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  • chingy

    where is django reinhardt? he just has 2 fingers i think, and plays guitar

    • Peter Boucher

      Absolutely about Django Reinhardt. His left hand was left severely disfigured due to an accident from a fire and had use of only his thumb, index and middle finger of his left hand

  • Moody

    and what about jeff healy, blind & played guitar, he was genius!

  • Kat

    Where is Jason Becker?

  • Lance

    And what about Mr. Itzhak Perlman ?

  • Alex

    How about Jose Feliciano

  • Bert

    I second the vote for Django – he is universally regarded as one of the best guitarists of the 20th century, and he did it with only TWO fingers on his fretting hand.

  • Xavier

    What about Vic Chesnutt?

    Muscular distrophy, in a wheelchair and still playing steal guitar

  • mam

    there's a professional guitarist whose name i can't recall, who after a car accident that left his left hand/arm damaged, relearned to play lefty.

    he has worked with the likes of roger waters, and i think he teaches at some university somewhere.

    anyone know who i'm talking about?

    • Peter Boucher

      To MAM, His last name is McLaughlin and I want to say that he is the son of the great John McLaughlin who was famous for being the lead guitar player of the progressive rock group Mahavishnu Orchestra. I can’t be sure on that but if you go to the wikipedia, you will probably find out the information on there. But Yes, I am familiar with this guitarist.

  • Atma

    Beethoven is number one. Number one composer. Number one musician. And number one in this list.

    He is the god of music.

  • Karlee


  • laurent vintaer

    Django really had something in the way, his entire life pretty much. his fingers were burned, he did use a third once in a while,the pinky I think, for bar chords. I had my left hand fingers cut off on a table saw(well , middle , ring and pinky. The index was just nipped). Ring and pinky were reattached and ring is still missing the last joint.

    To me, being blind isn't a problem as far as playing folk and rock and so forth. It's pretty much by ear any way. I say it with love and total respect… and some experience with injury. you could take my eyesight away and it would not change a single thing to my playing( breton irish old time bourees gavottes contradances squares ) It would pretty much improve it, if anything.

    Beethoven also had a real problem with his loosing his hearing and going deaf. however it was at the end of his life, if I am not mistaken. Anyway it proved to be insurmountable. very sad… I play something like a baroque flute, the ancestor to the modern metal , fully keyed thing. I can't tell you how much time I spend overcoming my hand problem…

    All my love to all musicians, sincerly


  • Zepode

    You guys forgot Vic Chesnutt. Clearly superior to much of this list.

  • pandora

    Who could forget Andrea Boccelli?

  • Anna

    Evelyn Glennie?

  • Dude

    Stevie wonder. Read his killer quote. Awesome..

  • Jeff Healey Lovah

    You forgot Jeff Healey!!! Best guitarist ever, and he's blind!

  • Blackone

    I second the vote for Jose Felician because he was born blind and plays an awesome guitar. One of the best guitars in the world.

  • Alex

    Django Reinhardt?! Two fingers?! Where is he?! Best jazz GUITARIST ever and he’s missing two soloing fingers.

  • ed

    has to be number one. the most valueble sence in music is hearing and he couldn’t!

  • Peter Boucher

    What about Les Paul ? He had an accident to his right arm in which he could not straighten, hence the reason as to how and why the Gibson Les Paul guitar was designed.

  • Peter Boucher

    In the last year of the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, he was left totally blind and died of a stroke due to complications from pneumonia in 1750.

  • Scott McKinstry

    Jacqueline Du Pre?

    Blind Willie Johnson?

    • Peter Boucher

      Two incredibly HUGE thumbs up for mentioning Jacqueline Du Pre. Its been said that if you are to listen to The Elgar Cello Concerto and the Dvorak Cello Concerto, listen to her perform it. Such a tragedy that her life was cut short from MS. She has been touted as the greatest cellist of the 20th Century. But another one that I heard to make things even worse was her marriage to Daniel Barenboim who apparently was a womanizer and did cheat on her while she lay dying. I don’t recall much emphasis on that matter when I watched the movie “Hillary And Jackie”

  • parth bhandari


  • erik mendez

    Everyone is forgetting Jason Becker. Please take time and learn this guitarist incredible story.