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  • Vesko

    Wholefoods Market and Target are not very popular in Europe. Actually I had never heard of these before. I would have added 20 Century Fox or Microsoft in their place. Also, Starbucks are not that awesome here either and neither are Nike. As far as I know, Adidas are way bigger. Also: FIFA. That is big.

  • Mehebub Ahmed

    My father informed me that Coca Cola is No 1 Brand of the world when I joined Coca Cola for summer internship in 2004.

  • Mehebub Ahmed

    Undoubtedly Google is No 1 Brand…I can’t live without Google….my beloved…

  • Anon

    Google is number .1
    Revenue: US$ 29.321 billion (2010)

  • guy who took a marketing class once

    Ummm i don’t know if anyone noticed this but… Coca Cola is actually the world’s most valuable brand and should hold the number one spot. Kids in the poorest parts of the world who have never even seen a computer know what coca cola is. There are people who are 100 years old and have never used a computer but they drink coke. .. still i could be wrong… but probably not.

  • colleen

    Err, the 1984 orwellian runner and lemmings were Apple, not Nike. You need to edit.

  • African

    I disagree with this page. Am african I would list them this way

    1.Coca Cola

    And the rest we dont know them

    • You don’t know Apple or Google? that is shocking to me. My wife traveled to Niger and many people wanted her iPhone and knew Apple.