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    What? Only the 1944 assassination on Hitler would have changed history? What about the one 1939? I always think that the earlier one was the greater deed, because it was done by a single man, a carpenter. He changed his life for years, moved to Munich learned how to build clocks to make a timebomb and took weeks to hollow out a pole in the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall to place the bomb there. He didn’t succeed because Hitler left earlier than it was planned.
    Georg Elser, the carpenter, wanted to save people’s lifes by preventing a war. He saw what was coming, he noticed how Hitler was using the people and he did everything a man can do to stop Hitler. The Kreisau Circle and Stauffenberg? Their main goal was to end the war so that Germany could keep some of its old power. Most of them had no problem with helping Hitler in gaining his power. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that they changed their mind in the end and tried to get rid of Hitler, but they don’t ear all the honor they recieve today.
    For some time I lived in Bamberg, the town where von Stauffenberg’s traditional cavalry unit was stationed. They have some plates and monuments remembering him, some mounted by his “old comrades” – probably even those who stayed Nazis. However, there was a huge discussion going on in this town, whether to take some of them off. A lot of people thought, that when it comes down to it, Stauffenberg was still a Nazi, no matter what he did. He wanted to win the war or put an end to it without Germany’s territory suffering, and Hitler was surely in the way for that.

    Oh and there where also assassinatio attemps on Hitler in 1921, 1933, 1937, 1942 and 1943, not counting plots but only those where bombs where actually planted or shots fired.

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      That’s some great additional information and insight, thanks. I always wondered about Stauffenberg’s ultimate motives.

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        Good one! ^^

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        Nice. 🙂

  2. Peter Boucher
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    Isn’t Charles De Gaulle in the Guinness Book Of Records for having the most assassination attempts on a Political Leader ?

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    One of the myths the Nazis put forth was that Germany lost WWI because the army was betrayed by the politicians at home, the so called Dolchstoss, “stab in the back”, and that Germany had to rid itself from this shame. Had Stauffenberg succeded in his attempt to kill Hitler, I believe the rise of a new “stab in the back”-myth would have been inevitable and could have made it much harder to bring Nazism to an end. Bringing the war to a definitive end was perhaps the only way to prevent this from happening.

  4. Bert
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    De Gaulle’s failed assassination wasn’t in Paris but in Clamart, about 10km from Paris (he was going to the Villacoublay military airport).

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    Stauffenberg trying to kill Hitler was the stupidest thing he did. he didn`t plan for what happened had he failed. Despite Hitler being out of touch with reality, and the war going wrong, Hitler was still INCREDIBLY popular. When Germans found out about the assassination attempt, they were outraged, yet over the moon he`d survived. And afterwards, Hitler started to talk about how the attempt “was a test by Providence and I`m going to lead my way to victory.” And if he had got him, who would have took over? The Deputy Fuhrer-HERMANN GOERING.

  6. Andy from Beaverton
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    Another interesting post could be, “Top 10 Failed Assassinations That Changed History”

    I can think of two that radically changed Russian History.
    3/1/1880, Alexander II is killed 48 hours before he enacts his plans to create an elected parliament and bring democracy to Russia.
    3/1/1887,Alexander III almost fell victim to an assignation attempt by Aleksandr Ulyanov, Vladamir Lenin’s brother. The hanging of Lenin’s brother radicalized Lenin. The rest is history.

  7. walker harrison
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    What about the failed assassination attempts on Bin Laden in the 90’s. If that had seceded then 911 might have not happened and the US wouldn’t have invaded the middle east

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    One of the most important surely was Lee Harvey Oswald’s failed attempt to shoot General Walker, a right wing figure in April 1963, Walker was injured but if he had been killed Oswald would have been caught and convicted, and would not have assassinated Kennedy !!!

    the consequences for Usa history could have been quite interesting to say the least,
    by the way there is much much more evidence Oswald was the shooter of Walker than the hysterical non-evidence presented by Conspiracy nut jobs, unfortnately JFK, was sacrificed to the odd ball personality of a nobody named Lee harvey oswald whom unfortunately was a rather good (marine trained) rifle shot

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      what a sickening pack of lies. what drives you to prop up this big lie (90% of the public knows it). you must be getting some kind of govt check to spew this disinfo.


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