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  1. 5minutes
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    The jury is still out on HFCS. The AMA and FDA both reject the idea that HFCS is any worse for you than consuming the same amount of sucrose. Not that consuming sucrose is good for you, just that it’s no better for you than HCFS.

    Either way, I drink Diet Coke. Surely, there’s no mysterious chemicals in that beverage…

  2. eatdogs
    eatdogs at |

    Aren’t ground up head lice also included in Coke? Don’t they give off the caramel color to the soda as well?

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Sweet, sweet head lice!

  3. Ronnie
    Ronnie at |

    Glad I don’t drink Coke!

  4. Mz
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  5. Christina
    Christina at |

    Venezuela’s banning of Coca-Cola on the grounds of protecting the public health must be seen with a bit of suspection. Coke is considered an American cultural symbol, or in the view of the Chavistas, it is something like a mark of submission to the American cultural colonization. Banning Coca-Cola seems more like a political routine, unless a non-anti-American country does that.

  6. Tom
    Tom at |

    Keep drinking 5minutes, and when your 65 you can give us the test results, just like the other 1000’s of old timers that have quit drinking it…..oh yeah, the AmA and FDA…….True leaders of Science……..Lets recap, We (USA) lead the way in Sickness of the 37 industrial nations…..Rock on AmA , FDA…….


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