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  • Pygmy O'Brien

    Its all true. A classic take on the modern man

  • John Locke

    You definitely nailed the top 2.

  • Heather

    Thanks for your nice comments 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • All of them work for me! Especially any of the sleazy ones :-D. I don't mind getting Girls Gone Wild :-D.

  • Trav

    Switch 4 and 5 and I say you have a winner. The list is still a complete classic, by the way.

    To extend on remote-controlled helicopters, you could pretty much say remote-controlled anything. Cars, robots, planes, you name it. More of that "let the inner-control freak within all of us loose for a little while" bit.

  • WTF

    GUNS? so it is a good idea to give people weapons (you know, that KILLS living things) as a gift. Not to mention the rest of the list is as pigeonholing and degrading as possible for men. they are not, and should not be encouraged to act/be seen as large, simple children who can't be bothered with anything besides eating, drinking, sex and some "manly" toys. much like women are not sentimental, decorative sops with a brain size of a pea.

    • WTF, this list is meant for humor and not to be taken seriously.


      Guns don’t kills things, people do.

  • heather matthews

    It is meant to be sarcastic.I thought that was obvious, but I'm sorry if it was not. It was all a joking sort of thing.

    • Heather, this is a very funny list. You did a great job!

  • A dude that commente

    Actually, this list quite satisfies me, and I am just a big child, hahaha…. Hate the big television though, its just…. Bigger, that's it, more space consuming and you get the same stuff from the channels, nothing's changed

  • Heather Matthews

    you are the first man I've ever heard display that viewpoint about big-screen TV's…:) you are unique!

  • Kevin Freeman

    I don't know what excited me more the really humongous T.V. or the G-U-N-! Great list for men, even a few things like the Remote controlled helicopter for the little boy in all of us that never dies.

  • Heather Matthews

    I personally have experienced the wonders of the remote-control helicopter first-hand! It was awfully expensive, but looked amazing in flight. You should Google some remote control helicopter crashes on line – they are epic. Thousands of dollars down the drain!

  • Jim

    I love the remote control helicopter! hehe, great pic too!

  • Kokolo

    Guns? Yea no thanks, I rather have some DVDs.

  • Erik

    Make it easy.

    Men – If it has one or more of the following:
    Makes noise
    Has moving parts
    Is shiny

    It’s an appropriate gift.

    Women – If it has one or more of the following properties:
    Is Sparkly
    Is pretty
    Has a flowery scent

    It’s an appropriate gift.