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  1. Luke Betts
    Luke Betts at |

    A lot of people are missed that from that list e.g Dirlewanger, Pinochet, Vlad Tepes and Gilles de Rais to name but a few

  2. sajja
    sajja at |

    You forgot George Bush !

  3. Sheikh
    Sheikh at |

    Left out Donald Rumsfeld.

    But really… quite a random list here.

  4. Klaus
    Klaus at |

    If you would study the life and work of Dr. Oskar Dirlewanger, you’d see none of the above would even come close to him…

  5. Matt
    Matt at |

    America is responsible for the rise of Al Qaeda.

    1. E
      E at |

      Surprised they didn’t say Russia was

  6. brontew
    brontew at |

    Most of these people have had a good deal written about them in the history books.
    I would also dispute the inclusion of Mary Tudor. I am a big fan of Mary’s sister Elizabeth, but to be fair to Mary it should be noted as many Catholics were executed in Elizabeth’s reign as Protestants were executed in Mary’s reign. The difference is that most Catholics in Elizabeth died less horribly (mostly being hanged) nominally for treason and over 30 years (instead of 3 or 4 years as in Mary’s reign).
    Also I’d suggest that in all the more in depth historical accounts about Mary she comes across as quite a sad monarch, whose reign and marriage were total failures.

  7. Baskerville
    Baskerville at |

    When you said “Pol Pot is the closest thing to Stalin” I do believe you spelled *Satan* wrong there, but very informative article nonetheless.

  8. John
    John at |

    I am not at all defending the actions of Queen Mary but why is there never ever any mention on how incredibly “BLOODY” and savage her sister Elizabeth was towards Catholics? Moreover, Henry the VIII killed hundreds and hundreds of catholic laity, nuns and priests just for not converting to Protestantism. The British crown has been historically suppressive, uncivilized, malicious, fierce and brutal towards Catholics.

    The Brits have treated the Egyptians, Irish, India etc…….with an unmerciful iron fist and seldom is it ever mentioned.

  9. noone important
    noone important at |

    I can understand why is Ersebeth Bathory here, even though it is now widely believed by most historians, that the acusations were false and just a pretext to claim her estate, but the information about Khomeini is nothing else than a propaganda.
    While it is true that he had blood of the innocent on his hands, most of the victims on his count are people who received punishment according to the law that was in power – harsh and inhumane, true, but in many cases we are talking about murderers sentenced to death. Also, his approach to the political oponents (including torturing and killing) was no deterioration compared to the Pahlavi’s rule – it was no-change. The only reason it is nowhere to be found in US-published works is that the Shah was an ally to the USA, while Khomeini ceased that alliance and later gained (unexpected if You compare his ideology and Soviet one) support from the Soviet Union.
    Also, blaming him for the rise of al-Qaeda is not only propaganda, it’s just a plain lie.


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