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  1. Shawn
    Shawn at |

    Interesting list. Number 4 is confusing, because Reagan did choose GHW Bush as his running mate after Ford turned down the offer.

  2. Daniel H
    Daniel H at |

    I'm surprised that the 2000 elections (Bush vs. Gore) didn't make the list. The day after the elections, many newspapers said that Gore won, and many others stated that Bush won, while in fact the outcome wouldn't be decided for quite some time.

    1. Mark J
      Mark J at |

      If Gore would have won, who would Obama blame for the mess he’s gotten us into???

  3. Jennifer K
    Jennifer K at |

    Tom Vanden Brook-the reporter for USA Today who gained national notoriety when he inaccurately reported his Headline story “Alive! Miners Beat Odds” in USA Today that The 12 Sago Mine disaster victims were found alive, when in fact the 12 miners were not alive and only one miner survived is such a terrible error to off made and reported. Reporters need to be more careful what the report. Those poor families who thought that their families were alive after reading that story…only to learn hours later that the story was completely innaccurate.

  4. Steve R
    Steve R at |

    On November 7, 1918 United Press (UP) falsely sent their subscribing newspapers a headline, which began printing extras:” GERMANY GIVES UP, WAR ENDS AT 2 P.M, Hostilities Cease at 11 AM”
    Before the papers hit the street, the news was picked up by stockbrokers on the Stock Exchange floor, where trading stopped around 1 p.m.
    Judge Learned Hand closed the federal courts, and the New York and municipal courts never came back from lunch.
    Businesses closed and crowds of happy citizens began to celebrate in the streets. Times Square became a packed mass of celebrants.
    Despite an official US denial of the story by Secretary of State Robert Lansing at 2:15 p.m. the crowds believed the AP press story.
    This let to a near riot when angry crowds attacked newspapers, and the AP office in New York.
    The true Armistice would happen 4 days later on November 11th.
    On November 8th, the New York Times called the UP’s cable “the most flagrant and culpable act of public deception”. The Evening Sun also noted that it had not published this false story.


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