Top 10 Conspiracy Theories


We all love a good conspiracy theory. And here you will find 10 of the best conspiracy theories from the last few decades. From the death of an American icon (Marilyn Monroe) to the fall of another American icon (Twin Towers), you may read this list and have your own doubts about these event. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged by these top 10 conspiracy theories.

10. The Myths of Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe, one of the greatest legends of the 20th Century, is also the subject of one of the most mysterious deaths of our time. Her unexpected passing in 1962 had the world whispering about what may have really happened. Her death was a result of a massive dose of barbiturates, but whereas some say it was suicide, others argue the fatal drug was administered by someone trying to desperately prevent state-secrets emerging from her alleged affair with John F. Kennedy


9. Who Wants to Take Over the World?


The most widely accused world-dominators are the Jews, who in varying conspiracy theories, run Wall Street, Hollywood, numerous secret societies and the media. More recently, this oft-flawed hypothesis has adapted to presume either Arabs or Scientologists are the ones hell-bent on conquering the world – or even the universe.

8. The Loch Ness Monster

“Nessie” has been sought after since 1933, resulting in her habitat of Loch Ness in Scotland becoming a huge tourist attraction. Tourists flock to get a glimpse of the plesiosaur-like lake monster, often mistaking seals, driftwood and flocks of birds for the mythical beast. Scientists, desperate to either disprove or discover Nessie, have spent thousands of pounds on studies and high-tech equipment, but the general consensus is that she’s a simple subject of folklore.

7.  Fuel Farce


A golden oldie still doing the rounds is the rumor that one of the large fuel corporations bought the rights of eco-friendly car designs many moons ago. The story goes that Esso or Shell hurriedly bought the blueprints for an electric or otherwise renewable fuel car to ensure their multi-million fuel sales were not compromised.

6. The JFK Murder Mystery

Coming back to JFK, the circumstances surrounding his death, a year after his supposed Mistress’, were equally as puzzled over. Although Lee Harvey Oswald was immediately held liable over the murder, he too was assassinated before his motive or indeed guilt could be ascertained. Theories about the arrangement of John F. Kennedy’s death have been constantly mulled over, including a plot by the CIA, or a murder by the KGB, a Cuban rebellion group, or Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson to name but a few.

5. Second-Hand Beatle


This slightly lesser-known theory has a well deserved place in this list due to its ludicrous nature. In 1966, major media – who were probably high at the time – declared that Paul McCartney had, in fact, died and was replaced by a look-alike who still claims his fame to this day. Eager to jump on the bandwagon of this fancy-free fable, Lennon and the other Fab Four had a laugh by “encoding” clues in lyrics and album art for their fans to draw further assumptions from.

4. The Murdered Princess

When England’s Rose died in a tragic car crash back in 1997, the world couldn’t quite believe it. The shock immediately provoked people to come up with causes and reasons to justify the death – namely that it wasn’t a tragic accident, but a plot by the Royal Family. Mohamed Al Fayed, father of the princess’ fiancé, added further weight to this by campaigning for years to investigate whether the M16 – recruited by the Royals – had engineered the accident to stop Diana marrying a Muslim. One other theory is that the princess, sick of constant media attention, faked her own demise.

3. Roswell Gets Rumbled

This hugely popular theory has been the catalyst for numerous research programs, debates, movie spin-offs, books and TV programs. The incident, dubbed “Area 51”, took place in July 1947 and prompted head scratching about little green men for years, although the Government still dismiss it as a crash-landing of a top-secret research balloon. The conspiracy theorists would have us believe that an alien spaceship crash-landed and the wreckage, plus the extra-terrestrial pilots, are being held and studied in a secret bunker somewhere.

2. Mickey Mouse Moon Landing

Although all of us want to believe that man has walked on the moon, naysayers have put across convincing contentions to say otherwise. In a time of depression for America, spirits were lifted when Neil Armstrong uttered the infamous words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. However, it’s all been slated as an attempt to cheer America up and stick two fingers up to Russia at the same time. Arguments against the moon landing include the US flag flapping in the ‘wind’ despite zero gravity, important missing documents, misplaced shadows – and – the fact that no one has been back since!

1. 9/11 – Even More Sinister?

