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  • jim

    So the definition of ‘cult’ (sic) according to most of the posters is any group that you do not agree with. I believe “Abe” Lincoln followers (lovers) are a cult. obama followers (lovers) are definitely a blind cult.
    Besides, most people do not even know that there is not necessarily any connection between ‘cult,’ and “occult.”

  • marc

    You can download the jonestown death recording, recovered by the FBI, at

    Pick your format. It’s about 30 minutes long and has Jim Jones ranting about the coming apocalypse, communism, socialism and other such nonsense. You even get to hear from a few of the followers.

    Pretty interesting stuff.

  • Divinchi Dillardo

    The whole world you come from,has no clue what is like for my race to have to put up with this country and its hatred,you hate black people,you cant help it,that why you are so afraid of the end of your world,this country destroys black families with aristocratical fathers and children supported by superwomen of color,to become a first family,to look up to,but you are correct when you worry about the so-called end of the world,because it will be the end,for all of you and all white people on earth.

  • Atheist

    Can’t understand how someone can add “atheism” there as a cult. Cults are a system of beliefs which atheists don’t have… An atheist can see, can touch, can compare, can approve, can dissprove, can be right, can be wrong, he changes his ideas upon evidences. They don’t “believe” in the Big Band, they research, they are testing, they are approving and dissproving facts and they admit it as being right upon further research BUT NEVER the absolute TRUTH. That’s how it works. Atheism is about researching, constant evolving, putting everything in doubt upon further research.

    • Ukulelemike

      Atheism is considered a religion because the ‘big Bang”, evolution, and the various other standards of atheism and humanism can’t be proven any more than the existence of God or the literal, six-day creation.
      Science must be testable, measurable and able to be reproduced reliably. Dating systems are completly subjective, and are based on an automatic assumption of great age-that’s not science, its assumption as much as assuming ‘God Created”.
      In fact, atheism, which must generally depend upon evolution, can allow NO doubt in evolution-to offer any question of the officially-accepted version is to be reject and cast away by the scientific community: there can be NO question. That’s not science-its religion. There is no proof for evolution, no proof that anything ever produced something not of its own kind-no evidence that life came from, non-life, no evidence for a big bang. In fact, the fact that some moons, plantes and even galaxies rotate the ‘wrong way’, is proof against a big bang.
      Accept atheism is a religion.

      • Atheist

        How can you prove the non-existence of something that never existed ? It’s your job to prove the existence, not mine to disprove it. I can disprove the existence unless you bring over the evidence. As I said, I have the absolute truth of the non-existence until you prove it.
        That’s how Science works. What you’re trying to say now is exactly how manipulation works, that’s what you’re doing right now, that’s what religion is doing. Atheism is not a religion … I don’t believe in the non-existence of a thing, I reject it unless it’s proven. There’s no dogma around it whatsoever.

        • Jim Rasmussen

          “I can disprove the existence unless you bring over the evidence.” Unless you meant to say “can’t” instead of “can”, your statement would be incorrect.

          “I have the absolute truth of the non-existence until you prove it.” So, if you had lived at different times in human history … you would have the “absolute truth” that the earth was flat? … you would have the “absolute truth” that the sun revolved around the earth? … you would have the “absolute truth” that flies were created by spontaneous generation from rotting meat? So much for your “absolute truth”.

          What, by the way, would constitute sufficient proof of the existence of God for you? Anything?

          Finally, you say, “I don’t believe in the non-existence of a thing”. The belief in the non-existence of God is the very definition of atheist.