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  1. Eli
    Eli at |

    I read that Mosquitos leave areas that Dragonflys are in. So you can repel Mosquitos by playing the sound of the wing beats that a Dragonfly makes. Or mimic them with sound waves in the 50 – 60 Hz range.

  2. Jonathan Wojcik
    Jonathan Wojcik at |

    I think it might have been worth mentioning, as it probably surprises many people, that the majority of mosquito species do not bite humans and many do not drink blood at all, whether male or female! I for one do like even the biters, though. I find all animals, and especially insects, just plain cool and fascinating. They're not "bad" just because they need my blood, it's just nature. We kill and eat things ourselves 🙂

    1. P. Wright
      P. Wright at |

      I will send mine to you !

      1. Put up several of the sticky “Fly cathcher tapes” around all outdoor lighting NOW, while they are just beginning. No males= no mosquitoes

      2. When you’re outdoors. put a fan close by, when you can. Keeps the survivors away.

  3. Dr Gil Stav
    Dr Gil Stav at |

    Mosquitoes are attracted to women more than to man because of the estrogen. But, when most women get pregnant and the level of estrogen goes higher (too high), the mosquitoes are not attracted to these women any more. Women that have normally low estrogen level may get bitten more by mosquitoes when they are pregnant because they have now in their blood the level of estrogen that attracts mosquitoes.

    1. Momo
      Momo at |

      That’s not true. Mosquitos actually like pregnant females more because they breathe out more carbon dioxide to accomadate for the growth inside.

      1. Dr Gil Stav
        Dr Gil Stav at |

        Mosquitoes are attracted to the exact level of attractant. Biting female are attracted to carbon dioxide, however, if there will be too much of it they will be repelled by it.
        When a mosquito female is searching a victim to bite, they are also attracted to a certain level of estrogen. This was scientifically proven. But again, they are attracted more to an exact concentration of it.


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