Author Katherine Watt

Top Ten Facts About Katherine Watt Kat – as she is known to friends and enemies – hails from the concrete flatlands of Peterborough, in the East Anglian region of England. She lived for two years in Bulgaria and renovated a house, which is now for sale – . She hopes to own property all over the world by the age of 40. She is aged 24, a Pisces, with a GSOH and a keen desire to write!! Contact freelancekat She is learning fluent Russian to become a translator some time in the future. She loves linguistics. Kat plays the keyboard and wants to learn the violin. She works flat out for months on end to earn money for intercontinental adventures that last for months on end. She has owned three dogs, around ten cats, two goats, a terrapin, giant snails, a hamster, chickens, 63 guinea pigs, four rabbits and numerous fish at different stages in her life. Her next goal is to save up for a camper van and trundle around Europe. Kat LOVES original Micro Machines and has around 200. If you have any donations, please email! Kat loves being cheeky and controversial on Top Tenz – especially here: Top 10 Useless College Degrees