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  1. Katie at |

    The UAE has such a low death rate because the majority of people who live there come to work there, therefore are young, and leave before they retire.

  2. ParusMajor at |

    #3 doesn’t surprise me. After all, their president Vladimir Putin is a Superman. He’s got black belts in judo and kyokushin karate, which he actually earned, and also 9.dan honorary black belt in tae kwon do, which was given to him by the president of South Korea, although he hasn’t actually practised tae kwon do ever. He can fly with the birds and swim with the fishes, though, so I guess he deserves it. :)

  3. Someguy at |

    #1 doesnt surprise ME. Of course the jew is good at “social media” aka propaganda. How else do you suppose they keep the Palestinians looking as the bad guy if not to use their propaganda machine here and abroad

    1. someguy's response at |

      Oh God. Can we go one thread on the internet that doesn’t turn anti-Jew….

  4. Amina Beth Vidaña Mala at |

    india is not d top three in major beauty titles holder,its actually the philippines.. check out dz


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