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10 Responses

  1. Heather Matthews at |

    great list, very funny stuff!

  2. moose at |

    You are missing Amy Winehouse on Nevermind The Buzzcocks, at the start of her bingefest.

    clips are on youtube.

  3. Fred at |

    I remember the time one of my football favorites, Joe Namath, had a difficult time on live tv being interviewed by a female reporter.

    1. Nocturnesthesia at |

      Oh yeah, I still crack up when I see that video.

  4. Sammy at |

    Celebs are humans but, fans expect them to be perfect.

  5. Jonathan Hopkins at |

    What about a drunk Joe Namath propositioning Suzy Kolber on Monday Night Football on ESPN

  6. Judy at |

    No.7 is crap, Paula has never been drunk in her life..

  7. jessica at |

    The Ben Affleck one is pretty funny and hard to watch because not only is he acting like an douch bag but so is the girl! I would have slapped him !

  8. fanatik at |

    I was thinking about Joe Namath telling Suzi Kolber he wanted to kiss her. You could tell by her expression that his breath smelled like a landfill.

  9. Peter Boucher at |

    How about when Truman Capote appeared as a guest on the Stanley Siegel show just before Capote died. Siegel interrupted Capote while he was rambling on and Siegel got right to the point and asked Capote “Mr. Capote, have you been drinking?” To which Capote answered, “Do you mean lately?” and Siegel said, “No, right now” It was rather shocking to watch and of course Capote was notorious for the parties he threw in New York City at his home, especially when he got together with Andy Warhol


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