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  1. Joel
    Joel at |


    I am most interested in the so-called Thunderbird and pterodactyl sightings. There some convincing videos on YouTube, but these could be faked. I want to believe…

  2. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I used to be fascinated with Big Foot when I was a child. I was convinced he lived in the woods behind my house in Virginia.

    And the Mothman movie gave me nightmares. Creepy.

  3. Simply Ridiculous
    Simply Ridiculous at |

    I believe in the Yetis.. They are supposed to be pretty intelligent beings!!

  4. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    The liger is a real animal. It is bred in captivity. A lion and a tiger is bred and a liger is produced. Its growth hormone is out of control, hence its out of control growth and huge proportions. You can look on google and find plenty of pictures of them online. There is also a tigon as well. The Sasquatch video and the Loch Ness video were exposed as hoaxes long ago. Sadly people made them up and tried to fool people. A lot of people still believe they are real, but they arent. There is a lot of evidence of beings like a Sasquatch existing, such as hair and footprints, but there is no other evidence. The Loch in Scotland has been studied so many times. Radar has been used by so many, but there is no evidence of the Loch Ness Monster existing.

  5. JMonkey
    JMonkey at |

    Gwen. I hope you aren't talking about that phony BBC footage that they tried to recreate the Patterson footage, it is not even close. Their costume looks like a guy going to a frat party, and he walks like he just stepped out of a prison shower. I believe you have pegged the Loch Ness monster, but with recent evidence on the Yeti, and the Patterson film, which has never been proven fake, it is hard to say that they don't exist. It is probable, but not likely. But to say the evidence has been proved wrong is merely ridiculous. Also we have seen black jaguars as far north as Oklahoma. This is a personal encounter, but that is actually not surprising, since they once roamed all the way to Okalahoma, and the environment has the means to support them. I guess the big cats in New York, and other places are actually strager. Also for refrence Mountain Lions are actually the biggest of the small cats, so they do not count as big cats.

  6. Bibliomaniac
    Bibliomaniac at |

    I've seen the Death Worm! It attacked Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire in Tremors! 🙂

  7. Shonkey
    Shonkey at |

    I'm quite a fervent cryptozoologist, and though I possess no formal training or some such experience, I do make cryptozoology and mythology VERY prominent hobbies. As such, I'm quite familiar with all of these creatures, even the Mongolian Death Worm. I've studied 'evidence' of these creatures for many years, now, and I am thoroughly devout in my belief in a small number of these cryptids. For the majority, however, I have found no substantial proof. I've even traversed to Loch Ness, Point Pleasant, and other such places. Though the belief of these creatures is strong, I am sad to say that a good number of them are simply myths.

  8. Mr. Bojangles
    Mr. Bojangles at |

    Bigfoot is real. Has to be. Or my entire life is a lie.

  9. JT
    JT at |

    You forgot the Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada

  10. Davo
    Davo at |

    No one seems to understand that for the bigfoot or lochness monster (or any of these creatures) to exist, there would have to be thousands of them, Not just one. Its a little thing called genetic diversification. This is needed for animals to survive.Big foot doesn't exist. Jmonkey, I know you want to believe it, but there is no evidence. The patterson film can easily be faked. there has never been any bodies or bones or fossils found. Nothing. And there have never been any primates in North America. Face facts, not grainy footage. Don't get me wrong if there was a chance an animal like that existed I would be out there searching, but I live in reality.

    1. avi
      avi at |

      if there've never been any primates in north america, then there are no humans in north america, because humans are primates.

      1. Isabelle newlin
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  11. nolan
    nolan at |

    I think it is safe to say that the mongolain death worm dosent exist also NO OWL MAN!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!

  12. tyler
    tyler at |

    the owl man is a demon not a creature speaking of the owl man the show i think it is called lost footage they show an owl man video TOTALLY FAKE!

  13. avi
    avi at |

    Phantom Cats are not the same as ABC's. ABC's, or Alien Big Cats, are Big Cats known to exist, but found in places they're not supposed to be. And yeah, Ogopogo should definitely be on here, And maybe The Dover Demon. By the way, Davo, who said there was only one Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacara, etc.?

    P.S. Would anyone else put #s 10, 5, and 6 in the same category as fairies, mermaids and unicorns?

    1. Josean
      Josean at |

      Well if there are more than one of these creatures they would’ve found them a looooong time ago, and there would be a fossil record. In my opinion the proof that they dont exist is precisely the lack of fossils or just ONE dead body. If you want to find monsters i suggest exploring the ocean, guaranteed to be something there. The video of the chupacabra: very nice, very interesting, and i’ve seen everything there is on the chupacabra being puertorican.

  14. enois
    enois at |

    None of us know whether these creatures exist in real or not. They can be just fragments of one’s imagination or they may be out there lurking somewhere in this world. You should know that this world is large enough to hide a few cryptids.
    Moreover, I strongly believe in the Chupacabra’s existence as EVIDENCES WERE FOUND POINTING TO THE EXISTENCE OF THE CREATURE. Not just desperate people telling that they have seen the creature. Corpses of the chupacabra have been found although they are not exactly identical. The chupacabra is more likely a mutation of some kind.
    But of course, as I said before we can not be sure. Yet.

  15. Thomas L. Vaultonburg
    Thomas L. Vaultonburg at |
  16. breanna walker
    breanna walker at |

    dude… i thought the chupacabra was a dog with an oversized head… it lives in mexico and its like a vampier… all it does is drink the blood of its victims AND people say that its just half wolf, half coyote but i still believe in all cryptids. i know their out there.

  17. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    No thylacine?

    1. Isabelle newlin
      Isabelle newlin at |

      the thylacine isn’t a cryptid, it just went extinct a long time ago. but it DID exist at one point which means it is not a cryptid, as it has been scientifically proven

  18. Alexandra
    Alexandra at |

    The reason that many of these cryptids exist in myths is just because they are fascinating stories and very effective when told around campfires. Really stokes the imagination. But as commenter Davo has written, for the existance of these creatures to continue over thousands of years there has to be thousands of them to exist just for breeding and procreating purposes.
    Take into account no physical evidence, no dead bodies or skeletal remains. This are myths for a reason. Because they are fun stories.

  19. skywatcher
    skywatcher at |

    Almost everyone carries a cell phone now. Almost all of these have picture taking capabilities. I await the flood of photographic evidence.


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