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  1. Kris
    Kris at |

    Hate to be the cynical one, but I’m waiting for some or all of these kids to get into drugs or get someone/themselves pregnant as a teen. It always happens to the so-called “wunderkids”.

    1. Gab
      Gab at |

      Well guys, I know there’s a lot of jalousy in their, so let me tell you something:
      Those kids will never have one thing that all of us had: A childhood.
      While those kids are stock in the media, in labs or being questionned by interviewvers, we were watching some cartoons, sleding outside or creating a world in our sandbox. So even if those kids had fame and everything, we had something that will stay in our hearts forever.
      Imagine how lives Ainan Celeste Cawley, who’s already a student. Would you have liked a childhood like that, or prefer to spent your week-ends watching Looney Tunes or something else, depending on your generation.

  2. J
    J at |

    Einstein never took an IQ so comparing a 5 year old to him is a bit of disservice.

    1. brian
      brian at |

      IQ is not one test for all. It is graded differently according to age. So to say that she is almost Einstein is flawed logic

  3. George
    George at |

    anyone can paint abstract. even elephants and monkeys can do it so why is it so special when instead of most young kids doing abstract paintings on living room walls when the parents arent paying attention, they put it on a canvas?

  4. Valentine Cawley
    Valentine Cawley at |

    Thank you for acknowledging my son, Ainan Celeste Cawley. However, I should point out that he is 11 years old, presently, not 12. Thanks.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Thanks, we have made the correction.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Do you realize that IQ is short for Intelligence Quotient. As in age is not a factor once you get the actual number. It should not change as you get older. Therefore your comment comparing a 2 year olds to an adult implying that the two year old will surpass the adults IQ is ridiculous.

    1. Steven Scot
      Steven Scot at |

      A 2 year old child with an IQ of 150 means that the child has the intelligence of an average 3 year old.

  6. brian
    brian at |

    This list is terrible. Number 10 for instance… how hard is it to give your opinion? And where the hell is Micheal Kearney who graduated university at the age of 10. Did you even do research on this? Or did you just get a list of names and slap them together?

    1. Timeea
      Timeea at |

      Brian, didn’t your mama teach you to show some respect? Put a second pair of glasses and read the title of the list: “Top 10 Exceptional Children and Teenagers”. Michael Kearney is almost 30. The idea was to write a list about less famous child & teen prodigies, children & teenagers who will shape (or not..) our tomorrow, children who will BECOME adults. That’s why Michael Kearney (30), Akshay Venkatesh (30), Ludwig Van Beethoven, Gauss, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Pascal and hundreds of other child prodigies didn’t get listed. (the perspective was present –> future, not present –>past).
      I adore Elaina Smith! You have a lot to learn from her. All top ten lists are subjective in nature. It all depends upon what the writers prefer.
      Here’s a great list for you: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-reasons-why-people-hate-top-10-lists.php


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