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17 Responses

  1. Anne Iredale at |

    I hope this inspires people to go to the buildings and explore.

  2. michael at |

    I don't agree with the #1. I think #2 belongs in it's spot.

    Plus I think the Seattle's music building is more eccentric than the Guggenheim Museum.

    But that is all my opinion.

  3. Iceman at |

    What about the Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo, the Bank of Hong Kong building, or the Fuji TV building in Tokyo?

  4. John Walter at |

    They may need flamethrowers to fend off the giant spider attacking the Guggenheim at #10.

  5. Flu-Bird at |

    Have you ever seen or been in the WINCHESTER HOUSE in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA yet its clearly a bizare place to visit

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      If you leave a comment here, please place a link to the picture of the building you add. I would love to see them.

  6. michael at |

    Seattle music experience building

    It’s a good list, I just think there are ones better than #10.

  7. michael at |
  8. Jim Mathews at |

    These are good, but did you consider the Hundertwasser House in Vienna?

  9. Anne Iredale at |

    Thank you Jim

    I wasn't aware of the Hundertwasserhaus and I enjoyed learning about it.

  10. Miguel at |

    Considering Gehry's work eccentrinc is a common mistake. His work, wether you like it or not, is sound and worth learning from, but not eccentric.

    On the other hand, to consider Gaudi's work eccentric is a huge mistake. His work is not only sound but a masterpiece of structural investigation, craftsmanship and expertise, (never art despite its fabulous sculptures). To have the Sagrada Familia among these joke of buildings is a shame.

  11. Anne Iredale at |

    Miguel, I know where you're coming from. All these architects are 'sound'. They have to be incredibly accomplished to do the designs they do.

    I use the word,'Eccentric', as a compliment, not an insult, in the sense that they are outside of the commonplace. The Sagrada Familia is my favourite building in the world because it is so beautiful.

  12. Miguel at |

    I must disagree. All the other designs don't come from accomplishment but from lack of "sense", artisticity and even irony. The foundations of an architectural way of designing are way beyond those concepts.

  13. ThisNameIsALie at |… SINGAPORE! and i don really give my name out to people :)

  14. Anne Iredale at |


    It looks like an artist's impression. Is it not built yet?

    1. ThisNameIsALie at |

      it has been built a long time ago… go google Esplanade.

  15. Reception venues austin at |

    Some of these buildings are actually looking weird but some of the designs are quite creative. It was good to have a look at them. Thanks!


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