The tragedies that rocked New York on the morning of September 11th also rocked the world. It wasn’t long before tongues began to wag about the seemingly neat and controlled collapse of the solid steel Twin Towers –reminiscent of dynamite at the base instead of a jet smashing into the side. Other arguments for the theory cite the “tidy” wreckage of the Pentagon attack, not to mention the fact that in normal circumstances any other foreign aircraft would have been intercepted much quicker than the 40 minutes it took the plane to make impact. Proponents of this theory believe Bush was trying to rouse public support for military action and expansion of the police state.


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  1. 😀

    We haven’t been back to the moon because frankly, we were told NOT TO. Kinda gets in the way of their MINING.

  2. Abanoub B. Marcus on

    What? Why on Earth is the Loch Ness Monster on this list! The Loch Ness Monster’s real, damn it!

  3. Lets go back even further and discuss the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. We all know and its 100 percent positive that John Wilkes Booth was the one who pulled the trigger. But there were others involved including Booth’s brother Edwin. There was a list of people who not only wanted Lincoln dead, but Vice President Andrew Johnson dead and Secretary of State William Seward dead. It will carry on just as much as the Kennedy Assassination and we will probably never get the truth of the matter for many generations to come

    • Yea I read that the Jesuit order has a hand in the matter. And from what I understand John Wilkes Booth was a Jesuit and a chosen to be the patsy for the assassination.

  4. Very nice list of video. I watched all of them. I didn’t know about the conspiracy surrounding Paul McCartney’s accident. Very interesting. I myself watch a lot of conspiracy videos on They have a nice list concerning different topics.

  5. If we exist on this earth simply because of a few “coincidences” like someone said, then we’re no better than animals or even bacteria for that matter. That means that morals, values and so on are completely meaningless, Life itself is meaningless because is an accident. Go ahead kill a hundred babies, drop a thousand nuclear bombs what does it matter? The accident was that ignorant individual being born. Damn.

  6. how about the common conspiracy theory among muslims that the jews were behind the 9/11 attacks…as there was not a sinlge jew killed in the attack..whereas there were over 100 muslims killed in 9/11…

    • “The New York metropolitan area is home to the largest number of Jews outside Israel… making the New York City Jewish community the largest such community in the world after Tel Aviv… About 12% of New Yorkers claim to be Jewish or of Jewish descent” (wikipedia- NYC Demographics). Seems like about 15-17% of the victims of 9/11 were Jewish, which makes sense when you look at the demographics.

  7. Who writes this stuff ? I need a job, does it pay ? The flag on moon landing flapping argument was because of “zero gravity” ?….you couldn’t make this stuff up. The moon has around 1/6 of our gravity(approx.). The lack of wind would be caused by no atmosphere(no ozone,clouds,etc…), so there doesn’t seem to be a good answer, but it’s not from “zero gravity”!

  8. If NASA only went to the moon five times, if the first was allegedly a “hoax”, then why are there SIX reflectors on the moon’s surface, not five?

    The reflectors were placed by the hands of astronauts and can be detected with lasers from here on Earth. If there were only five landings, why are there six reflectors?

  9. It’s funny how everyone on here has set out to prove everyone else wrong. Doesn’t anyone get excited about the unknown? Yeah, some of these things may be ridiculous, but its all about what-ifs. What if some of this stuff is true?… I guess I just like to keep an open mind. I like the fact of not knowing. It’s kind of exciting (:

  10. Roswell was just called "The Roswell Incident," not Area 51. Area 51 is a "secret" US military base in the Nevada desert, and is surrounded by alien and Roswell conspiracies. If you walk within a certain range of the base, you see signs warning that you are entering government property. If you get a mile closer, signs warn that you will be shot on sight, giving creedence to the conspiracy theorists. Realistically though, they are probably just testing experimental aircraft out there (or more likely, not doing anything there and using it for misdirection).

    There's more info available at

    Oh, and great job with all the "research." I think I put more effort into my high school book reports.

  11. haha, that "loose change" video, along with all the other BS that goes along with it, cracks me up. It's such BS. my favorite argument is "jet fuel only burns at [such and such degrees] which is not hot enough to melt steel! how could it have collapsed then?! OMGWTFCONSIPACYYYGEORGEBUSHOMG!"

    Steel doesn't have to melt in order for it to lose it's structural integrity. when a wood structure burns, the wood literally has to burn away enough to where it can no longer support the weight it's holding up. Steel doesn't need to get to it's burning or melting point, it just needs to get hot enough for it to bow under the weight of a massive building sitting on top of it. I wont even bother getting into the other BS "facts" they conspiracy theorists spew out. my biggest question to them is, why would we even bother setting off explosives to totally bring down the towers? two planes crashing into the towers is enough to shock/piss off the american people, regardless if the building falls down or not. It's just plain silly. People are wired to believe things happen for a specific reason. we don't like to believe that bad things can "just happen" without some sort of crazy reason. that's why these theories pop up.

