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  1. WHat?
    WHat? at |

    GHB is not rohypnol
    Rohypnol doesnt actually exist :O

    getting high is very different from being knocked out unconcious and GHB gets you high :3
    to really sedate someone you’d need over 3000 mg when a normal dose of GHB is 200-500mg so yeah youd be wasting 300 bucks to rape someone, better get a “working Girl” and be done with it for 100 XD

    1. Harry Blotter
      Harry Blotter at |

      Rohypnol does exist, its a brand name for flunitrazepam

  2. Jesse Mcduffee
    Jesse Mcduffee at |

    I like the fact that mushroom spores are still legal in most US states. I wonder how easy it would be to grow them. lol. Thanks for the facts and another top ten! Hard to believe Bayer was part of Heroin and that Heroin wasn’t a street drug name to begin with!

    1. Katie
      Katie at |

      Shrooms need a certain fertilizer to grow… which is not available anymore in the U.S.

      1. Sweetz
        Sweetz at |

        whoever told you that fertilizer “crap” is full of it. I can assure you though the process is tedious and requires lost of tlc I can and is being done on the daily. GRow shroomies grow!!!!

    2. Sweetz
      Sweetz at |

      Lots of tlc and a clean room, some cakes your good to go. Or should I say grow :p

  3. Teresa W
    Teresa W at |

    Wow….Never thought some of these were ever legal. The only one that wasn’t surprising to me was marijuana. The rest caught me off guard.

    1. Wehms2
      Wehms2 at |

      The “Free People” of these United States…..used to be under the “Law of Personal Responsibility.” Where a person could walk in to any Pharmacy and say: “I know what I want could KILL ME but as a legal adult in a “free Society,” I accept responsibility for my own actions…….give me what I want!!!”

      NOW…..the “Legislators” (aka, “LAWmakers”) feel that they need to “protect us from ourselves” and/or otherwise, FORCE THEIR moral beliefs upon the American People (aka….TAKING AWAY our “freedom of choice(s)”) and thereby FILL UP the FOR PROFIT Prisons….that were CREATED by & for the PROFITS of the Prisons which were “aided & abetted” by OUR Legislators because of the BRIBES “they” received FROM the LOBBYISTS that WORKED 4 the For Profit Prisons………….!!!

      God Bless Capitalism that is BRILLIANT…………(in theory) but RUINED by CORRUPT Politicians……..

      1. Derek Diaz
        Derek Diaz at |

        There needs to be a separation of business and the state exactly like and for the same reason we have separation of church and state: to allow men to breath free.

      2. Hawaiian Punch
        Hawaiian Punch at |

        I know what you mean. Most drugs were available at pharmacies and some from nature. It used to be high purity and run by some scientists and pharmaceutical people. Shrooms and cactus was everywhere too. Now nanny state is trying to “protect” us with the war on drugs failure. That combined with prohibition made gangs fill the void of the Ph D chemist and pharmacists. Now most things are crap quality, but new, better drugs like 2C-I, a-PVP, and even nootropics came “out of nowhere. Aggressive banning is only causing the new drugs appear exponentially. The “war on drugs” just keeps failing more than the marginally small successes they gain. Banning stuff isn’t the answer. Getting balanced facts and not propaganda is the answer. In a free and open society, stuff that is way safer than smokes or booze wouldn’t be banned.

      3. Mel Yatsko
        Mel Yatsko at |

        100% ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE!!! Isnt it funny tho, how these same lawmakers dont do ANYTHING about alcohol?! It actually contributes to THOUSANDS of deaths EVERY YEAR!! But, they’ve been down the prohibition road, thus they KNOW IT DOESNT WORK! Just as they ALREADY KNOW that the prohibition of drugs doesnt work either!!! WHY do they continue to pursue this “war on drugs”??? MANY reasons! Not the LEAST of which A LOT of people would be unemployed if it were not for the “war on drugs”! However, the other reasons are MANY and varied. At the end of the day, if you are living in a society that even feels they have the right to tell you whether or not you can terminate your own life when you are terminally ill and suffering horribly…what do you expect?? As long as “We the People” allow them to keep telling us what we CAN and CANNOT do, it will continue! OUR BODIES, OUR LIVES! If we are not harming anyone else with our choices, that is EXACTLY what they should be…OUR CHOICES!!!

