Top 10 Conspiracy Theories


We all love a good conspiracy theory. And here you will find 10 of the best conspiracy theories from the last few decades. From the death of an American icon (Marilyn Monroe) to the fall of another American icon (Twin Towers), you may read this list and have your own doubts about these event. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged by these top 10 conspiracy theories.

10. The Myths of Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe, one of the greatest legends of the 20th Century, is also the subject of one of the most mysterious deaths of our time. Her unexpected passing in 1962 had the world whispering about what may have really happened. Her death was a result of a massive dose of barbiturates, but whereas some say it was suicide, others argue the fatal drug was administered by someone trying to desperately prevent state-secrets emerging from her alleged affair with John F. Kennedy.

9. Who Wants to Take Over the World?


The most widely accused world-dominators are the Jews, who in varying conspiracy theories, run Wall Street, Hollywood, numerous secret societies and the media. More recently, this oft-flawed hypothesis has adapted to presume either Arabs or Scientologists are the ones hell-bent on conquering the world – or even the universe.

8. The Loch Ness Monster

“Nessie” has been sought after since 1933, resulting in her habitat of Loch Ness in Scotland becoming a huge tourist attraction. Tourists flock to get a glimpse of the plesiosaur-like lake monster, often mistaking seals, driftwood and flocks of birds for the mythical beast. Scientists, desperate to either disprove or discover Nessie, have spent thousands of pounds on studies and high-tech equipment, but the general consensus is that she’s a simple subject of folklore.

7.  Fuel Farce


A golden oldie still doing the rounds is the rumor that one of the large fuel corporations bought the rights of eco-friendly car designs many moons ago. The story goes that Esso or Shell hurriedly bought the blueprints for an electric or otherwise renewable fuel car to ensure their multi-million fuel sales were not compromised.

6. The JFK Murder Mystery

Coming back to JFK, the circumstances surrounding his death, a year after his supposed Mistress’, were equally as puzzled over. Although Lee Harvey Oswald was immediately held liable over the murder, he too was assassinated before his motive or indeed guilt could be ascertained. Theories about the arrangement of John F. Kennedy’s death have been constantly mulled over, including a plot by the CIA, or a murder by the KGB, a Cuban rebellion group, or Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson to name but a few.

5. Second-Hand Beatle


This slightly lesser-known theory has a well deserved place in this list due to its ludicrous nature. In 1966, major media – who were probably high at the time – declared that Paul McCartney had, in fact, died and was replaced by a look-alike who still claims his fame to this day. Eager to jump on the bandwagon of this fancy-free fable, Lennon and the other Fab Four had a laugh by “encoding” clues in lyrics and album art for their fans to draw further assumptions from.

4. The Murdered Princess

When England’s Rose died in a tragic car crash back in 1997, the world couldn’t quite believe it. The shock immediately provoked people to come up with causes and reasons to justify the death – namely that it wasn’t a tragic accident, but a plot by the Royal Family. Mohamed Al Fayed, father of the princess’ fiancé, added further weight to this by campaigning for years to investigate whether the M16 – recruited by the Royals – had engineered the accident to stop Diana marrying a Muslim. One other theory is that the princess, sick of constant media attention, faked her own demise.

3. Roswell Gets Rumbled

This hugely popular theory has been the catalyst for numerous research programs, debates, movie spin-offs, books and TV programs. The incident, dubbed “Area 51”, took place in July 1947 and prompted head scratching about little green men for years, although the Government still dismiss it as a crash-landing of a top-secret research balloon. The conspiracy theorists would have us believe that an alien spaceship crash-landed and the wreckage, plus the extra-terrestrial pilots, are being held and studied in a secret bunker somewhere.

2. Mickey Mouse Moon Landing

Although all of us want to believe that man has walked on the moon, naysayers have put across convincing contentions to say otherwise. In a time of depression for America, spirits were lifted when Neil Armstrong uttered the infamous words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. However, it’s all been slated as an attempt to cheer America up and stick two fingers up to Russia at the same time. Arguments against the moon landing include the US flag flapping in the ‘wind’ despite zero gravity, important missing documents, misplaced shadows – and – the fact that no one has been back since!

1. 9/11 – Even More Sinister?

The tragedies that rocked New York on the morning of September 11th also rocked the world. It wasn’t long before tongues began to wag about the seemingly neat and controlled collapse of the solid steel Twin Towers –reminiscent of dynamite at the base instead of a jet smashing into the side. Other arguments for the theory cite the “tidy” wreckage of the Pentagon attack, not to mention the fact that in normal circumstances any other foreign aircraft would have been intercepted much quicker than the 40 minutes it took the plane to make impact. Proponents of this theory believe Bush was trying to rouse public support for military action and expansion of the police state.


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  1. Very nice list of video. I watched all of them. I didn’t know about the conspiracy surrounding Paul McCartney’s accident. Very interesting. I myself watch a lot of conspiracy videos on They have a nice list concerning different topics.

  2. Lets go back even further and discuss the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. We all know and its 100 percent positive that John Wilkes Booth was the one who pulled the trigger. But there were others involved including Booth’s brother Edwin. There was a list of people who not only wanted Lincoln dead, but Vice President Andrew Johnson dead and Secretary of State William Seward dead. It will carry on just as much as the Kennedy Assassination and we will probably never get the truth of the matter for many generations to come

    • Yea I read that the Jesuit order has a hand in the matter. And from what I understand John Wilkes Booth was a Jesuit and a chosen to be the patsy for the assassination.

  3. Abanoub B. Marcus on

    What? Why on Earth is the Loch Ness Monster on this list! The Loch Ness Monster’s real, damn it!

  4. ๐Ÿ˜€

    We haven’t been back to the moon because frankly, we were told NOT TO. Kinda gets in the way of their MINING.