    We refuse to believe that a bunch of stupid terrorists can just hijack a plane with box cutters and crash into the world trade center. we don't want to acknowledge the fact that one guy can climb a building and take a shot at the president one day, because the idea that these things can just "happen" without some sort of plot or conspiracy honestly scares the piss out of us. we don't want to think that these things can just happen, at anytime, to US, for a simple reason. so we create these silly plots and conspiracies out of afew twisted facts and one or two tiny little "inconsistencies," all the while ignoring the gigantic pile of facts disproving your silly little theories. we do it to protect ourselves from thinking that any day, any second, something could happen to us or someone we love for some silly reason or maybe even for seemingly no reason at all.

    We don't want to admit that our lives and anyone else's are so fragile, and could end at any second. so instead of building a bunker underground and living in it for the rest of lives, avoiding the dangerous outside world, we simply make ourselves believe that there has to be some underlying reason or meaning for everything that happens. (It's one of the same reasons we created religions; we don't want to think that the only reason we're here is because of an incredible amount of coincidences that allowed our planet to harbor life, and to allow life to exist for as long as it has, giving us enough time to evolve into the people we are today. No, somebody HAD to have PUT us here, because he has some sort of PLAN for us, there's got to be a REASON why we're here! …Right?

    It's kind of scary to think that the only reason we're here is because our planet happened to end up in the right location in relation to our sun, which just so happens to be just the right mass, temperature, and density for a planet of our perfect size, mass, and composition to support life; considering all the right scenarios happen to take place at the just the right time for our planet to develop an ecosystem that can support life, and maintain that ecosystem for billions/millions of years for life to develop and evolve from single cell, microscopic organisms into an incredibly vast of array of complex plants/animals we have today, including one that happened to be intelligent enough to create tools, language, art, feelings.

    We exist today because trillions of things just happened to go the right way simply because of dumb luck, and of all the seemingly infinite number of things that luckily went our way over the course of billions of years, it only takes one thing, one second, one instance where dumb luck fails to fall in our favor to undo all of it. could be something small, like a stray bullet from a gun that some goon a mile away shot up into the air trying to be cool that just happens to land in the right spot: right where you're standing; could be something big, like a giant asteroid hitting the earth, destroying all life on it.

    We don't want to admit that any of those things can suddenly happen for seemingly no reason, because, well, it's all pretty terrifying, isn't it?

    • josh said.
      Steel doesnâ??t have to melt in order for it to lose itâ??s structural integrity. when a wood structure burns, the wood literally has to burn away enough to where it can no longer support the weight itâ??s holding up. Steel doesnâ??t need to get to itâ??s burning or melting point, it just needs to get hot enough for it to bow under the weight of a massive building sitting on top of it.

      Just because steel would warp at a certain temperature, does not mean that with 11 or so floors above an oxygen starved fire that the building would collaps!! Omg you make yourself sound educated!! If you beleive that you are far from it!!

      And yet again why would so many scientist tell out and out lies that the jet fuel melted the steel in the fisrt place!!!

      If you want to learn the truth go to

      and look into it for your self…… dont let me make your mind up do that for your self!!

    • you wrote, "one or two tiny little “inconsistencies,” tiny??? Josh, You obviously HAVEN'T looked at the loose change videos. Seems you are just a liar. Have you read most of the WTC7 report? (the "official" story)I bet not.

      By this statement you have proved to the rest of us that you just spew out your typing without educating yourself first.

  12. TODAY'S HEADLINE : NYC approves Ground Zero mosque

    They are building a Mosque in New York, where the twin towers used to be. You mean to tell me that they can "set their differences aside" just like that?

    The Americans blamed the Taliban, the Muslims, Bin Laden was the evil of all evils and they are building a Mosque in that space?

    I am a Consiracy Theorist and i will question everything because i don't believe that we as the people are actually "involved" in anything that goes on in this world. We are just the sheep. American government is protecting Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks were pre-meditated. And NOW, They are building a Mosque in the spot where all those Americans were killed (supposedly by Mulsim terrorists) Oh What an honour to those who were killed and their families.

    Makes a whole lotta sense don't it?