  4. Beteltooth
    Beteltooth at |

    Just a point, but a quite a major one: All drugs used to be legal. The idea of regulating or banning natural drugs (marijuana, shrooms, for example) didn’t exist prior to the late 19th century in the west. As far as chemicals extracted from plants and purely synthetic drugs go, they have to exist before they can be banned. As I said, in Europe and North America prohibition is a 20th century phenomenon.

    For a humourous trip (pun intended) through some illegal drugs, I found this on blogspot. http://it-totally-sucks.blogspot.com/2011/09/7-drugs-and-why-they-suck.html

    1. Mel Yatsko
      Mel Yatsko at |

      HEAR! HEAR!

  5. Canada Goose Parkas
    Canada Goose Parkas at |

    at the beginning, dealers took them for huge profit without considering their harm. though they are iilegal to ude now ,there are still underground trading

  6. Alan R. Wehmer
    Alan R. Wehmer at |

    Of course…….the US really used to be “free” and people had the “Right” to make their own mistakes…..as long as it didn’t interfere with the Rights of other people. Like. People have the Right to get drunk……they do not have the Right to drive that way as a matter of public safety. Drugs beyond alcohol were made illegal to “advance” the cause(s) of racism. This is particularly perplexing with the “Hypocrit” in Chief in the White House advancing the War on Medical Marijuana after he bragged about using pot & cocaine in his books. I guess hypocrisy abounds when you’re born with a silver spoon in your nose. :o)

  7. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Here is one that will blow your mind !!! Its called a “Brompton Cocktail”. It was a pain suppressant that was created by Dr. Herbert Snow who was a doctor at the Royal Brompton Hospital (Hence, where it got its name) in London, England. Dr Snow invented this concoction in 1896 and had its highest usage among patients during the 1920’s. It was given to terminally ill patients and in the last stages of their life from cancer as well as Tuberculosis patients who were dying from that disease. It contained the following 1). Morphine, 2). Cocaine, 3). Pure Ethyl Alcohol, 4). Thorazine, and 5). Chloroform. My resource and information that I found it was the good ol’ Wikipedia. Look it up and you read about it on the Wikipedia.

  8. JackL
    JackL at |

    It is interesting to see over time the things that we deem as not legal in regards to drugs. I think it is a good thing because we continue to learn more and more. What I wonder about is what the future holds. What drugs that we currently legal will be banned? Will any be banned? What drugs will there be in the future? Will we be much like today or in 100 years will things be COMPELETLY different in the drug scene? I hope to say that drugs and harmful things for our body will be gone but I know that is foolish to think of.

    1. Mel Yatsko
      Mel Yatsko at |

      As adults, it is OUR RIGHT to choose to ingest things “harmful to our body” or not! As long as we dont harm others, it is nobody elses place to say what we ingest! WHY isnt alcohol illegal?? It contributes pointedly to THOUSANDS of deaths every year?? Its because when lawmakers attempted to prohibit it, “We the People” wouldnt stand for it! “We the People” have become MUCH MORE compliant over time…which is EXACTLY the behavior that the lawmakers WANT to see!!

  9. joe
    joe at |

    I think that meth might be considered a justable medication, and help a small number of people in the furture. I mean Colorado just made pot legal period! Maybe not within the next 40/60 years, but in a furture generation that is more responsable, not to mention less careless.

  10. buster balls
    buster balls at |

    all of these drugs are addictive and one can stop if one wants too

    1. VB
      VB at |

      Weed is not addictive.

      1. Tb
        Tb at |

        Yes it is. It’s called mental addiction. I was dependent on weed for years so don’t try to justify your lies because “it’s just weed”

        1. kristine
          kristine at |

          Almost anything can be mentally addictive.

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