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  1. Bill
    Bill at |

    Hitler didn’t die of cyanide poisoning, he shot himself in the head….

  2. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    What about Harry Reid? I’ve heard reports that he’s actually been seen whining on TV.

  3. Bilko
    Bilko at |

    Lord Lucan, Jimmy Hoffa….

  4. Kathy
    Kathy at |

    ‘Despite being a woman, Earhart earned awards for becoming the first female to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone.’

    DESPITE being a woman?

    How exactly was she supposed to win an award for being the first woman, if she wasn’t a woman?

    What a stupid, sexist sentence.

  5. James
    James at |

    In 1962 Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin escaped Alcatraz Island and presumably drowned in San Francisco Bay. However, their bodies were never found and the Mythbusters successfully recreated their escape using the same materials that the trio used to escape proving that it was indeed feasible for them to have survived.

  6. canadaeh?
    canadaeh? at |

    Lindberg Baby (not sure if he qualifies for this lis).

  7. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    What about Barney Frank?

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Anastasia and her little brother, Alexei, were not found in the initial grave dug up in 1991 (although some suspect the missing girls as in fact, her sister Maria.) The remains of two burn and fragmented individuals were found in August of 2007 and identified in 2008 and 2009. So indeed the Romanov mystery is solved.

  9. Mert
    Mert at |

    I knew tupac would be in this :3..
    Well done tho’. 😀

  10. dfghkf
    dfghkf at |


  11. Justin
    Justin at |

    “Princess” Diana was not born into royalty, she married into it. And she was only endearingly referred to as Princess by the general public. In truth her title would have been the Duchess of Wales, as her husband was the Prince of Wales (heir to the throne of England). Anyone who marries into the Royal Family can not posess the title of Princess, Prince, King, or Queen, as is noted by Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Philip.

    1. Gracie
      Gracie at |

      You’re right about Diana not being born into royalty. Her father was an earl. You’re wrong about titles. A woman marrying into the royal family takes her husband’s title in its feminine form. Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Wessex and so forth. In fact this applies across the board, starting with Mrs. (husband’s name) up to a woman marrying a king becomes Queen Whoever (Duchess of Cornwall excepted). Philip was born a prince, grandson of a king of Greece and marrying Elizabeth didn’t/couldn’t change that

  12. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    It has been reported that Jimmy Carter is still alive and living somewhere in the Okefenokee Swamp with a killer rabbit.

  13. canadaeh
    canadaeh at |

    James Dean. Supposedly he survived and is in a midwest hospital a vegetable.

  14. Olga
    Olga at |

    Hey….How about Victor Tsoy? He is a famous singer and a cult personality in the entire post-sovetic space!!!!!!! By the way…I really like this site….Good work!!!!!!! Greetings from Ukraine!!!!!!!

  15. Justin
    Justin at |

    I guess you meant to say ransom instead of random in D.B Cooper


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