    • Liezl,

      It's obvious you didn't actually read the article, just the headline, which seems to be all most anyone commenting on this story is doing. A simple search of data sites (not blogs, not editorials, not commentaries, and not personal thoughts) shows that the mosque is not going to be put AT Ground Zero, but NEAR Ground Zero. The location is an old Burlington Coat Factory store damaged by debris from other falling buildings on 9/11 several blocks away. It is a place of worship for a group who had some unfortunate extremists (from another country and with no affiliation and unknown to these individuals in New York City) that is an attempt to bridge peace within the whole community of individuals living there. It is not a monument to remind all of extremists and their actions on one day.

      If you are so concerned about perceptions of injustice, please do not stop here. Hopefully you are just as vigilant about restoring rights for Native Americans, or the injustices that occurred to Asian-Americans during WWII, or the continuation of the KKK, or the existence of bullies in schools who attack both other children and adults. Maybe you can help prevent wars in which "Christians" from the same religion fight on opposite sides. Perhaps you could raise your voice to prevent Catholics from fighting Catholics, Protestants against Protestants, and so on. Or you can continue to live your box and cast your comments of hate out like bait for others to swallow.

      Hatred is an ugly trait that is all to common in the world today. I personally find that anyone who will argue a point without being willing to listen (this includes those on both sides of conspiracy theories) and will follow a belief blindly that leads to hating others for not sharing their ideas or being willing to be reasonable about admitting when those ideas are wrong is someone that is not worth spending time considering. It is because of this self-absorbed hatred that the world we live in is, in general, a mess and without many redeeming qualities. It is this self-absorbed nature that allows people to continue to argue events that have occurred and passed that have no merit to even continue contemplating because dwelling on them never makes the world a better place.

      In fact, I feel pretty ashamed of myself right now for having to stooped to this level to add this comment, but without reason ignorance continues to propagate.

  13. The Apollo missions brought back tonnes of moon rocks and distributed hundreds of samples to leading governments around the world. So all the major powers in the world are in on this conspiracy and helping the americans pull the wool over the eyes of the average joe? And before you say they could have gotten rocks from anywhere the rocks on the moon have a different composition due to high levels of solar radiation and other astronomical elements. I'm all for keeping an open mind but if someone tells me the sky is purple and green i'm not going to stick my head in the sand and accept that as fact. Do your reasearch people and not just on conspiracy nut websites. Go to your library, read and encyclopedia, go to a museum…wake up!!

  14. Area 51 is located entirely inside the state of Nevada. It has nothing to do with Roswell, New Mexico.

  15. I would be inclined to believe the conspiracy theorists about the "moon landing hoax." Unfortunately they have failed to give a demonstration of the rocket blasting off to the moon and samples of moon rocks brought back by the astronauts. Nice try for these "fifteen minutes fame" seekers.

  16. I'm still trying to see how Bush gained anything from setting up 9/11 it doesn't make sense because of it we are in a decade long economy killing war trying to set up "democracy" in the most random part of the world that i dont care about and when we finally do accomplish this what do we gain that was worth killing 3000 innocent people and sending soldiers whom already over 3000 have been killed to die for nothing in nowhere land??? Bush you FAIL HARD but when you go to hell at least youll have a good multi kill streak on ur evil record

  17. It's not a myth that GM sold the rights to the NiMH battery to Chevron. Any google search will inform you that Chevron has veto powers over the sell or licensing of NiMH technology. They're finally about to lose that option though….thankfully.

  18. The one thing that's always convinced me that the moon landing was REAL is simply the fact that if there was even a remote possibility that it was fake, the Soviets would have jumped all over it. Don't forget we were in a Cold War and a Space Race. No one had more reason to be skeptical than the communists, yet they accepted it as reality.

  19. Mikaro, you've left out an important logical step ion your "argument". You theorize that the moon landings were faked because no one has been back since the Apollo missions, and that that lack of return indicates that "we can't go back".

    After complaining about government lies and deceit, you should also be aware of one telling feature of any government – inaction. The reason no one has gone back to the moon isn't because they can't, it's simply because they haven't.

    You state that as a general rule "common sense is usually correct". And I agree with this. However, common sense tells me that a government that could not break a stalemate in Vietnam, followed by a government that couldn't even keep the Watergate tapes a secret, managed to fool the American public so perfectly that not a shred of verifiable proof of a fake moon landing exists?

