I love chocolate and would love to go to all of these great chocolate destinations. It looks like I need to go to Brussels.

  3. Brian Douglas at |

    Mmmmm….. Chocolate!!!!!! Very interesting post for all us chocoholics out there!!!!

  4. Erin at |

    Jacques Torres is indeed worth a visit (especially for the hot chocolate, it's like a melted bar!), but nothing is better the Leonieadas in New York. Trust me, I've been to every chocolate shop on the island of Manhattan, and there is NOTHING better. Especially if you love dark chocolate!

  5. Spammer at |

    that's why they say that chocolates are good to eat when you are depressed..

  6. Max at |

    Tuscany should definitely be a destination for chocolate as well…In case you guys haven’t heard of this exquisite chocolatiers, give the Amedei chocolate a try, it is simply marvelous! The Chuao & the Porcelana bars are some of the best chocolats you will ever eat in your life!

  7. Veronica at |

    How about Chuao, Venezuela where the best cacao beans come from?

  8. Georgina at |

    I was born in Brussels. Coincidentally, I am known for being a chocoholic.

  9. Dan at |

    As if. Hersheys is rubbish by international standards. Birmingham/London (Cadburys) should be in there ahead of Hersheys easily.

  10. Mody at |

    I’m surprised that Italy is not among the list.


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