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  • carmellla

    what about the katrina thing in new orleans and the tasumi over in what ya call it there a couple years back…

  • CK

    Wow, so never ever move to China!

    • doodhedd

      i agree with you carmella

  • Ashley

    Carmella the tsunami is on the list at #6..

    The list is about the deadliest disasters. Katrina did not kill more than 231,000 people and therefore did not make the list.

  • Armando XRZ.

    Mexico's 8.1 earthquake in September 19, 1985 was a deadly one (5,000 to 30,000 deaths; no true numbers have been revealed).

    More than 400 buildings collapsed and another 3,000 where really damaged.

    2 to 4 square kms. area was affected.

    3.5 billion USD was the calculated damage.

    I consider it a deadly one because of such a small area affected and checking the time of the earthquake, 7:20 am. (8:30 – 9:00 am is the time to get to job), it wasn't that disastrous as if it could've been if the earthquake would've started one hour later.

    If you visit Mexico City and you go to downtown, there are still buildings at Juarez street that hasn´t been demolished because they could cause serious damage to other structures around, so they are hold by anti-earthquake systems, but inhabitable.

  • stephen

    Ah. I witnessed a deadliest earthquake in 2005 that claimed 80k+ lives. The memory about is still fresh. This list scares me more.

    • doodhedd

      scary… that must hav bin weerd

  • dang i cant belive it china has so many death or shall i say natrual diaster that whhy dont move to CHINA!!!

  • doodhedd

    Wicked doooooooooooooooooooooodz iz kinda kreepy thoe

  • interesting

  • d

    what about the 1811 earthquake in the US that lasted for 3 days…. do your research guys

    • d

      ok i take that back it wasn’t really deadly seeing as how the area was not very populated

  • morgan

    The reason why china makes up so many of the top disasters is because they go by death count, and china is so highlyand densely populated that theyre going to have more casualties per square area than most other countries.

  • Hassam

    I wonder how did they record life loss that time…. 😮