    Common sense tells me this ain't likely. If Nixon couldn't cover up Watergate, then no way could he have kept a fake moon landing secret. In the same vein – common sense tells me that the Bush Administration was not nearly so clever and intelligent as to plot 9/11 or cover it up.

  20. One thing that really annoys me is people who refuse to even consider that the moon landings were faked. Check out the photos and ask yourself if that ship looks capable of going to the moon, or how it is they could go to the moon 40 years ago with less computer power than in a modern calculator, or why we cannot reasonably do something now that was apparently quite easy in the 70s.

    Governments do lie, images can and are faked and common-sense is usually correct. The evidence from a modern landing would be much harder to fake as current day individuals would be able to scrutinise every image via computer. On balance I find it highly unlikely we went to the moon but I could be wrong. I am not in a position to know the definitive truth, and sorry but the people reading and writing on here do not "know" either.

    Keep an open mind, look at the NASA website and judge for yourself. While you are on that website you could also have a look at the 11th great conspiracy, namely the images from Mars that appear to have been tampered with or entirely fabricated for unknown reasons. I am not sure what is really going on but I would certianly not believe everything that NASA or JLS are telling us about space exploration.

    • Every goofy theory trying to debunk the moon landing have been in turn debunked. A quick search of the internet or even a viewing of Mythbusters will demonstrate this.

      • I think the one way to shut the moon landing debunkers up is to get a powerful telescope, have them have their experts check the telescope to make sure nothing is being projected or transmitted to make a doctored image and then aim the telescope at the full moon at the lunar landing sites. There are strong enough telescopes that can view those areas and see the details on the lunar surface.

      • Hey, Oak. Maybe you could tell us the name and location of this "good" telescope, maybe provide a link or two to some photos taken with it. Then again, maybe you can't.

  21. The Moon Landing description is incorrect. NASA carried out six manned moon landings between 1969 and 1972. In total, twenty-four American astronauts have traveled to the Moon, with twelve walking on its surface and three making the trip twice.

    No You can argue that these all were conspiracies but they HAVE been back to the moon since the Neil Armstrong landing in 1969.

  22. I've just won myself a gold medal by not writing anything about the moon landing conspiracy. If anything gets my back up it's people who deny that we landed on the moon.

    • Fievel Mousekewitz on

      did you hear about one of the elder gentlemen, and the fact a theorist accused him of lying about being up there?
      the old guy punched the man square in the face. 😀
      that’s one thing I have to say about that. the other is. lmao.
      i would love to have saw that.

  23. Exactly, no obituary or public proof of how he died, but ask his wife and children and they will be sure to tell you that he is definitely dead. I am not one to say that the Government planned 9/11, but just that there are certain things that just don't add up. One who doesn't have an open mind about conspiracy theory will laugh at any claim.

  24. Awesome list 🙂

    Ugh, 911 conspiracy theorists like above make me SICK. There has been no proof of Barry Jenning's death, as in no obituary, nothing. More made up nonsense.

    As for the top floors, learn the rules of physics, that will explain it all.

    • Elizabeth Lopez on

      No one said Barry Jennings died. They stated that he was ‘almost killed’.

  25. Good list Katherine. In regard to the 9/11 conspiracy, people should look up the story of Barry Jennings. He is a man who worked for the city of New York and was almost killed in the World Trade Center building #7 on 9/11. He reported hearing numerous explosions in the building prior to the collapse. I just found this interesting because I heard no reports of explosions of any kind on the television in the time around 9/11. It wasn’t until years later that I looked on the internet and found extreme evidence for explosions happening in all the World Trade Center buildings. Isn’t this a pretty big deal and maybe the explosions might have helped to collapse the buildings. Meanwhile, the best crime scene governement officials in America attribute the collapse to fires on the top floors of the building. A second grader knows that this does not match-up, why didn’t they mention the explosions. Probably because “where in the hell were they coming from.” Anyway, Barry Jennings was mysteriously killed a few years ago before a federal hearing was scheduled. Also, the UFO evidence expands much further then just the Roswell issue. If anyone is interested check out the wikipedia page on the numerous UFO sightings that have occured. It is kind of interesting.

    • One guy said something once! Proof positive that 9/11 was a MASSIVE goverment conspiracy involving hundreds of unseen demolition experts who wrapped the interior of the building in invisible cables and never witnessed explosives and have remained silent in the matter for nearly a decade.

    • Oooohhhh, wikipedia. It MUST be true…. People get a life. These "conspiracies" have been debunked for years.